You know, there has been a situation recently that has me mildly upset. The hell of it is that I'm not upset for the reason that he wants me to be upset.

I have some slightly risque pictures on my DA. Nothing straight on lewd, but it is noticeable that I'm not wearing clothes in a few. Everything is covered. I put them up on a public domain, so, obviously, I don't care if people see them. Right? Duh...

If I was ashamed of them, I'd probably not post them online. Imagine that.

But this young man decided he needed to put a link in his profile to my DA. While that doesn't really bother me, the fact that he did it with the intention to humiliate tweaks me. Why should I be humiliated? Because I'm not perfect? Because I'm not skinny? Because I'm not the best looking gal on the planet?

I'm a bit miffed. Puzzled. Baffled. Bamboozled.

Like I said, the action doesn't bother me. The intention does.

Lick my a*****e, Todd. You failed at humiliation. You just managed to make me like you less and respect you not at all.