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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Part Twenty-Three
Chapter 23

Any kind of anger Maya felt was now ten times worse. After this Professor Speltzer’s lecture was over, she angrily left the classroom and punched Richard’s number into her phone and after the first ring it went right to voicemail. Maya glared at her phone, “Oh ******** no you are not gonna send me to voicemail!”

She dialed him again and she was taken to his voicemail. She decided she’d leave him a message this time, “Listen assface! I know you’re purposely sending me to voicemail! Don’t you make me ******** come over there. Don’t ******** with me Richard I will ******** go over there you son of a b***h.”

She ended her message and then set her phone down like he was going to pop out of the phone at any second. She finally got impatient and grabbed her phone off the table. She did have one more class to go to and then she’d have a break for an hour. She was definitely pissed off and wanted to smack Richard upside his head but she had to focus on her schoolwork first. She had to sit there for another hour but she couldn’t even focus on the lecture. She had basically just doodled the entire time but she couldn’t even give all her attention to the doodle. It just ended up becoming violent scribbles. She was thankful that the class had finally ended so she could get the hell out for an hour. She would be able to go to Richard’s house and ask him what the ******** was his problem.

Maya tried her best not to speed down the road to get to Richard’s house and she somehow managed to keep her anger under control until she pulled up Richard’s driveway. She could see his car in the driveway so she knew his a** was home. She went up to the door and started knocking. She heard movement but he never opened the door. Maya leaned over to look through his window but couldn’t see through the blinds. So she started angrily knocking again, “I know you’re home! I can see your ******** car!”

This time there was silence. So she knocked again urgently, “Richard I’m pregnant!”

The door swung open and there was Richard, his face drained of all color, “You are?!”

“No but it got you to open the door didn’t it?” Maya smiled smugly as she let herself in. She looked at him up and down as she entered his house. His hair was all messy and he was still in his pajamas, “What time did you wake up this morning?”

“My new job doesn’t start until tomorrow so I slept in,” Maya became even angrier because Richard was mentioning this new job so casually like this was something they had both known.

“Were you ever going to ******** tell me you left?” Maya snapped, “I had to find out from this lady named Speltzer. I was so close to leaving that class and coming over here. I would’ve been here a lot ******** earlier if I didn’t have another class to go to. I called you and you didn’t even answer me. What the hell Richard? First you freak out and take me home at 4 in the morning because of some e-mail you got and now you’re leaving?”

“I’m sorry you had to find out like that,” he said, “If I had stayed, someone would’ve found out somehow. It was so easy for someone to sneak onto campus, get that picture of your friend and Norman in his office and then run off without being caught.”

“We’ve done a good job so far of not getting caught!” Maya countered, “As long as we didn’t act so friendly on campus we would’ve been fine. But you got scared so you ran off.”

“I did get scared!” Richard shouted. Maya had never heard him even raise his voice before and she had to admit it was just a little bit intimidating, “You just don’t get it! You had nothing to lose if someone found out. Sure, rumors would start about you sleeping with me to get an A in the class. But you would survive it. You would still get to go to school every day. I would’ve lost my job Maya!”

“You ended up quitting anyway!” Maya shot back.

“I ended it on my terms so I’d have better chances of getting hired somewhere else!” he yelled, “If they had fired me for sleeping with a student that just doesn’t go away when I interview for another job.”

“What, so are you ending us too?” Maya said, “It sounds like we’re done.”

“If that’s the way you want it,” he replied.

Maya took a step back and crossed her arms. The two of them had been so happy for these past few months and he was able to throw it all away just like that, like he didn’t even care. She looked into his eyes to find some kind of sadness but he seemed to hide it well. She scoffed and swung open the door, “You are such an a*****e!”

Maya slammed the door shut and Richard almost followed her but stopped at the door, pressing his forehead against it and shutting his eyes. He listened to her stomp away and then he heard her car start and the screeching tires drive off. He balled up his fists and started hitting the door. Richard didn’t want their relationship to end but she had assumed and he had just been so angry that he’d made a mistake. But after this, she wasn’t going to just forgive him and pretend this moment had never happened. So he had to suck it up and just move on.

Jade’s boss had given her Monday off for no particular reason. And Jade didn’t question it. It meant she had a few hours to kill before she had to go to her night classes. She found Audrey, who had a little break between classes so they sat down to lunch together. Jade stole a little goldfish cracker from Audrey’s bag and tossed it into her mouth, “So how are things? I haven’t seen you in awhile.”

Every move Audrey made was slow and unenthusiastic. She picked up her sandwich off the plastic bag and took a small bite out of it, “Oh, things have been normal.”

“Things don’t sound normal,” Jade said, watching Audrey closely. Even her chewing was sluggish and sad, “What’s going on with you?”

“Oh nothing,” Audrey made it a point to perk up and smile as she started eating a little faster, “What about you?”

“Nothing I guess,” Jade said, caught off guard by Audrey’s sudden change of subject, “I hung out with David most of the break. We’ve become really good friends.”

Audrey frowned, “I don’t know about him Jade. He was really obsessive with you and didn’t like having us around too much.”

“What are you talking about? You and Maya hung out with us all the time,” Jade said.

“He didn’t look too happy about it,” Audrey argued, “He was really weird with you but then he shows you absolutely no respect. It’s just weird.”

“Ya know Maya said the same thing,” Jade chuckled, “I’ll be ok. Really. I made it clear I just wanna stay friends with him.”

Audrey pulled out her phone and looked at the time. She popped the last bite of her sandwich into her pocket and shoved the bag of goldfish crackers towards Jade, “I don’t think David is really focused on what you want. Now, I’ve gotta get to class. I’ll see you later Jade!”

Jade frowned, annoyed with both Maya and Audrey. They had to trust her enough to let her just be friends with David. David understood that Jade didn’t want to be his girlfriend anymore and just wanted to be friends. He never fought it and he never made any moves on her. He’d become a really good friend to her. She took her phone out of her pocket and dialed David. While she waited for him to answer, she looked up and saw Norman walking out of his classroom with his keys in his hands. She smiled, remembering how he’d eaten lunch at her work and she’d made him that caramel macchiato. She found herself staring at him. He seemed to be doing a lot better. He didn’t look so haggard like he had when she’d been forced to end their relationship. Like he felt her eyes on him, he turned to meet her gaze. She quickly looked down at her half eaten sandwich and waited for him to continue on his way. Norman stood there for awhile, his heart aching at the sight of her. Even though they were pretty far apart, he could still tell the necklace he’d gotten for her wasn’t on her neck anymore and that made him hurt even more. Then again, he hadn’t worn the jacket she’d bought for him either so he couldn’t get too upset about it. He finally walked away and Jade could finally look back up. Once Norman was gone, David answered his phone, “Hey Jade. Where are you? I stopped by your work and you weren’t there.”

“Oh I got the day off today,” Jade said, “Since I had a lot of time to kill before my night classes start, I thought we could hang out for awhile.”

“Come to my apartment,” he replied, “We’ll figure out what we wanna do there.”

Audrey didn’t have a class to go to. She just wanted to leave so she could set things right. She headed for the gallery Tom had taken her to countless times. She had her art project with her and she was on a mission to find Benjamin. She went into the gallery and was greeted by Benjamin himself, “Audrey! So nice to see you again! What’s that you have there?”

“I want to enter this,” Audrey said. Benjamin looked at it and suddenly became very awkward, “Audrey, we picked the winner a few weeks ago. It’s too late. And not only that but the deadline was months ago.”

“I know that!” Audrey snapped, “Aren’t there any other competitions I can enter?”

Benjamin rolled his head back, groaning as he had to search his brain without a piece of paper to look at like he usually did when people came to him with these questions, “There’s one at the end of the month you can enter.”

“What’s the prize?” Audrey asked. If it was something involving leaving, she would still take it. She wasn’t going to make this same mistake twice. Benjamin leaned his head back again to think about it, “Well it’s in the same category. Instead of studying in London, you go there for the summer as an intern. I’ve heard of people being so impressive they get to stay and study there. That could potentially happen.”

“I’ll do it!” Audrey exclaimed. She held out the project in front of her, “Can I give this to you now?”

Benjamin took it and looked over it with a big smile, “Yeah. We’ll take it now.”

As he walked away, Audrey stopped him by asking, “Why do you have two contests a year with the same prize?”

“There are people who lost the last contest, so they want to try and win this one,” he said, “We have two contests to help people like you.”

Oh yayyyyy second chances for Audreyyyyy yay! Haha, so...so far Richard and Tom are acting like asshats. Oh dang. Well this is awkward.

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