Progress ?

Some. Not much.

I think that I've come to like many aspects of this site including its forums and people.

Life has been uneventful, so today I might just want to try biking around the neighborhood before the autumn gust falls upon Chicago. I feel much better since my last entry. Though, still no luck with getting through my self test prep! I'll eventually get to it. I don't want to push it and make it a chore instead making the best out of it.

Yesterday, I was looking through my old digital journal on my computer and I found that I was much more aware of the small things that made my life miserable at the time than I am now which is great. Maybe not going to school and sleeping ten hours a day may have something to do with that. Not sure, but it gave me a lot happiness knowing that I've moved from being a very chronically depressed person to a kind of hybrid like normal person who doesn't dwell infinitely on the negative.

I think each day is a good continuation of the last, so I must be doing something right.

I've also began to watch my forever favorite anime again for like 80th time. Skip Beat! The manga is still ongoing and is unraveling in the most beautifulest ways. I used to hate shoujo manga, but once I met this lovely manga I was hooked to an unhealthy level. It has been about 5 ish years since I began reading it and even now I still feel the same lovely emotions that I felt when I was much younger. It kinda reminded me of how much I loved reading and anime.

& well I think that's all that I need to get off my chest.
Peace out. emotion_c8