Name: Maxwell Kurios
Age: five hundred and something
Species: Demi-Zonei [Half human Half Zonei*]
Height: Six foot [even] 6'0 ft
Weight: One hundred and eighty pounds. 180lbs
Build: broad shouldered but athletic and slender overall, with exceptionally defined and compact muscles.
Color: Stark white, Snow topped.
Style: Long, silken, slightly wavy
Eyes: Iris: Two rings, both gold/ Pupil: Black/ Sclera: White
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Distinguishing marks, or features: Aside from the Double Iris rings in his eyes, Max has a scar running from his stomach and up his chest and throat to the chin. From there it curves diagonal and starts on the right side's jaw line, running up over the cheek, across the bridge of the nose, and up above the left eye's socket just above the eye brow.
[Max was split up the middle once, and only had time to turn his face to avoid having his skull possibly opened as well.]
Personality razz ositive: Patient. Kind hearted.
Negative: Quiet, stoic and creepy due to this lack of expression, thick headed at times.

[Otherwise I managed to ruin edit some crappy picture references.]
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Racial Traits:
Heightened senses:
Sight: Max can see crisp clean details at up to fifteen meters, and retains a slightly higher frame rate intake than your average human being.
Hearing: Max has sensitive hearing that can best be described as cat-like.
Touch: Max can sense displacements that would otherwise go unnoticed to the untrained senses. These displacements are observed in the form of vibrations from the ground [foot steps], or readable shifts in the air [from attacks displacing air]. This allows for an higher depth of information during a fight, and when coupled with natural reflexes can open up a new world of readable telegraphy.
Unnatural resilience: Max has demonstrated the ability to withstand punishment well beyond what would kill a mortal. Or a meta. Or a hulk. During his training with Suna, Kiri noted that Maxwell could take a pounding that would end the lives of ten Shinigami.
Regeneration: Max has a mild regeneration factor as a side affect from Kiri pumping so much Tissue regrowth formula and Blood reproductive stimulants into him during his training. The effect is similar to a dhampir's regenerative capacities. The healing is not instant, and it doesn't happen over the course of seconds, but an otherwise non-lethal stab wound will heal over the course of half an hour. Broken bones over the course of a few days.
[Writers note: Removal of head, or removal/Majority destruction of the heart will kill Max. Then again there aren't too many things that survive these two methods.]
Supernatural strength: Maximum lifting weight one thousand pounderu [1000lbs]
Speed: Maximum running speed of forty four feet per second [44 fps], or thirty miles per hour [30 mph]. [dedicated sprint, with a single post build up.] Can reach speeds upwards of fourteen feet per second [14 fps], or ten miles per hour [10mph] at a moments notice.
Summoning/Reishi manifestation: Maxwell possesses the ability to summon/dismiss a few select objects via compressing and manifesting Reishi Particles into the desired item. Dismissed objects merely break down into basic Spiriton particles, where as the objects themselves are just mental constructs; familiar objects Max remembers vividly, and can thus manifest. They are entirely mundane aside from their unique composition's which seem to mimic the actual materials the original articles were crafted of.
[In other words: The sword is a spirit steel katana, the clothes are clothe, ect.]
[Objects he can summon: The Kitty Katana, any piece of, or the full uniform.]
Shinigami Spark: [Spiritual Presence] Max possesses an immense spiritual presence. Though he doesn't have the knowledge nor by extension the ability to manifest Reatsu and wield his Spiritual Pressure, he has developed his own use of his spiritual powers.
Combat energy system:
[This is a trial system. I'll be implementing it immediately for the sake of testing.]
Spiriton Charges: Each of Max's supernatural abilities will cost a certain amount of spiriton charges. Max starts off each battle with two [2] charges in his pool, with a maximum charge count of fifteen. He gains two [+2] charges for each round in which he doesn't take damage. In rounds that he takes damage he only gains one [+1] charge, and in rounds where he expends charges to use abilities he gains none.
Ability Spiriton Charge costs:
Shishimi: expends two [-2] Spiriton Charges.
Gekiretsu-Mune: expends four [-4] Spiriton Charges. [To coat an entire appendage (leg/arm)]
Gekiretsu-Otakebi: Fo-Su: expends eight [-8] Spiriton Charges.
Shinku Mori: expends thirteen [-13] Spiriton Charges.
Shishimi: Particles of Reishi [Spiritons] manifest as kinetic energy via the nature of transference during a sword swing. Shishimi's are gold crescents of energy flung off a sword when Max uses two hands and intense focus during a swing. Shishimi's are Approximately four feet in length [The length of the crescent], five inches in width [The thickness. Heh. emotion_dealwithit ], and hit with heavy concussive damage. [Roughly equated to being hit with a steel folding chair by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Or a Chuck Norris round house. They generally knock people down, meta or not.]
[Writer's note: Shishimi's are dusts of spiriton particles that manifest during the swing, and travel on a flung trajectory following the sword's path. This energy does not penetrate physical objects such as armor, or shields, or walls [unless it damages them enough to break through over the course of multiple landed Shishimi's]
[Cool Down: This ability has a cool down of two [2] player posts after usage.]
Gekiretsu-Otakebi: Fo-Su
Furious Roar: Force
With the same focus applied to Shishimi, Max has found that he can manifest his spiritual power in the force of a powerful shout that creates a cone of kinetic energy. This technique is activated by focusing and yelling Fo-Su at the target.
[I'd equate this to a Ki Shout that is visually and effectively a golden Fus-Ro-Dah]
[Writers note: Has a one post charge, second post usage prerequisite. Has a cool down of three [3] player posts after use.]
Furious Will
The ability to apply spiriton particles to the dermis of the vessel, augmenting the bodies physical resilience in a manner not unlike Hierro[Bleach]. This is a defensive and offensive augmentation in the way that it not only hardens the flesh, but augments physical attacks with a hardened striking surface. While not indestructible, the skin becomes rock hard to the touch and resilient enough to with stand [cutting attacks: Such as sword slashes, and dagger strikes], and [penetrating attacks: Such as bullets, and arrows] for a selective area of the body [generally an arm, or a leg].
[Weak against unnaturally strong attacks in the regards to kinetic force [Hammer blows], Or vice grip like technique that apply high PSI[Pressure per square inch].]
[Additionally: This ability when performed has a D-4 rolled along with it, and the ability persists for the number rolled on the D-4. This guarantee's at least one post of usage of the technique, and has a maximum chance of persisting for up to four [4] player posts.
Cool Down: This ability has a two [2] post Cool Down after usage.]
Shinku Mori:
Crimson Lance
Appearance of Shinku Mori
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The user generates an orb of red spiriton particles. The nature of these particles is altered to that of heat, and kinetic energy; When the compression is released it is guided via focus to create a large pillar. It deals heavy heat, and concussive damage. This is like Max's Super essentially.
[Writers note: This technique has a one post charge, second post delivery prerequisite, and has a Cool Down of five [5] player posts after usage.]
The Kitty Katana: [Will get weight, and specs of the sword up soon. I just don't want to make them up because I know they exist already.]
Max's Zanpakuto, forged for him of spirit steel by Shigekuni Genryusai. Though it doesn't possess a spirit with which to make it unique [No Shikai, or Bankai], it's forged of spirit steel and quite resilient. The katana was with Max during his training, so despite only having owned the sword for something like ten years in reality, he has trained with the katana for at least sixty years in the hyperbolic time chamber, forging his deep connection with weapon.
The Uniform: The large floppy brimmed fadora with gold accents, the brown coat with gold accents, and the brown gold striped pants are all part of Max's uniform.
Extra clothes: Max has sense obtained a black split legged hakama [Shinigami uniform style], along with a white juban, white tabi, and straw waraji that he's taken to wearing lately.
Bio: Max is a transient spirit sent to reality and stuffed into vessels for various reasons by his Patron Deity Marduk Kurios. After nine designated lives of service he is to be set free and allowed to a normal human life. If he chooses this and not to simply rejoin the great flame he will be granted a clean slate of spirit and empty memory of all that has transpired over the course of his lengthy existence. This is currently his eighth life time of service, and the son of Kurios has been charged as a slayer again, however he retained his memories of past lives upon entry into reality. He is aware of who he is, and what he is, who he used to know and what has happened to them. With the reality that a long time friend, considered brother; Kokosho Merceriel is gone from reality permanently, Max was rather distraught at first. Unsure of what to do, the slayer set out to remove The Heart's Flame from his being. Once removed and stored in a Zanpakuto to be gifted to Shigekuni Genryusai, the Demi-Zonei set out to merely hone his strength and grow as powerful as possible. To do anything less wouldn't suit one of the final members of Iddimu. Max eventually found a Dojo with high spiriton quality in the air. An ex-Shinigami [Kiri Kurotsuchi] was staying at the Dojo and ultimately offered to train Max. One hyperbolic time chamber, and a manifest Bankai, plus one thousand and six hundred days of grueling training later; Max could boast the strength of a Shinigami Captain in a physical vessel. With this, he has set out to further aid the good fight.
-The Black Halo: Ran into, and helped dispatch a large horde of feral werewolves.
-King Solomon's mind: Initially went to see if the owner new of any vampire nests in the area that were causing problems; ran into a group getting involved in the Durem Trash Issue.
-Currently caught up in The Durem Trash Issue [King Solomon's Mind]
Sub-Bio-bullet point for The Durem Trash Issue
-Trash has been piling up in Durem for the past couple of days, and it's getting out of hand. Max teamed up with a group of folks from King Solomon's mind to try to tackle the issue. [Natalie, Red, Tres, Getoth]
-A visit to the Waste Management H.Q. divulged a automated response from a receptionist, and Red flipped her s**t and tried to strangle a better answer out of the lizard secretary. They were promptly ejected from the premises.
-After talking with a halfling in the picket line of garbage men, the group got the real skinny. Garbage men have been getting attacked. Viciously, and it's leaving disease in the few survivors that can only be described as some kind of warp mutation. This has caused them to strike on a wide scale spectrum. Oh, trash is getting attacked too.
-A visit to the hospital in Durem divulged the only survivor of the attacks thus far. A half-orc suffering from chronic pain, aggressive mutations, and violent psychosis. Presumably caused by whatever infection had taken hold from his wounds. All available magic, and medical science has proved futile in an attempt to halt the infections or save his life. When questioned by Natalie, the victim mentioned that The Worm Walks among them, along with allot of other crazy stuff. More directly, the explanation offered by the crazed man seems connected to a name Natalie has been hearing in her mysterious prophetic physic narcoleptic dreams.
-The group catches a cab back to King Solomon's and hits the books to get some real sleuthing done. They're highly motivated to find out who or what the attacker is, how to stop it, and how to get that sucker buried. Or dusted. Or ashed. Or magically cryo-stasis'ed, OR WHAT HAVE YOU!~
I feel like I'm in an episode of Angel and it makes me so happy in the gayest way possible. c: //content sigh~<3
-The Durem Trash Issue has come to a screeching halt, so I'll have to fill this in slowly as it happens. Hopefully it gets moving along soon.

-Shigekuni returns? The Heart's Flame will finally be passed on to a new owner perhaps? [Have no idea when this will actually get done, but I think this is where it will fit into Max's story.]
-Max cuts his hair, and sets out to find some misadventures. [I guess to set off the chain of events leading to the plot progression I've had in mind.]
[*Zonei: Are a fictional set of God's depicted in the Necronomicon. Maxwell's lineage is of Kurios, and Mortal. Half-human half-deity as it were, similar to the likes of Hercules.]
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