It's been three years since Lucy went to France with her family. As for me, I have two long-term goals: to be a high school teacher and moonlight as a writer. I've never think about how my life would turn. As a matter of fact, I thought terribly. I used to be one of the outcasts.

I once had crushes on guys in music, like mainstream music, and acted like a antisocial spoiled child. I was once Goth and Emo. But after three years, I had enough of being isolated and immature. So, I spend the whole summer trying to teach myself how to be normal.

After my summer vacation, I went to college and majored in psychology. Also, I got into feminism and animal and human rights. Plus, I started to listen to adult contemporary, riot grrrl, indie, New age, and classical music. I just writing this because I hated being someone. My way out is to stand up for myself.