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Phoebe's Journal

Phoebe Majere
Community Member
Stuff from my journal (poems)
The more you read
The more you know
The more you know
The smarter you grow
The smarter you grow
The stronger your voice
When speaking your mind
Or making a choice

From Me To You
There's a song
Playing in my head
All I know
Is that it's for you
It plays all night
And it plays all day
It plays forever
And it doesn't have a name
Every time I hear it
I think of you
So I have called it
"From Me To You"
I wrote it down
So it would leave
Then you listen to it
Just because it was from me

I think of you
throughout the day
and think of all the things
that I will say
You're beautiful
You're smart
You're laughter flies right off the chart
I love you so much
You know I do
and you love me
just as much too
Everytime I see Pokemon
I think of you
and all the fun
we've had too
So don't grow up
Because I'll get mad
and that would make you rather sad
But be happy
because I'm thinking of you
and all the ways
I love you too

A Whisper
There's a whisper in my head
It turns to talking and grows louder
It turns to raised voices
And then a deafening scream
The whisper tells me to listen to my heart
The talking tells me to listen to my mind
The raised voices tell me to make the right choices
The screams insult me
This is who I am
This what I've become
This is how it's going to be
And there is no end
Just a deafening scream that becomes quiet
Just a raised voice that grows quieter
Just talking voices that become quiet
Just a whisper only I can hear in my head
And there is no end
Only a whisper

I am...
I am a singer
I am a writer
I am a musician
I am an artist
I am not in choir
I am not in journalism
I am not in band
I am not in art
I wear black
But I'm not 'emo'
I wear purple
But I don't wear pink
I listen to metal
I listen to hip hop
I listen to jazz
I listen to country
I am not a druggie
I am not a prep
I am not a geek
I am not a cowgirl
I am me
It has taken me 16 years to learn
Have you learnt who you are yet?

The Princess and Her Toad
I remember that fateful day
When you took me to your humble abode
I knew I was your princess
And you, my toad
Upon leaving the house
I gave you a kiss
Just one on the cheek
Even that was bliss
I called you the next day
But you didn't answer
I called your cell phone
Your mom said you had cancer
I raced to the hospital
As fast as I could
I walked into your room
And lowered my hood
You were dying
That I could see
The doctors said you have a week
But to save you, there'd be a hefty fee
For six days and nights
I raised money for you
So you could get better
But that was all I could do
I ran to the hospital
To tell you the news
You smiled in triumph
And said 'we can't lose'
I hugged you
And kissed you on the lips
And you grabbed me
Right around the hips
We stayed like that
For more than an hour
And I hoped, dear God
I gave you power
And then, just like that
You died in my arms
I still remember
All your charms
And I remember that fateful day
When you died, my toad
And the princess walked alone
To her own lonely abode

Bodies lay on the field
Sun glistens off a shiny shield
Above the bodies, on the hill
Stands a figure, perfectly still.
He does not move or speak,
As he cried up on the peak.
The carnage below is Death,
causing tears for a time of tenth.
Bodies lost and bodies gone,
The figure stands until the dawn.
Bodies lay on the field,
Sun glistens off a shiny shield.
Above the bodies, on the hill
Stands a figure, perfectly still.
He sheds tears for those who died,
And Death goes down the hill, to claim his prize.

Once, then twice it rings the bell
It lets out a feral growl, then unleashes Hell
The blood rains down from the sky
Onto people who were just passing by.
Death comes swiftly on his hellish steed,
And as he leaves looks back on his ghastly deed.
And then once more it rings the bell,
Echoes across the land to unleash more Hell.

From Head To Toe
From head to toe, my dear,
I find you quite a thrill.
While others may look on in fear,
I am close, in a lovely dream.
When we hold hands, I am proud:
To say you are mine and I am yours.
Always able to pick you out from a crowd
I can always find you, and you'll be there.
When we hug or cuddle, my dear,
You supply the warmth and I, the bear.
But, when we kiss, it feels like we're on Heaven's pier.
From head to toe, my love,
You are full of many things:
From the skies you fly above,
To the little things on the ground.
You are always there for me,
Making me laugh and smile.
I don't know where I would be
If you weren't around to catch me.
From head to toe, my sweet,
When I see your face,
It's like a living treat;
Full of sugar and candies galore!
Your eyes are chocolate brown,
Your lips are sugar tarts.
I've never seen you frown,
Probably because of your charming smile.
From head to toe, my darling,
I hope we'll stay together.
For asking me out in church was rather daring,
And, in God's house, you don't break promises.
From head to toe, my dear,
I love you very much,
My darling Albatross.

A Look
A look can say a lot, about how I feel for you
About how my world goes 'round, just thinking of us two
My day doesn't start until we talk, my day doesn't end until we hug
A life without you is not worth living, the world would stop as would my heart
If you left me or I left you, because then we'd be apart
I love you like no other, and you know it's true
Because I've lasted this long after everything we've been through
And I just can't live my life without you

Throat constricting
Hard to breathe
Air escaping
Hard to retrieve
Thoughts swirling
Mind racing
Tongue dry
And feet pacing
In shambles
And in pieces I
Am enthralled by you
And no lie

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