======The moment of truth has arrived, tomorrow college start. To tell you the truth, I'm afraid. Yes I know this is exactly how my valedictorian speech started out, but still. I don't believe I'm ready. A part of me still wishes to escape through death, a part of me doesn't wanna grow up, and a part of me does. I need to recollect myself. I'm anxious and afraid, a bad mix, but ill do fine.

======I spent my last day of summer doing laundry with my mother. I wasn't really in good terms with her during my high school years. There are things that I have done to her that no mother should ever experience and, I'm not proud of it as all she wanted was the best for me. I should have listened. So I'm trying my best to redeem myself for my past mistakes.

======While we did laundry my mother told me stories of the past. It was nice hearing them. I already knew about her past how she met my dad and all that, so she told me about her mother. I didn't know that my grandmother was an orphan. Hearing her stories as I folded clothes were pretty cool I guess. It gave me some ideas that I'm gonna put in my Idea-Box for the stories I write. I also had an uncle that was apparently assassinated and my family doesn't talk about him. He was a Major in the military. I feel like I'm hexing myself as I write about him. Kinda like Maxine Hong Kingston where in her book The Woman Warrior she wrote the story of her unspoken aunt. Or in Junot Diaz's The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and how he basically "cursed" himself because he wrote about the unspoken. I'm gonna stop here, a bit superstitious I know, but I don't want any curses especially now that I'm redeeming myself from past mistakes and my Looking Forward campaign.

======I'm just gonna leave off there. This is Anikacy signing out!