Welcome to the Otherworld, where the sun and moon rise instead of fall, where the smell of roses is not too far off. Where insanity is the norm and the sane are locked up tight. Welcome to a land where dreamers dream. Time has forgotten itself, days last for minutes, hours, years, or could stretch on for centuries.

It began hundreds of years ago (or perhaps days?) when the Ancient Ones created a magnificent city in the center of a country called Tita. The Ancient Ones' city dedicated itself to science, and although they were still in their "medieval era" they made astounding scientific advances. They created cars by the time we had discovered America, they had subways and tram systems by the time America rebelled against Britain. The Ancient Ones had laser technology just as we created the first car.

They had a sort of ingrain need for knowledge, a want to know more and explore more. This came to a head when they began to explore space.

Unlike us, the Ancient Ones were not in contact with other countries. They kept to themselves entirely within the country of Tita. When the Ancient Ones launched a rocket into space, the other countries gazed upon it in glory, awed by the mystical creation flying up into the sky. The rocket, however, was faulty, a mistake had been made in it's construction, and the rocket came plummeting down to the Earth. The rocket crashed into another city, this one belonging to a different civilization whose name has since been lost to time. The other countries took this as a threat, an attack, and attacked the Ancient Ones.

They besieged the great city of Tita, trying to breach the huge metal walls with rocks and rams. The city would repel every siege with their powerful technology, launching rockets, firing lasers, melting through armor, flesh, and bone.

But, the Ancient Ones had forgotten that no matter how powerful your weapons are, how advanced your civilization is, money will always be the super power.

A scientist working for the Ancient Ones was led away when offered huge sums of gold, land, women, power, in exchange for his help in besieging the city. The scientist agreed, he created weapons we know as Nuclear bombs.

The city fell the second the bomb went off.

However, it was more powerful than the other countries thought it would be, and the bomb destroyed their own countries, killing or irradiating everything.

It's a thousand years in the future, and the world is no different than how it was. Without the ancient ones, technology has advanced at a slow pace, stuck in a western/medieval transition. Only the wealthy can afford guns, the rest of the world deals in swords and bows.