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Day's Alive
Chapter 1: The War
Chapter 1) The War (Year 2336)

"I thought the Hiragano family was on our side!" A soldier screams out, trying to have his voice heard for the last time over all the other final words being cried out. He and several other soldiers were thrown back a few meters away, being set aflame in mid air. A young man with black hair, clearly different from the others, stood up from the kneeling position. Behind him, a younger, feminine warrior wearing a mask that hid her face, a black knight standing 8 feet tall, his helmet also hiding his facial features, and several other masked men. They walked purposefully through the gates of District 2, the Japanese District carrying no weapons. They knew who they were going up against, they required no weapons, they knew their power. Comparing the souls of the entire army to the small group would stand no chance against this small group, no matter how much firepower they had. Armored tanks attempted to barricade the entrance, however they were easily blown aside by the black knight with the force of his back hand, tossing them aside as if they weighed nothing. The soldiers were pathetically- hilariously overwhelmed. Machine gun fire and grenade blasts could be heard throughout the entire city. Families and businessmen knew not to come close to this battlefield, their first line of defense had already been breached, and their second line was well into being completely obliterated. Bullets flew towards the small group and were reflected against a small, pyramid shaped shield that held only enough room for the intruders, leaving everyone else exposed to whatever was deflected. Friendly fire and threats of civilian casualties rose quickly, imminent in a battle, however none of these numbers included the oncoming force of this group. This was very much a one sided fight. They made no conversation to the enemy. No conditions for surrender. Simply slaughter. The threat was now dangerously close to the limits, soldiers on the outskirts of the city, posted to defend the area, saw that the oncoming threat hadn't even slowed between the barrier gate and the army outpost. Immediately they evacuated buildings and houses that were being threatened by the oncoming force.
Across the field the small group could hear the sounds of retreat. Soldiers ran back to the threshold of their fortress, and waited behind the walls of layered concrete and metal. Behind that fortress, an Okinaku sub-post resided. There, several dozen Guardians exit the building, going in to finish the fight. Among them was Lt. General Mifune Kenjiro, the second most powerful known being in the world. He held up his hand, letting his units know not to attack, not yet. Looking through the field behind the threat, he made count of the number of bodies scattering the battlefield. For someone to get this close to the city limits, this was much further than what was predicted from the reports. Mifune recognized the leader of the intruders immediately, walking forward and calling him out by name. "Taiyoki Hiragano, I've been given orders to restrain you or kill you. Being former comrades of Okinaku, I'm hoping you won't force me to choose the latter," The wind picked up quickly, suddenly, blowing from all directions towards Mifune, his white hair was easily picked up by the strong breeze. It had been a still day up till now, it was clear that Mifune was the cause of the sudden change.
"General Kenjiro, how did you know I was coming?" Taiyoki called back with a seemingly joyful surprise. "I thought the officers were not allowed to leave Okinaku unless there was an impending threat, and Okinaku left the drop point a week ago." The man's smile was clearly twisted, however he showed no signs of being a demon. "Were you warned I was coming?" Taiyoki seemed to be having a simple afternoon chat with a friend, however Mifune was skeptical about the man's speech.
"You've gone through several royal houses and massacred everyone inside. Men, women, children, all unarmed and ill-prepared. The Hiragano house has been a contributor to Okinaku for generations. Why have you betrayed Okinaku?" The general was clearly upset with his colleague, however was closer to blowing Taiyoki off the face of the earth than shedding tears.
"Did my wife tell you I was coming?" Taiyoki completely ignored what Mifune had said, scratching the back of his head. "Damn that b***h I knew I shouldn't have left her back at the-"
"Do not ignore me Taiyoki!" The general's voice boomed with anger and power. "You didn't come here to gather souls, you didn't come here to take down or take control of this District. You’re declaring war against the World Government with no reason behind it!"
"Remind me to kill Kasuma when I get back, I'm not letting this happen again." Taiyoki turned away from Mifune to the girl, who responded with a simple nod. Mifune stopped talking altogether, raising his hand and forcing it in a downwards direction. The action of his hand seemed to push the full force of the wind towards his enemies, crushing full supported walls and blowing away the bodies of the fallen. That was not Mifune's true intent, however taking down Taiyoki was first priority. His enemy was not going to respect the dead and wouldn't give him the time of day to do so either. Taiyoki was easily able to predict the direction of the wind with the surrounding debris, he did not dodge. He didn't have to. The wind missed him by a few feet, however a couple of his men who weren't paying attention fell for the bluff, dodging straight into the direct blunt of the attack. The men were quickly lacerated with dozens of deep gashes, killing them before they could hit the ground. Taiyoki smiled. "Fools."
Mifune didn't respond to Taiyoki's reaction to his own men dying, it was obvious the man was not in his right mind. He was not going to surrender. He used the same technique with both hands this time. A transparent wave of blades was directed towards the leader of the group. Taiyoki jumped high into the air while the rest moved to the side. Mifune found this opportunity to take down the enemy quickly, raising his hands as he followed Taiyoki into the air, the wind following Mifune's movements exactly. The rest of Taiyoki's minions charged right for the general.
The large knight went straight for Mifune, seeing the time to attack was when both his arms were being occupied to kill Taiyoki. Raising his blade high into the air, he was preparing to strike down. Mifune didn't move an inch. A black figure rose from the ground, large and armored with several layers of metal as black as it was. The blade cut deep into the shadow figure's shoulder, however it seemed unphased as it was hit directly by the large sword. A smaller man walked between the shadow figure and the knight, looking straight up at the knight who seemed to be having trouble getting his sword out of the shoulder it was currently cut into. The knight looked down to see the young man, grunting. In a deep voice, the knight spoke in a confirming voice. "A shadow user... Okinaku has sunk as low as I've ever seen it," The man looking up at the knight simply put a finger on his lips, the universal signal for stay quiet. However for him, it meant more along the lines of 'nothing more needs to be said'. The knight pulled the sword out of the shoulder, the shadow figure sinking into nothing. The knight jumped backwards, knowing he wouldn't be able to get passed this man without fighting him seriously.
Meanwhile Mifune stayed concentrated on cutting off the head of the group. "You're a man to be feared Mifune, but you can't kill me," Taiyoki held a single hand downwards towards the spiral of wind controlled by Mifune. At the end of his hand, a sphere of fire separated himself from the oncoming attack. The miniature sun easily absorbed Mifune's attack, causing it to grow larger than he was. "You... you are so very mortal." The fireball was shot towards Mifune, who didn't hesitate to respond towards an attack. The Lt general straightened his hand, and chopped the air in front of Taiyoki's attack, cutting it clean in half before it dispersed into hot air. It was apparent that the fight between Mifune and Taiyoki would take up the majority of the battlefield, and with that fact both forces evacuated the area of immediate danger to continue their fight far from the area where they know they won't interfere. Taiyoki landed ten feet in front of Mifune, tilting his head as he tried to figure out why he wasn't attacking like he meant it. After thinking about it, Taiyoki caught a glimpse of common sense. "Almost forgot the reason why you weren't fighting to your fullest. But being inside the city limits, I should have caught onto that sooner." Mifune grimaced, knowing that Taiyoki would now take full advantage of his surroundings. He would now have to protect the city while also holding his opponent at bay until a wall barrier was placed between him and the city.
"Someone needs to cover the city, otherwise the enemies will target the buildings," Mifune called into his earpiece, making sure someone would set up the second wall of defense. "We'll have it up in 5 minutes." When the confirmation call was made, Mifune prepared himself for another bout with the Hiragano head.
"General, you should pay more attention." A voice behind him with twin guns in hand, loaded and ready. The man shot several times, each shot hitting a green or blue colored crystal out of the air. The masked girl landed several yards to the side, attempting to throw another towards Mifune. Another shot cracked and blue it right out of her hands. Before another bullet could go through her head, she had herself a pyramid shield large enough to cover herself. Her attention was now on the man with the guns.
"Be careful Simon, those bullets you shot were deflected when they hit the blades and the shield," Mifune warned his unit leader.
"I'll take precautions, I don't have to fire bullets." Simon charged his guns with a quick swinging motion, cocking it without needing two hands to do so. "Having fun Bokou? Too much for a Junior?" Simon called over to the man who was currently having two more of his shadow soldiers fighting for him, however they were being cut down faster than he could make them, dodging strikes on occasion.
"You deal with your enemy and I'll deal with mine, besides you need the handicap. Fighting her will do you just fine," A usual banter between the two, they were about the same age and in the same unit. They stayed with their opponents, fighting the tougher opponents while everyone else dealt with the weaker enemies. However, these men were nowhere near the word weak. "Let's move to a different location, Mifune is about to draw another strike," Simon nodded in agreement, moving their fight away from Mifune. The two opponents fighting them followed suit, knowing their leader was just as dangerous as Mifune was, if not more so.
-No one was expecting Hiragano would attack an entire district, but his attack force made it through the first gate without a scratch. This would have been a worst case scenario without the heads up, the entire city would have been in flames.- Mifune drew his hands up again in his stance; a martial arts position with his left foot in front of his right and his left hand in front of his right open palmed, a defensive stance. Taiyoki opened his hands directly in front of Mifune with no warning, silently threatening to blow his opponent's head off. Mifune wasn't slowing down for anything now, quickly moving to the side before Taiyoki had the chance. The explosion Mifune was expecting didn't happen, a clever feint by his opponent. However Taiyoki didn't act on his successful trick with a separate attack, almost like he had forgotten to. Instead of attacking Mifune, he aimed his hand directly at the city. -Sly b*****d.- Mifune had just enough momentum from his sideways movement to throw his legs up against Taiyoki's outstretched arm, kicking the palm of his hand into the sky. A large red twirl of fire illuminated the darkened field, Mifune's eyes wide with rage. -He was actually INTENDING on killing every person here. What is he doing?!- Mifune couldn't get back on his feet before the back of Taiyoki's heel met his abdomen, sending the man tumbling across the field. Mifune was still balanced enough to get back onto his feet, just in time to look to the sky to see the sun that nearly disintegrated several buildings.
"Great..." Taiyoki rolled his eyes in annoyance, "now I have to start all over again." A nova like explosion dispersed the much larger fireball, causing a bit of a fire rain effect over the entire field. The wind protected Mifune easily, however there were several bodies that caught fire once hit by a falling flame. Taiyoki resumed pointing his hand towards the city, preparing another charge. Mifune's eyes twitched, knowing that between now and 4 minutes and 45 seconds from now, he would have to keep his opponent busy long enough to get the second defense set up. Against Taiyoki, that was almost an impossible feat. The Lt general did not wait to stand up fully, swinging his hand to the side while releasing another burst of spiritual energy, more controlled this time. The result was a spinning whirlwind of blades with the area of a large house that could be controlled with ease. As he did this, Mifune was able to prop himself up with his free hand to get back in his feet. Taiyoki looked towards the oncoming attack heading his way. The man repositioned his hand towards it, destroying it with yet another fiery explosion. Before Taiyoki could even think of aiming at the city again, Mifune stood in front of him with his arm outstretched and his hand straightened. Taiyoki could hardly believe the man's speed in his recovery, narrowly missing the invisible edge that split the solid ground in half with zero resistance. The slash left a cut that stretched out nearly a hundred yards.
There were three shadow soldiers in Bokou's control now, the knight realizing now how dangerous this young man was if not dealt with properly. The knight made quick with with the oncoming miniature army Bokou was working on, cutting through them with his blade now like nothing. With each strike, his blade glowed a yellow color. "This is different..." Bokou found himself trying to guess what the knight's ability was as he attempted to make another. The shadow figures were being made slower now, as it took tons of energy to create and control them, especially in numbers. Bokou knew he had to dodge out of the way, abandoning a figure that was only halfway finished. The large knight, trying to hit Bokou by going through his shadow soldier, slashed through it missing Bokou. However, there was a much larger release of energy in this strike, breaking the ground with ridiculous strength, even sending Bokou flying with the force of the wind behind the attack. Bokou landed on his back skidding through the battlefield, coming to a stop about a football field's length away from his opponent. He watched as the knight slowly walked towards him, his intent changing dramatically as his sword was propped up to his shoulder. "Damn... that technique is very similar to Tairou's..."
"That's because it is. I trained him back at the palace almost 20 years ago," the knight explained to Bokou before going in for another attack. Bokou rolled backwards, avoiding another strike from his enemy. He was on the defensive now, but Bokou was making sense of what the knight was saying.
"That's impressive.. You know he's 3rd in command of Okinaku right."
"He's a traitor to his own family. He abandoned his surname years ago." The knight stabbed his blade above Bokou's shoulder, keeping him still. "I cannot show mercy to the weak, not this time." Before he could kill Bokou however, there was a loud shout from somewhere in the battlefield. "Hideki!" the masked girl called out his name as she continued dodging multi colored bullets firing from Simon's gun.
The knight looked up in time to block a fist that would have spent his head spinning. He was sent sliding on his feet, even dragging his blade backwards. Bokou sighed, putting the rather long black dagger he had hidden under his uniform back into the shadows. He turned to see who it was, and as it turned out, it was the man who was setting up the second line of the barrier.
"Hey, stop picking on the kid." The man called out from the barrier, his hand attaching itself back to his wrist. It was a robotic hand in replacement for the one he had lost in some other fight. "Get up Bokou."
"I had him you know, until you moved him." Bokou said rather truthfully as he brushed himself off, wishing he hadn't interfered. "You should concentrate on that barrier Heimerman, I'll be fine." Bokou returned his attention to the knight he now knew as Hideki. "So... I was about to kill you. Can we get back to that?"
The knight simply chuckled, his voice so low it made Bokou's body shake, as if it were a bass guitar being played on loudspeakers. "You have no place to say that, Bokou. Such arrogant youth."
"It's strange how you look after everyone while you can hardly take care of yourself." Simon was concentrating on the girl who, with some impressive skill, was dodging all of his bullets. However, with his current output in spiritual energy, he could restore that much spiritual energy faster than he was using it. However now that he thought about it, he could be done with this fight much faster. He reloaded again with the same flick of his wrist as the first time, however now there was a bit more power in his guns. He fired again, the girl turning in time to see that the next bullet that was coming was different, however she didn't know how quite yet. However, when she tried to dodge it, she figured it out quickly. The round exploded within a certain distance, sending her flying upwards. She wasn't phased though, and landed on her feet like a cat, running off again as she tried to find her target. With the distance in mind now, she slowed down a bit to change the distance between herself and Simon, and prepared to strike as soon as he shot his gun again. The plan didn't work as well as she thought it was, the bullet exploding again within close proximity, sending her burnt and rolling on the ground. Simon saw this as his chance to finish her. "As much as I hate to hurt girls..." He pointed both barrels towards her, about to blow her to bits. She swiped her hands crossways, sending dozens of glass like blades towards Simon just before he fired, causing the bullets to explode too close to himself.
"Found him." The girl was in her teens, but she was fighting far more efficiently than her peers, cutting down an oblivious guardian with his back turned against her with a curved knife, killing him as she did so. She turned back to Simon who was still stuck in a debris cloud of smoke from the explosion. She slashed upwards towards his abdomen. Her blade was stopped, the barrel of his gun holding the knife in place as he took steady aim at her head using his arm as a stabilizer.
"Boom." He fired his gun, hitting the girl in the head sending her falling backwards. She sat up, catching her breath. She was untouched, however she honestly believed she hadn't put up the shield in time. Simon was unsure how that happened, and was shocked to see that she was standing up again. "Well... there are things I haven't seen yet." He pointed his guns again at the girl, however the girl knew well that she was going to have trouble with this man. She jumped back near Hideki, who was currently putting Bokou in a corner.
"Keep him busy, I've got a task to attend to," The large knight turned his attention to Simon, who wasn't attentive to the quick change of opponents. "To think she was having a hard time with you..." The knight swung his hand in a downward like a golf club about to hit a golf ball. With no defense to cover him, Simon took the brunt of the force which sent him flying up and back, probably crushing several ribs. The knight payed little more attention to Simon afterwards. With the girl handling the young nightmare, he turned his undivided attention towards the man who was almost finished with the barrier.
"As a man who wear's that armor, you should have more respect to the people you fight and not attack them from behind." The middle aged, dark skinned man was the same height and size as the knight. "I'm no fighter, but you threaten to attack the people behind this barrier. I won't let you through." The man threw his right fist at the knight's chest, which did push him back quite a ways. However, the armor was tough, and it did not do the damage that was intended by Heimerman.
"You should not have interfered." Raising his yellow glowing sword up, the knight prepared to strike down the man before him. Holding his hands up, Heimerman created a shield intending to block it. He was much too large to attempt to dodge it, and he could not leave the barrier unattended. Unfortunately the force of the sword was far greater than his defense could handle, which would have handled normally if he was not currently holding a shield much stronger than that up to defend the city. The blade cut right through the shield and through the chest of Heimerman, who fell to the floor with his back up against the barrier. Panting, he looked up at the knight black who had slain him, grimacing. "You will not get through here." Pressing the blood covered hands against the barrier he sat against, the barrier glowed brightly, blindingly. It was clear the shield was near completion and already practically impenetrable. The knight cursed the dead man under his breath, turning away from the failed objective.
The battle between Lt General Mifune and Taiyoki Hiragano was still ongoing, breaking surrounding structures and the ground under them. Unlucky fighters caught close to their battle would lose all feeling in their body, the spiritual friction between these two creating an overwhelming force of clashing energy throughout the entire area.
"I've grossly underestimated you Lt General."
"I've done the same Hiragano, I never would have guessed you were a demon," there was a hint of disgust in Mifune's tone.
"I'm no demon General Kenjiro. You think I am because I have power," Taiyoki retorted.
"You're a demon because you're killing innocent people."
"Innocent? What innocence is left here? Even the kids here are little demons," Taiyoki's tone darkened, his voice escalating angrily. "Everyone here is going to turn. I've come with a single purpose..." The man charged his hand again, sprinting towards Mifune, who was already waiting for him, with anger and determination. All for naught as the general smoothly used his other hand, which had been ready since the first slash, cut cleanly through his opponent's midsection, cutting him in half. He watched as his opponent fell forward, covered in blood. Looking towards the city, the second barrier between the outer limits and the city shone bright green, signaling the success of the lock down. Families from inside some of the apartments looked curiously through the transparent shield, watching the guardians defending their city. When he saw the barrier however, he found the body of Deidrik Heimerman against the blood smeared area of the barrier. Mifune gritted his teeth, finding the other body slain by the masked girl. More names.
"I came here to make this world new." Mifune turned quickly, the dead body of Taiyoki no longer where he had left it. Taiyoki, the black knight, the young girl, and the remaining few of the enemy's army were at the gate entrance as they prepared to retreat. "The phoenix is calling, General. It's telling you that the world will be reborn. You will have your second chance like everyone else should. It will come." Taiyoki turned his back on the city, walking out towards the forest with a rather relaxing retreat. The black knight followed behind, his huge figure and cape hiding his comrades. The knight sunk into the ground as if walking into a large pool, taking everyone with him. Mifune sighed in both relief and disappointment, scratching the back of his head as he turned to face what was left of his units. There were many military casualties, including 2 guardians. Simon and several of his men surrounded Mifune, awaiting orders. Mifune spoke silently to them, ordering some to gather the wounded and to bring them into the fortress, others were told to make contact the emergency medical teams in the city. As he walked back towards the sub-post of Okinaku, he got several more glances of the bodies that were beaten and charred by his fight against Taiyoki. The man felt disgraceful, knowing he had damaged the already lifeless bodies during his battle. He cursed himself quietly as he walked inside the building, preparing to make a call regarding the Hiragano Palace residence to the Supreme General Malik.


Inside the Hiragano Palace, there were footsteps throughout the hallways, frantic going from room to room. Maids and butlers rushed back and forth, gathering their belongings without accounting for things they knew they couldn't bring. Many of the maids had already left, heeding the warnings of Mrs. Hiragano, who knew her husband would return very soon. "I'm not leaving you here alone here Mother Hiragano." One of the maidens cried, tugging on her fine robe to force her to come.
"The first person my husband would track would be me. I saw this coming, and I have prepared for this. I cannot come with you, I have to stay here," The beautiful Kasuma replied softly to her maid. She knew that if she ran off and tried to hide, she would be found. She couldn't take that risk if it also involved the risk of getting others caught and killed as well. She took the maids hand from her robe sleeve and held it tightly, tears rolling down her cheek. "I have to protect Tsukirou."
"Mother Hiragano, I know it's hard... Tsukirou's illness has only gotten worse over the year, his muscles are very weak, he's so fragile..."
"Which is more reason for me to stay. I will not abandon my son here. You have a family waiting for you, go to them and stay safe with them. Live on with them."
"Mother Hiragano." The maid embraced Kasuma, sobbing as quietly as she could.
"Take care of your daughter, Mia." The maid nodded softly, tears still dropping from her cheek as she made a last respectful bow to her master before running through the door, leaving behind the Hiragano palace. Kasuma looked around, all the employees were gone. Several of the house members, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles, were scattered throughout the house. Many of them were intent on stopping Taiyoki, the younger ones were told to hide in small spaces, anywhere. They couldn't leave their house, they had already tried that.
During this war, the only living family members were in the house, everyone who left the house was dead. Murdered, executed, killed on the streets. There were no exceptions. Despite the fact that it wasn't the Hiragano family as a whole declaring war, the world did not see it as so. Their only hope now was to protect the homeland from their own Head of the House. Unfortunately they knew that was unlikely.
Kasuma walked up the stairs and into the long hallway, watching parents store their kids into rooms, telling them not to come out, no matter what. The younger children had no idea what was happening, they didn't know why their parents were hugging them so tightly, or kissing them so much, or telling them numerous times that they loved them. All they could do was listen to their parents and hide. She looked down over the rails, watching Several men stand in front of the front door, preparing themselves to attack and ambush the oncoming enemy. Their weapons drawn and their spirit energies rising, concentrating only on what was going to come through that door. The man who was a threat to the family, their families. walking past the bedrooms and the work rooms, she spotted several eyes peering into the hallway, wanting to see what they were missing. The twin girls in the 3rd room to the right shared a large stuffed teddy bear, larger than they were. They had somehow dragged it under the bed, holding it close as they held each other close. Another younger couple of boys in the room across the hall were pinching each other behind their bed, their snickering and light punches could be heard in the still quietness in the house.
Kasuma reached the end of the hallway, opening a door to her left revealing an empty office. She had opened the wrong door, but the memories she had of the room brought her greater sadness. She close it, and turned around, opening the door directly across from the office. Inside she found her youngest son, Tsukirou. He was sleeping, as he always was. Even under the constant noises of the medical equipment inside, he slept so peacefully, unaware of the chaos going on through the halls or downstairs. She walked to the side of the bed, sitting down on the chair that was put there just for her, and held his hand carefully, watching his closed eyes. She received an ever so gentle squeeze from his small hands, which gave her great happiness, but at the same time sank her heart. There was warmth in his hands, not much but it was still there. He was still alive. She cried for her son.


The sound of doors burst open could be heard sometime in the middle of the night, quickly followed by screams and crashing. The sound of gunfire and explosions seemed unnoticeable compared to the crunch of bones, the sound of flesh being torn apart, cut into pieces. The screaming was the worst part, it was the scariest sound not because of what caused it, but the fact that there was always a noticeable difference. Each one was so distinct to Kasuma, she could separate the sound of each by name. She heard everything, no matter how hard she tried to zone it out, or how tightly she closed her eyes, she heard and saw everything. She recognized each person who was being killed, it was the worst kind of torture. The men only lasted about 30 seconds with whoever was downstairs, but it felt like eternity having to listen to them call out the names of their children, or their wife, or the name of the person who killed them, also names she knew as family. Kasuma wanted so badly to hold her son's hand tighter with each new scream that echoed through the house. She would flinch, but she held herself back not wanting to crush his hands. In under a minute, the men were all dead.
The next scream was louder than all the men put together, a woman's scream. The first one. Followed by many others, some crying, others could be heard throwing things at their killer, attempting to get a last few seconds before being cut down. Kasuma was on the edge of jumping out of the window, she wanted to end it. She couldn't leave her son though, so she endured it. It was an awful and cruel feeling of uselessness as each woman was killed. Several of them were holding their children with them as they begged to be spared. They would beg them to spare their kids. Shortly afterwards you would hear her scream their children's name as they're slaughtered in front of them, then silenced themselves.
Each scream grew closer to where she was, their footsteps could now be heard against the blood soaked wooden floors. There was one peaceful interval between the horrifying killings, going up the stairs. There were several doors slamming open, the kids crying for their mother and father before being killed. Kasuma was speechless, she couldn't even cry anymore. She was shaken, and sore, and scared. The screaming was getting closer, and younger, still louder. Taiyoki was getting really close now, she knew. The sound of two girls' screaming being silenced so suddenly, so completely. Kasuma wanted to be with them, to be with all the kids, to soothe them and comfort them. She wanted more than anything to protect them, to ease their cries and their pain, to tell them that it was only a nightmare. To hear a boy being killed halfway through saying his brother's name being killed in front of him. It was so much worse than any nightmare imaginable. No amount of physical torture could amount to the hell that had come over that house, to the mental self-destruction that followed. After listening for almost 5 minutes as each room was searched, she knew that it was over. Kasuma looked at Tsukirou's closed eyes. standing up and kissing his forehead before facing the doorway, waiting for him.
She listened for the footsteps, following their path to the room as they got closer. The smell of blood that came from the hallway was nauseating…


Inside an underground passageway underneath the 3rd Division's Okinaku sub-post, a man could be heard screaming out in anger and desperation. It was inside a holding cell built out of high density metal that was originally invented to protect people against demons. However the lack of material made it nearly impossible to surround a city, and was instead used to make holding cells against even the most powerful demons. Since the metal had been forged with the spirit energy in it's processing line, it held special properties that could withstand great amounts of spiritual energy, even direct and concentrated attempts would hardly leave a scratch. The words, while unintelligible outside of the room he was being kept in, were being heard very clearly to those in the room. Over and over you can hear the sounds of metal clashing from the inside, the walls would creak and moan, but it didn't budge. Through a small window near the top of the door, one could see the bright red haired man smashing a rather large, yet beautiful blade against the cell. His screams were far more intense once the door opened. Mifune opened the door to allow himself inside of Tairou's cell, and held up his hand in front of the guard walking next to him to prevent the Tairou's blade from cutting him in two. Tairou took a step back, preparing to strike yet again, his blade glowing with power and rage. Mifune held up a second hand, not to defend, but hopefully to calm the man from attacking again. "Tairou, we know this is hard for you, but if you go out there now, people will come to kill you. Your father will kill you, and every guardian in Okinaku will set out to do the same. You need to sit down."
"I don't need s**t from you, I need to get out of here. My mother, my sister, my baby brother, they're all in that house. Taiyoki is going to kill them!"
"Tairou..." Mifune was silent for a bit, trying to figure out how it would be best to hear what needed to be heard. "What you heard.. about your father going into the Palace, that information was given to us 6 hours ago. Tairou, it's already happened. I'm sorry, but I couldn't let you go out and start killing everyone." Tairou's anger was quickly overwhelmed with surprise. He could feel his chest shaking, his legs trembling. The red weapon in his hand turned a deep purple, then a dark blue. He dropped his blade and fell to his hands and knees. In all the battles, the decades of fighting, the thousands of injuries and beatings and sicknesses, the deaths of his friends in the battlefield, nothing could compare. The deaths and grief of the millions of people in the world, it felt to him, had completely engulfed his entire being.
Mifune walked to him slowly, cautiously, to see if he could sit with him, to help his comrade in arms who was clearly in need of it. Before Mifune could get close, Tairou grabbed the handle of his blade and took a swing at Mifune. Mifune hardly had enough time to block the attack with his own spiritual energy, however managed to keep the man from cutting him in half from his midsection. Tairou's rage was still unsatisfied, it demanded a rampage. He pressed his free hand against the edge of the sword, attempting to overpower Mifune with sheer brute force. His hand began bleeding against the sword, dropping on his foot as he continued pushing forward. The guards standing behind Mifune took steps back not wanting to get between the two, or near them at all for that matter. However the spiritual friction that was created between the souls was expanding, the air was soon in clear static. The guards already caught in the radius could feel their entire bodies numbing, and fell on the ground, unable to cushion themselves upon impacting the ground. on the ground they could see that the static was getting thicker, and the friction was getting heavier. The longer Mifune and Tairou clashed souls, the larger the radius became. Soon enough the entire Okinaku sub-post was evacuated, under and above ground. The walls of the cell began creaking louder, buckling from the immense pressure being created by the second and third most powerful spiritual humans in the world. From outside, the sight was quite extraordinary. It was rare for spiritual friction to cover an entire building in that amount of concentration. The building and the air around it was now visibly darker. Inside the building, Mifune watched as Tairou tried everything in his power to get out, and Mifune was doing the same to keep him in.
Mifune was hardly able to keep the man inside, not since his fight with Taiyoki. He felt like he would be overwhelmed at any moment, however Tairou slowly came to a stop. Mifune leveled with him, down to where he was sure that Tairou had given up. Tairou's stare went right past Mifune, his shoulders dropped, his blade hit the ground for the second time. His eyes were blank, filled with such despair and death. "My mother... my brother.." A single tear ran down his cheek. Mifune embraced his friend, holding his full weight as he made sure that he didn't fall. The guards near them slowly regained consciousness, but they didn't make any noise getting up. The didn't say anything to their leaders or to each other. They knew that it was best to let Mifune deal with the man in need. Mifune was now the closest thing Tairou had, and they knew better not to engage them now.


'Why can't I see anything? everything is so dark. I try looking around, but it's all the same black. I know I'm turning my head, but my eyes tell me otherwise. I'm alone... in this darkness that- wait... A light. Over there. I see it. Mom? I know you're in there, I can feel it. Your presence is always so calming. Please hold me, I don't know where to go. Lost in this darkness, always this darkness. But you are always there, always with that same radiance of love. Mom... I know you can't hear me, but I wanted to let you know that I love you. Thank you for being there for me. Mom?'
The young boy slowly opened his eyes in his mother's arms. Tsukirou looked up to her closed eyes, tugging on her dress with what little strength he had. He called out to her quietly, not wanting to alarm her while she was sleeping. "Mom? Mom?". Her eyes stayed closed. "Wake up." Tsukirou's voice increased in volume just a bit. Each time he called her his voice got louder and raspier. Tsukirou tried to get up, but there was a sharp pain in his chest. He rested back on the floor in her arms, still shaking her. Tsukirou grabbed another part of the dress trying to fix his grip, but his hands hit something thick and sticky instead. Looking down he noticed his hands and his arms were covered in blood. Scared, he jumped up and pushed himself backwards, sliding and slipping on the blood smeared floor onto his side, the blood under him splashing and covered the side of the bed and wall. On his side now he noticed that there was blood trailing down from under the doorway. He didn't care about the blood on him, he wasn't even sure if it was all his. His attention returned to the body of his lifeless mother. His body was weakened now with severe trauma. "Mom...?" He stood up on his knees, looking across the room towards Kasuma. Tsukirou was paralyzed, he felt his heart stop, he couldn't breathe. His eyes widened as the pain of realization overwhelmed him. He couldn't cry out to her let alone speak, he couldn't cry. His body was locked with his sights, what seemed to be like his own eternal hell staring right back at him. It took his body an hour to release the tension, allowing him to fall flat on his body, numb. Slowly the tears started falling, still unable to process what really had happened. The damage done to him both physically and mentally, caught up to him, and Tsukirou fainted.
Tsukirou found himself covered in blood once more as he woke up. He looked around the room, his hopes still up, hoping that he had awaken from a dream. Finding his mother on the ground again he started to relive the nightmare that he had just gotten out of. He heard the screams, all of them. Specific screams set him off into a panic attack, his cousins he used to play with. He almost recalled their screams of death to a memory back to when they were only playing around in the house, chasing each other. This alone set Tsukirou into another episode of tears and grieving, which lasted for a full ten minutes before remembering his mother. These recollections were driving him to insanity, it was simply unbearable, every memory he had since he could last remember he was with these people. Everyone he had ever known in his entire life was gone, killed. "Why... Why am I alive? Of all of them I should be dead. I've been bedridden for years, I was dying. How am I still alive? How can my body move like this? Why didn't they kill me?" Tsukirou looked out the window, the sun was just now coming up. It occurred to him that he had been crying and grieving the entire night. It was morning now, but he knew he was already awake. The light brightened the room, shining on the blood stained floors and the body that laid in the room. It was the next day, and everyone was still dead. He would live his entire life knowing this. Tsukirou walked towards the window, opening it and letting the fresh breeze inside, reminding him what fresh air smelled like without the blood. Tsukirou stepped onto the ledge, looking down the 3 stories of space that separated this room and the grass below. Tsukirou dazed out into a stare, still unsure of what he was going to do. He looked back into his room one last time, almost knowing that he would never see this room again, or the house, or the face of his mother. It had been silent the entire night. Tsukirou was alone in there, and he knew he would be alone out there. It didn't matter to him though. Tsukirou took one foot of the ledge as if he were about to walk out of the window, but quickly stopped himself, holding onto the window tightly.
"I don't understand it. How can I be afraid to die? I want to die. I need to die. I can't handle this suffering, this never ending pain. Their screaming, her screaming. I can't live on remembering-" Tsukirou stopped himself. It seemed odd to him that he would do that to himself, he couldn't figure if he did stop himself. It felt like a force, some part of him that stopped his thoughts completely. He wanted to repeat everything he had just said, but somehow, the only words that came out of his mouth, the only ones that he heard himself. "Live on remembering..." Tsukirou looked down again and closed his eyes. He felt himself drifting now, like he was already falling. He fell forward out of the window, tears rolled back from the wind of the fall, and he smiled softly, keeping his eyes closed throughout the fall.

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