Since I turned 21, I've been making an effort to buy alcohol every now and then and drink some.

I don't take to it very well. It's hard to swallow and if I can detect the alcohol in any way, it just about ruins the drink for me. So, drinking doesn't really work out for me.

But I'm trying to get used to it.

I decided to try rum and coke today and I went to the local liquor store.

While I was at the register, this couple walk in. The guy in front of me recognizes them and they like, shake hands, but in the fist bump kind of way. I don't know how to describe it, but you basically join hands and then pat each other on the back in a hug.

The guy who walked in looked familiar, but it wasn't that I knew him. He looked like a friend I had in Nashville, except younger.

My friend is heavy set and showing signs that he's in his mid-20s. This guy looked like he could of been 20 and didn't weigh as much.

It was a scene I'd seen my friend in many times. He walks in in a shirt that's hip, but doesn't look good. He has short hair that's kind of rustled. He walks in with a girl who doesn't look like she's having a good time, and would go to a liquor store with a guy like him. He would see someone he knew and say "what's up, what're you doing tonight?".

I didn't like it, seeing my old friend in this guy.

My friend was doing poorly in college, had a girlfriend who he kept exclusively just to have sex with, and his main social life revolved around parties. Today, he is a college dropout who lives out of his parents house and can't hold on to a job.

I looked at the guy who walked into the liquor store with this girl who didn't look like she would smile even if she had a bottle of vodka in her, and I feel bad.

I feel bad for both of them.