======So I did more zOMG today, practiced my aggro a lot actually. Hopefully I can aggro my way to get all my rings at 12, and find me a tuna crew and whatnot. Though zOMGing did have it's consequence I don't want my summer to end. I was suppose to prepare my stuff today as my summer ends in two days, but oh well. Spent most of the time aggro-ing anyways.

======I watched the second Star Trek movie with my dad today, it was nice. I liked the story a lot actually. The concept of two antagonists that were against each other and the protagonist being the middle man, and has to decide his own fate was pretty cool. I might put it in my Idea-Box for the current stories I'm writing. I also liked the theme of brotherhood in the movie, one part made me tear up so bad. I'm not gonna reveal spoilers to anyone who didn't watch it. There were a lot of story themes actually, revenge/brotherhood/love/choosing your own fate and what not, and enjoyed them all. The antagonist's were also written out thoroughly, they weren't just bad guys because they wanna rule the whole world, but that the fact that they both wanted to protect something and do what's right but have to use other means necessary. It was like watching two Batmans fighting each other. Anyways watching the movie with my dad was pretty good, I haven't really gotten the time to spend time with family because I coup myself up with zOMG.

======I made cool friends today as well some guys who actually get my Magic The Gathering references on zOMG's DMS. Its so cool, I thought I would be forever alone with that but I found magic buddies!

======Yeah these are my Highlights for today. This is Anikacy, Signing out!