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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Part Nineteen
Chapter Nineteen

Jade and Norman followed Maya outside and it all immediately caught their eye. There were pictures plastered everywhere. There were photos from the night they first kissed to their moment in his office. Norman ripped the pictures off the walls and all Jade could do was just stand there covering her mouth with her hands.

“Who did this?” Jade asked herself, even though she knew exactly who had done this. I know just how to hurt you. It’ll be a little Christmas present. From me to you.
“This is insane,” Maya mumbled.

“How many more of these are there?!” Norman screamed, crumpling up the pictures.

“I saw a few over by the dean’s office,” Maya said, “They’re kind of scattered.”

“It looks like you won’t be failing Professor Winters’s class this semester,” one girl said, holding up the picture of Jade and Norman in his office. They saw the flash that day and they had just told themselves it was glare from the sun. But they had been wrong about that, “Looks like she found an easy A.”

“Give me that!” Jade snatched the photo away and ripped it up, throwing the pieces of paper down on the ground by their feet. The girl scoffed and motioned behind her, “No use in that. That picture and the rest are scattered all over campus. Eventually everyone is going to see these pictures.”

“All over campus?” Jade said in a tiny voice. She grabbed Maya by the arm and started running towards the dean’s office, “Maya you have to help me take these down!”

“You heard that girl!” Maya said, “It’s no use. They’ve been randomly stuck all over the place. We’re not going to get them all.”

They reached the dean’s office and the pictures framed the door to the dean’s office. Jade tore them down one by one, grumbling under her breath. Whoever had done this was one sick ********, “I can’t believe this is happening.”

“I didn’t even know you two were together,” Maya said, “How did this even happen?”

“Well he helped me out when some guy was following me this one night,” Jade said, “And it just kind of went from there.”

“Wait, wait, wait. Some guy was following you?” Maya said, “Why didn’t you tell anyone about it?”

“What would you have done if you knew?” Jade grabbed Maya by the arm and dragged her across campus, tearing pictures off the walls and out of everyone’s hands while they either laughed at her or gave her dirty looks, “No one knew except for him. And he helped me and he was sweet and it just got out of hand I know.”

“It’s not that bad I guess,” Maya said, “Except for this one of you in his office.”

Jade pulled the picture out of Maya’s hands and stuffed it with the rest in her bag, “We didn’t do anything! I mean, we were about to and then we didn’t!”

Jade dragged Maya around and around until they were both exhausted. Jade looked down at her overstuffed bag, “Do you think we got them all?”

“It looks like it,” Maya said, “I think you’re gonna be ok.”

“I’m gonna go put these in my car,” Jade dug for her keys in her bag underneath the crumpled up pictures, “They won’t be safe in these trashcans.”

Maya handed Jade the rest of the pictures she had in her bag and they went their separate ways. Maya headed towards Richard’s classroom but she met him halfway. He saw her and started walking a few feet ahead of her until they ended up alone in the classroom. Maya leaned against the locked doors, “I hope you didn’t see anything.”

“I’m just glad the two of you got them taken down,” he said with a sigh, “But this really makes me think Maya. What if that had been us?”

“But it wasn’t us,” Maya said, grabbing onto the collar of his jacket, “And we got the whole thing taken care of. And who is gonna rat Jade out to the dean? No one most likely. Besides, we’ve been good at keeping this a secret. Jade and Audrey still think I’m dating a guy named Damien.”

Richard laughed a little at her last comment but then went right back down to business, “Even so, we shouldn’t act so friendly here at school. We need to start being more careful here.”

“Fair enough,” Maya said. He pulled her hands off his jacket and took a few steps back. Not knowing what else to do, she turned to unlock and open the door, “Am I still getting my present Saturday?”

Richard smiled warmly and nodded, “Of course you are Maya.”

“What’s everyone whispering about?” Tom asked Audrey.

“I’m not sure,” Audrey replied with a shrug. She’d seen Jade and Maya running around campus but she honestly wasn’t sure where they were going since she’d just gotten there when she saw them, “I’m sure it was nothing.”

“Well before everyone else shows up to class I wanted to ask you something,” Tom said, “I’m leaving for the holidays and I wanted to do something with you before I left. My friend is throwing this little Christmas party.”

“That sounds like fun,” Audrey said.

“You might know him,” Tom added, “He was in charge of that competition you entered.”

Audrey paused and her heart fell to her stomach, “Oh Tom. I-I don’t know if I wanna go to a Christmas party.”

“Why not?” he asked as he pouted, “You went to his Halloween party without complaining. He’s a nice man.”

“Oh I know but I’m still kind of bummed out about that contest ya know,” Audrey mumbled. She refused to look at him no matter how much he tried to get her to, “I just don’t wanna be reminded about it.”

“Well how about this,” he said, “We’ll go and if you really, really feel uncomfortable, we’ll go. Ok? We’ll go whenever you want to and we’ll just go do something else.”

Audrey sighed and tapped her desk with her fingernails. She had a feeling that if she went, this guy was going to blow her cover. She didn’t want that. But she knew Tom wasn’t going to take no for an answer, “Alright Tom. I’ll go with you.”

Who likes super short chapters that are like........95% filler?! biggrin no one? Me neither. I can't help it. I have this thing called SUCKS AT WRITING hahahah. Anyways, here it is at the last second. Pulled this out of my a** like I do every damn day wink haha

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