Why do libraries have to be so quiet. wondered Feder as he stared down into his book. A sea of words stood calm before him, neatly contained on a page. His eyes flitted over the sentences yet not a single one stayed with him. How can I enter this fantasy world when my fantasy can only take place here? He glanced over to Zettel cautiously, prepared to look away if their eyes met. She sat at the other end of the wide, oak table, her face downcast as she lost herself in a paper world. They used to read together as children, but they slowly began to drift away when the books grew too long. He missed it, but never had the courage to ask her if she wanted to try reading a story together again. It's been a few years since we last read together...Does she miss it too? We haven't talked in two years, does she even remember my name?
The boy gave a lonely sigh and returned to his book. He tried reading it once more, but whenever he began to picture the beautiful world stored within the pages of his tome, Zettel appeared in his mind, smiling so brightly that the light engulfed his ink covered world so that all he saw was her and the color white. He frowned and shook the girl from his head and began again. Why do flowers wilt... read Feder. Because they never get to see Zettel's face... He blushed and jerked his head side to side to rid himself of her.
Why do flowers wilt... reread Feder sternly. Because they never heard Zettel's voice. The boy groaned and closed his book. He crossed his arms and sunk back into his chair with a frown. The flustered reader pushed back his chair and got up slowly to return the book to its spot on the towering bookshelf beside him. He tucked it between two fat novels, dwarfing the small book. Why did such a small thing catch my attention anyway. asked Feder silently as he stared at its title. Aging Strength. Doesn't sound special or anything, so why'd I pick it up in the first place? He gave a soft sigh. If I noticed a small book like you, would she notice someone unimportant like me? He waited a moment, almost expecting a response. When he heard only silence, he gave up and looked over at Zettel. She was no longer reading her book, but staring at a blank piece of paper lied out. She pulled a pen out from behind her ear and twirled it between her fingers as her mouth twisted in thought. The girl groaned, tucked the pen behind her ear once more and returned to the book before her.
Is she trying to think of a story of her own? Does she write like me? He fought to keep his mouth a hard line but to no avail. A wide smile broke across his face. That'll be two things we have in common then...maybe I can start a conversation with her again, just like old times...
"Why are you smiling at me, Feder?" asked Zettel quietly, her words low and uneasy.
Feder, no longer lost in thought, realized his old friend had stopped reading once more. She was looking at him now with confusion masking her face.
His face reddened, "a-ah, well...I-I was thinking about something! Something else, you know, something not you, I mean, not that I don't want to think about you, just I wasn't. I promise! I...I...Ummm..." began Feder loudly, his words were quicker than his nervous heart.
"Shhh..." hushed Zettel as she pressed a finger to her lips. "We're in a library, you know."
"I-I know...Sorry..." mumbled Feder, his voice lower now. She remembers my name...
She gave him a warm smile, "it's fine, so what were you thinking about? It must have been good to make you smile like that."
"It was! It was very good!" stammered Feder. "I was..." He remembered the frustration on her face when she was twirling her pen. "I was thinking of a story idea..."
"A story idea? Do you write?" asked Zettel, interested. He saw her eyes light up.
"A bit." He gave her a faint smile. "Do you wanna hear it?"
"I'd love to." said the girl happily as she pulled out the chair beside her and patted it with her hand.
Feder dashed to the seat and grinned proudly as he sat down. Next to her. I'm next to her again!
"So what kind of story is it?" asked Zettel as she closed her book.
"It..It's a really different one." began Feder. "It has only two characters."
"Only two? In the entire book?" gasped the girl. "Sounds a little boring if you ask me..."
"No, no, we'll make it exciting-" His face grew hotter. "I-I mean, they'll make it exciting...for the reader...! In my world, there's only room for us- Them! For them!"
"Oh? And with two people, I'm assuming it's a romance then?"
"Of sorts." answered Feder, calming down. "They're in love, but they'll do so much more than just love each other. They'll go on adventures together, live together, and be together. They'll be something more than love, something that no romantic novel could ever match."
"So the plot is..."
"We haven't begun- I haven't begun writing it, so I'm not a hundred percent sure on a plot yet." mumbled Feder shyly.
"I see. So what are these characters like?"
"Well, it's a boy and a girl..." said Feder. He glanced down at his watch and saw the reflection of an uneasy, sweaty boy. He wiped his brow with the back of his hand and gave a quick smile to the watch and it immediately returned it. "The boy character...he's pretty much a nobody..." said Feder, still staring into his faint reflection. "He not the smartest, nor the strongest, or even the handsomest." mumbled the boy. He watched a frown appear on his reflection. "He's really not that special, not at all..." He saw the frown deepen. "He's not fit to be a main character, but he is, for some reason...He doesn't have any skills or any talents..."
"What about the girl?" interrupted his friend.
Feder snapped out from his brief depression and looked at Zettel. He found himself smiling once more, and felt his cheeks warm up. "S-She's absolutely beautiful!" exclaimed the boy. Zettel's finger went up to her lips once more and Feder muttered a quick apology before continuing. His face felt as if it were on fire. "S-She's amazing. She's funny, she's fun, she's cool, she's smart, she's strong, she's brave, she's..." He took a deep breath. "She's quick to laugh and always smiling. She's caring and...and she's perfect. She is way out of the boy's league, they both know it, yet, for some reason, she loves hims and he loves her." The boy gave a low sigh.
"Wow..." Zettel gave him a grin. "She sounds like a great character."
"She is, but I can't take the credit...I didn't really create her, she's based off of someone."
"Someone that's important to you, I'm guessing?"
"More important than anything, although we haven't spoken in awhile. We hardly know each other anymore, yet...she's still very special to me." said Feder, nodding slowly as a weak smile played across his lips. He saw the reflection in his watch was blushing.
"So..." began Zettel awkwardly. From the corner of his eyes, he could her face slowly reddening. "What's the title going to be? Or have you not thought of one yet?"
"Oh, I've got a title!" proclaimed Feder proudly, banishing the shyness from his throat. He spoke boldly, ignoring the invisible fire that burned his cheeks. "It'll called...You and Me."