Been a while. again.

yep, think I'm finally outgrowing this site.

I should still like to archive all of my old entries, though... eventually it'll be done.

So just a few goings-on in my world. In no particular order, as you'll soon find out.

this past Saturday the rest of my roommates (... and all of campus) moved back in. This is the first week of classes, and I've just been around working at the station and doing random stuff and just relaxing.

said Saturday I also played piano for my first wedding (I've been saying it that way in my head forever, and yes, it's not the best way to word it. It's my first time playing piano for a wedding service). It was a friend of my mom's; my thank-you note had a crisp Ben Franklin in it, which pleased me greatly haha.

Service went well, there's a few things that could've been a little different, but under the circumstances, it went smashingly well :]

My whole eating healthy thing is going down the drain with everyone back on campus. My roommates buy sh*t food; if it's there, I'm eating it.

I LIKE OUR APARTMENT. It's a dinky little thing, really... a main living area with three couches, and a table & my electric piano set up on the other side of the room. A small kitchen off of that (small as in, on one side is room for a fridge and sink, the other for a stove), and a walk-in pantry off of that. Also off the main living area are the two bedrooms (which hold 3 people each) and a large bathroom, with a common area (one whole side's a mirror, with two sinks + vanity) larger than our kitchen, and two little closets off of that, with the shower and toilet, respectively.

but for us, it works. ^^ We also have prime creeping windows, and one of the best spots on campus to people-watch. Downside is, we can also be watched. *sigh*

First semester there will only be 4 girls here; second, 6.

I'm not entirely sure what's going on this weekend, but a WEEK FROM TODAY I leave for Nashville for the semester. I'm nervous, excited, and hoping I don't get more irritated with some people in person that are already a little extroverted (*coughannoyingcough*) on facebook.

I think I can handle it. Excited to see if I can handle it, really. All I've handled up to now is small-time stuff compared to this.

Speaking of handling stuff, I prepped for a looooong time for two events happening on campus geared at freshmen. I arranged it so our station had a booth at each of these events. And the bigger of the two events? MY GODDAMN BOSS FORGOT IT WAS HAPPENING.

I COULD GO ON A VERY LONG AND FRUSTRATED RANT ABOUT THAT MAN RIGHT NOW. in short, he doesn't give a sh*t about the station he "runs". Honestly, he's not doing very much if he can take off for a week at a time with zero notice and we don't even notice he's gone.

I kid you not, that happened a few times this summer.

So yeah, he complains about how the station's failing, but HE'S the one running it into the ground. He works his workstudy to death, and doesn't feel the need to get more to ease the burden. He doesn't communicate with his co-workers (yeah, the ones he's been with for 30+ years), and they resent him for that.


..... where was I?

Oh. Nashville. It should be an adventure. ^^ I've tried to ignore all the stereotypes surrounding it, so to me, it's just another town (that's frustrating to talk to people about BECAUSE they have these preconceptions about what it's like).

I just want to get there already. I'm seriously sick of telling people (and hearing Mother say,) "I'm going to Nashville this fall."

Seriously. As in, I'm about to just give up and/or disappear because it's a pain in the butt to keep putting it off.

In other news...

I'm still trying to figure out what's going on this weekend. Probs stay at Dordt.

Friday last on-air shift until January (... I've gotten good at it this summer. I kinda like it. ^^), may take off for home or just hang out all day Saturday. Sunday we move Karen to college for her freshman year (!!!!!!!), really hoping I don't cry. Because PMS sucks. and so does looking like the parents. Then probs coming back to college to the station to work on some financial stuff.

fun fact: I was totally fine all through the move-in process with my parents freshman year. It wasn't until they were about to leave Sunday afternoon, and were walking away already, when Mom's voice kinda broke when she said goodbye, and I could see that she was crying.

She said she was proud of me. That was the second time I'd heard her say that to me, with the first being at high school graduation.

It was really, really, really, REALLY hard not to cry both times.

so I'm just hoping that nothing like that happens this time while I'm around. because I'll probably lose it.

... like I am right now.

*hopes nobody's looking in our window*


Anywho, then Monday one of the roomies and I are completely free, so we're gonna spend the morning/afternoon at a neighboring town in IA for their town celebration.

THEN I'll head home for good.

Eye doc appt Tuesday (... need to get new contacts, and my eyes have been burning every time my eyes water. crying hurts, people.), wednesday get my ducks in a row, and leave Thursday morning. Stay overnight in St. Louis, and head to Nashville Friday. Chill there for the day, and Saturday afternoon we move to our apartment for the semester. Sunday is Mom's flight to Chicago for a meeting.

And so commences a semester of hopefully life-changing chaos.

... if I do end up working with bands, i want to travel overseas with them. Because while traveling itself is awesome, I would be much more at home and at peace if music went with, too.

Mother is not in favor of me hopping a flight to Ireland after graduation and working odd jobs for a year just for fun. I really want to do that haha.

Seriously, after graduation I'm just gonna hop on a plane and go. Nothing is tying me down, and hell, I'm always going to be in debt so why should that stop me from enjoying life?? A number on a piece of paper or computer screen does not rule my life. It does not say whether I am happy, or fulfilled. it does not say how much life I've lived, if my dreams have come true. It's just a number, and its sole purpose of existence is to keep our society running smoothly.

so until we go back to the bartering system, I'm fine with being in debt haha.

what else?

Oh yeah. A year from this December I'm done with college already. CRAZY FAST HOW TIME FLIES HOLY BANANAS.

... also, I have met a plethora of nice, cute guys this summer. Some questionable (like a high school senior and a pothead), but others okay. I'm trying to keep an open mind, and my ultimate goal as I work towards finishing my undergrad career is to not do what I did senior year of high school. I met sooooo many awesome new people with On Call, but was afraid to get close to anyone because I'd never see them again after that year.

I don't want to build a wall around myself this time around. I will go all-in, not distancing myself from people.

*sigh* I'm like a 45-year-old stuck in a 20-year-old's body. With a few exceptions, of course; the latter conversation topic being one of them.

oh. Biffed it nicely on my bike last week. my entire knee is scraped up, and it's still oozing and pussy and gross.

I hate wearing shorts, but I can't wear jeans unless I use a very large band-aid. :l

also, I'm running out of clothes. When I went home for the wedding last weekend, I brought home a lot of stuff from IA that needed to get out of the apt. Including dirty laundry, which I (at the time, wisely) thought was a space-saver in the long run.

Houston, I'm running out of clothes in IA.

I DID bring a dress along, though, so that'll probably get some use yet.

My t-shirts are running desperately low, and soon I'll have to resort to tank tops.

soon as in probably tomorrow.

Despite being summer, I still have a bunch to do. Wrap up all the loose ends at the station, pack up everything of mine in the apt, do some prelim homework assigned to the business students at CMC, and work on revamping an abstract to be submitted to a lab organization in hopes of Mother being able to present at the national convention next year.

... Did I ever tell you my ghost writing won a national award earlier this year? I didn't get any credit, of course, but Mom knew I helped a lot.



In 4th or 5th grade, my social worker told me I needed to have more confidence in myself, and be proud of me and my own accomplishments. SO THERE.

We are approaching 12:45am this Friday morning. I need sleep, as I am to give my boss hell later this morning.

the longer I have red hair, the more common "redhead moments" are. Like, where I just get super pissed off at everything.

Had a said angry redhead moment on my way back to IA this weekend, got my first speeding ticket because I passed some guy who couldn't decide how fast he wanted to go, and sped up as soon as I thought he motioned that I could pass.

I just laughed when I got pulled over. Because really, every time I pass someone I pray that the oncoming car's not a cop.

... I do illegal stuff on the road a lot more than a normal person can get away with.

So, about time I got caught. xDD Karen said the same thing when she found out haha.

Oh well. Yes, I'm embarrassed, yes I feel stupid, but no, not to a life-altering degree. It's just life, I'm just impatient. It happens.

... anything else I'm forgetting? I don't know when I'll write again...

we'll see where this adventure takes me. I'm looking forward to it. ^^


My twitter is jnnptrsn. SO THERE.