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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Part Eighteen
Chapter Eighteen

Richard had left Saturday morning like he said he would. He was gone before Maya woke up. She knew he’d be gone but she was still annoyed with him. But it did give her the chance to go out and get Richard his Christmas present. She had doubts about how good this present would be but she had to give it a shot. She decided she had to call Jade and Audrey so they could help her decide. She gave them the same lie she’d given Frank on Halloween. As far as Jade and Audrey knew, Maya was dating a guy named Damien.

Jade drove the three of them down to the mall while Maya read off the advertisement. They stopped at a red light and Jade leaned over to get a good look at it, “I love that idea.”

Audrey stuck her head in between them, “Me too! This is a cool idea for a present.”

“You could get him a pocket watch,” Jade said.

“A pocket watch?”

“Well yeah. Anyone can give him a regular old wrist watch,” Jade said, “Besides, you have more room to get something nice engraved on it. And pocket watches are pretty cool.”

Maya had told Audrey and Jade to leave her alone in the store for awhile since she had no idea how long it would take and they did as they were told and left to go get something to eat. Just as Maya finished telling the clerk what she wanted engraved, her phone rang. She smiled when she saw Richard’s name on her caller ID, “Hi Richard.”

“Maya,” he said. There was a slight pause and then he added, “Where are you? I hear voices.”

“I’m at a place getting you your Christmas present,” she replied.

“Do I get to know what it is?” he said and she knew he had a smirk on his face right now and she chuckled, “Not unless you tell me what mine is going to be.”

“I already told you, you’re gonna get your present this Saturday night!” he exclaimed, “Which means I can’t come over Friday night. I have to put the finishing touches on it.”

“How big is this present?” Maya tried thinking of what the present could be but nothing seemed likely.

“You’ll just have to see,” he said, “I’m not giving you any hints!”

Maya giggled and leaned against the display case, “Fair enough.”

“Well, I just wanted to call to tell you that I can’t come on Friday night but I’m gonna give you your present Saturday night,” he said, “I’ll see you on Monday Maya.”

“Yeah, I’ll see you,” she said. She hung up the phone and waited another half an hour before her engraved pocket watch was ready to go. By then, Jade and Audrey had returned, sipping on their drinks they’d bought when they got lunch, “Is it done?”

“Yep,” Maya held up the gold watch so the light would hit it and she grinned proudly, “You guys were right. A pocket watch is a pretty cool present.”

“Let’s see what you had engraved on it!” Jade reached for the watch but Maya snatched it away and put it into her purse. Richard’s name was on it and she couldn’t let Jade and Audrey see that, “No way! It’s personal.”

Jade sipped her soda and chuckled, “Fine then! Do you wanna stay and look around or do you wanna get out of here?”

The three of them looked around at the crowds of people running around and pushing and shoving to finish their last minute Christmas shopping. Audrey bit down on her straw and shook her head, “I think we should just get out of here.”

“And I don’t intend to come back here until January,” Maya added as they struggled to get to the exit, “I’m surprised they finished as fast as they did with Christmas so close.”

“It’s just luck I guess,” Audrey said.

Tom hadn’t asked Audrey again about the art competition she had lied about. He’d eventually gotten over the disappointment and things returned to normal. Tom didn’t greet Audrey like he usually did when she came in on Monday morning. He was very businesslike and he wasted no time getting the lecture started. He dismissed the class a bit early that day and Audrey walked slowly behind the group. She waited until they were gone before she turned on her heel, “Is everything ok?”

“I’m perfectly fine!” he said, suddenly gaining a lot of energy, “I wanna give you something. I know I’m not gonna see you on Christmas so I wanted to give you your present now.”

Tom grabbed her hands and pulled her into his office, “Close your eyes,” Audrey did as she was told. She heard him moving things and grunting as he did, “I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to get. So then after searching for an entire month, I gave up and decided to make something for you. Open your eyes.”

Audrey opened her eyes and Tom was holding up a medium sized framed painting of her. She gasped and was on the verge of tears as she took it from him, “Oh my god Tom. This is the best gift I’ve ever gotten. This is so sweet Tom.”

Tom wrapped his arm around her shoulder and admired the work of art himself, like he’d never seen it before, “You really like it?”

“I love it,” she said, “I can’t believe you did this for me.”

“You deserve it,” he kissed her cheek and squeezed her tight, “Merry Christmas Audrey.”

“Is there a reason you showed up so early today?” Norman asked. Jade grabbed the wrapped box with his present inside. She didn’t bother telling him about the trouble she’d gone through getting him this jacket. It would ruin this moment. She pulled the box out of her bag, being careful with the bow and she held it out to him, “This is why. I bought you a little something for Christmas.”

“You didn’t have to do this for me,” he said. He ripped the paper off the box and held up the leather jacket, his eyes lighting up when he saw it, “Jade, this was really nice of you!” Norman took off the jacket he was already wearing and replaced it with the new one.

“I was hoping you’d like it,” she said. He grabbed her and hugged her, “Of course I like it Jade. I bought something for you too.”

Norman let go of her and held up his finger for her to wait while he ran into his office to get her present. Jade crumpled up the remains of the wrapping paper and the box and tossed it into the trash. Norman came back out with a small white box and he opened it for her. Inside the box was a silver necklace with heart charm on it and the charm was lined with tiny diamonds. Jade ran her fingers along the chain and gasped a little, “Holy s**t Norman. How much did this even cost you?”

“Don’t worry about the cost,” he replied. He took the necklace out of the box and turned her around to put it on her. Jade took all of her hair and pulled it forward and he clasped it together, “How do you like it?”

Jade grabbed the charm and moved it around so the light would hit the little diamonds and she watched them sparkle, “I love it. I really do.”

Norman hugged her from behind and kissed her cheek when Maya burst in suddenly. Norman threw himself off of Jade and hit his leg on his desk doing so. He groaned quietly into the wooden desk and looked at Maya, trying to look as happy as possible, “What do you need Maya?”

Maya found it difficult to look at either one of them. She pointed outside and said softly, “I think you guys should come out here and see this. You’re really not gonna like this.”

So umm...yeah. Here ya go. Audrey is still like impossible to write for BUT I managed to make a Pull-Audrey's-Story-Out-Of-My-a** work this chapter wink I know it's kind of corny but......it was the best I could come up with and I know I would ******** LOVE IT if I had a man paint me and give it to me as a present LOL So anyways ENJOY MY LOVELIES

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