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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Part Twenty-Two
Chapter 22

Audrey had brought the art project she and Tom had worked on together to school with her so she could give it to Tom. She figured if she wasn’t going to turn it in, she could give it to him. She wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out. It could go either way. He would either be happy that she was giving it to him or he’d become even angrier that she was reminding him of her lie. She was going to take the chance though. Unfortunately, his class was cancelled for the morning so she had to carry the thing around for the rest of her day. But he was there next time she went to his class. When he noticed her, he looked back down at the papers on his desk. Audrey came to his desk and she set the project down, “I thought you’d might like to have this.”

“Thank you,” he said, gesturing to the seated students in front of them, “Now could you please sit so I can begin the lecture?”

She received giggles as she slowly walked to the back of the room and sat down in a seat in the back corner. Tom didn’t even look in her direction the rest of the class time. She did her very best to make herself invisible but everyone else still glanced at her out of the corner of her eye. Some were subtle about it and others weren’t. Tom dismissed them and headed for his office without waiting for Audrey like he usually did. He didn’t even grab the project she’d set down on his desk. He just went into his office without a word. Audrey followed him into his office and he just went about his business as if she wasn’t there.

“Are you at least going to acknowledge my presence?” she asked. He turned around as he paperclipped a bunch of papers together, “I acknowledge you. Happy?”

“Tom I’m-”

“I would prefer you call me Professor Brooks,” he said coldly, “All the teachers got an e-mail from Dean Brant about a professor sleeping with a student. She wouldn’t like you calling me by my first name.”

“Is she at the door right now? No,” Audrey said, “Talk to me!”

“We already talked Audrey,” he shot back, “We already talked about how you lied to me and then made me look like an a**.”

“I didn’t want to enter that competition because I didn’t want to leave you!” she shouted.

“I told you before I would’ve made the move to London for you Audrey,” he replied calmly, “I would’ve made it work Audrey. I would’ve traveled all over the place for you. And you just threw it back in my face.”

“So, we’re done? For good?” Audrey murmured.

Tom paused for a minute and then nodded, “Yeah. I guess we are. Take that project with you. Throw it away if you really don’t want it but I definitely don’t want it.”

Audrey kept her head held high and tried to leave with some dignity. She picked up her project on the way out and took a deep breath, somehow managing to keep it together and not cry. Or maybe it was just because she was too numb to cry.

Christmas came and went and the students were let out for a little semester break. Jade would’ve enjoyed it if she didn’t have to work. She did have Friday off though and decided to spend a day outside. She’d spent most of her break either at work or at home. She bought herself a coffee and just drove around until she found somewhere quiet to sit and read. She could just do that at home but her mom was still constantly asking her about Norman even though she’d made it perfectly clear that she had ended the relationship to keep him from losing his job. She didn’t want to be reminded of him every single day. Jade found a park that was relatively quiet. There were a few kids running around but she didn’t mind it all that much. She found a bench and grabbed her book she’d brought. She read in peace for awhile until she heard a familiar voice say her name as they sat down next to her. She put down her book and saw David sitting there next to her. She threw her book into her bag and jumped off the bench, “David! What are you doing here?”

“I was just taking a walk,” he said, “What are you doing around here so far from home?”

“I needed to get out of the house for a little while,” Jade explained. There was an awkward pause and finally David asked, “So how have you been Jade?”

“Fine I guess,” Jade muttered, “I just got out of a relationship and so I’ve just been ya know…enjoying being single.”

“Really?” David laughed, “What made the two of you break up?”

“Uh, things just got a little complicated,” Jade said slowly, “Well I was too complicated for him. I had a lot of baggage ya know. I had some guy following me around and-nevermind forget it.”

David’s lips twitched into a tiny smile but the smile quickly faded and he patted the spot next to him on the bench, “No, tell me.”

“Forget it,” Jade shook her head but sat down next to him anyway, “It’s no big deal really. It hasn’t happened since December anyway. So tell me what’s been going on with you. Allen said you’re not in the band anymore.”

“Oh yeah. I left after you dumped me,” he said, his voice sounding very annoyed and bitter, “I realized you were right when you said my priorities were ******** up. So I left. I knew it was too late to change for you but I did it anyways.”

“You left the band for me? That band was like your baby! You love being a musician,” Jade chuckled, “I can’t believe you did that for me.”

“Well I love having you in my life more,” he said.

“David, we can’t get back together,” Jade mumbled, “After that whole thing with Vivian, I just don’t think I can be with you anymore,” though Vivian was part of the reason she couldn’t be with him, it was also because after Norman, everything else would only be second best.

“I know, I know,” he said, waving off her comment about Vivian, “I just want us to be friends again. Ya know, hang out like we used to.”

Jade considered it, unsure if she could even trust him enough to be friends again. She didn’t want their relationship to go past a friendship and she knew David did want their relationship to be something more. She still smiled and patted his shoulder, “Yeah, I’d like to stay friends.”

Their semester break ended soon after that and Maya and Jade crossed paths before going to their first class of the morning. Maya still felt a little awkward around Jade after seeing those pictures but she managed to get those images out of her head enough to actually talk to her. She was still mad at Richard for that little episode at four in the morning. She wasn’t going to start any conversations with him but she would probably talk to him if he said something to her.

“So has anyone else seen…the-” Maya drew a square in the air with her fingers, referring to the pictures that had been on display for all the other students to see.

“Whoever put them all over campus sent them to my mom and the dean,” Jade groaned and her shoulders fell, “I had to break it off to save his a**. But I’ve been feeling a bit better.”

Her phone went off and she looked at her text, typing vigorously, “Who texted you?”

“Oh. David texted me,” Jade said, holding up her phone for Maya to see and then continuing to text David.

Maya frowned, “Didn’t you dump him a few months ago?”

“We’re not dating. We’re just friends,” Jade replied, “I’ve realized these past couple days that we make good friends but we make a horrible couple.”

“I don’t know. He always seemed kind of possessive over you,” Maya mumbled, “Even back in freshman year he was really weird when it came to you. I don’t know if it’s such a good idea for you to even be friends with him.”

“I know what I’m doing,” Jade said, not trying to sound defensive, but trying to assure her friend that she was going to be ok, “Don’t worry about me. Now, I need to get to class. I’ll see you later.”

Maya waved as her friend walked away and she headed towards Richard’s class. She was trying to think of everything she could say to him. She had so many thoughts buzzing around in her head but she felt that maybe she should drop a few of the F-bombs. She’d finally come up with the best things to say to him. It wasn’t fair of him to take her home at 4:30 in the goddamn morning after freaking out over an e-mail from the dean and that they were going to be just fine and he needed to calm the ******** down. Maya went into Richard’s classroom and found a completely different teacher standing in the front of the room. Maya turned to leave, thinking she was in the wrong room. The woman standing there stopped her, “You’re one of Professor Gray’s students right?”

“Um, yeah,” she said, “Where is he?”

“I’m Professor Speltzer,” she answered, “Professor Gray left the school and I’ve taken his place.”


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