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Augustuffz! :lol:

August Star Of Heaven
Community Member
Ikazuchi Gessen PT 2

''What do you see in your visions."

''I see foreign ships encroaching our waters,Your Augustness''


"No. Warriors. Men in armor''

"Another Dai-Huang assault? I can't believe they're breaking our peace treaty!"

"No Your Augustness. Not them. A different race of men. Tall. Swarthy. Speaking a language I myself do not understand. Armed in silver, robed in red. Eagles for emblems."

The Hinode shogun knitted his brow. This will be the first time his nation will encounter the intruders. He is proud that his army has defeated armies of bigger and more organized nations in their area. So much that the mere sight of one of their heavily armed warriors platoons of their enemies flee. Seven of their champions are known to take down more than one hundred men in combat with little or no aid from their fellow warriors.

And he will need their help again in the upcoming battle.

"Thank you for your help Yashima- san. Please tell the Lightningbolts to prepare for battle''

The onmyouji opened his eyes as he softly landed on the floor on his feet. His pentagram shaped eyes returned to normal as the spirit flames swirling around him faded. He turned around as he heard heavy footsteps echoing in the dimly lit royal hall.

"You don't have to tell me I've heard everything." A gruff voice spoke as the jewel on the onmyouji's chest glowed. Leaves swirled around the sorcerer as he returned to his normal form of a tanuki. He then entered an intricately carved ivory cage surrounded by spell tags. The figure then locked the cage shut.

"You yourself told me to be two steps ahead of the enemy, my dear Father" the figure spoke with a hint of sarcasm. In the dim light of the royal hall, the Shogun faces his only surviving child.

"Let the other Lightningbolts handle this one Sasori, your body needs rest from all those uprisings you fought'' the Shogun pleaded, seeing his child's blood soaked armor making bloody footsteps as the warrior crossed the hall.

''There are SEVEN Lightningbolts serving this nation, no less...or have you in your age start forgetting what you have taught me before." the warrior replied back. "No one is more privileged than the other. Only severe illness, disability or death will relieve us from our duties''

The Shogun gritted his teeth in silent anger. Yet every single word his child said was his own words. He reluctantly agrees to send Sasori back to battle again.

''Please get your armor repaired before you go back to war.''

''I'll think about it Father...I always loved a good challenge'' The warrior smiled tauntingly behind his mask

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