My hands shake and ache like they might break.
A melody that illuminates the lights in my eyes and carries my heart.
I look up to the stars for it's blessings.
My maple must sing once more.
I must go on.

I must.

I look to my peers for guidance.
But I only found a wall of regret.
The melody is dazzling and sad.
I pick up my instrument constructed of wood.
I must go on.

They've wrapped my legs in barbed wire.
Now I bleed a trail of tears in every step.
The melody is docile and fawning.
I look at the stars once more.
But you never see the same thing twice.
I must go on.

Another string broke today.
But it felt like the one connected to my heart,
A faint break of reality.
How many times must I break a tie to this life to play on.
The melody is nearly gone.
I look at my my hands as if to ask.
I must go on.

A white room with black lines.
A dangerous smoke of flames.
A touch of glory.
The melody that sings louder than ever before.
I must go on.