Alias: Meimurei

Appearance: Koraj

Race: Human

Age: 24

Skills: Claims to be haunted and followed by entities, mentioning specific names seems to enrage the environment and cause a variety of natural elements to be altered.

Songbird - air, voices, and sounds seem to be under no ones control, the environment being manipulated by something else that is not him when this name is spoken.

Boneboar - Ground, Wood, and Metal yield to this entity, the ground has perfect understanding to this creature when its name is spoken.

Embernewt - Fire and vision will twist and turn before the coming of this being. Though rarely requested, this is by far his most terrifying haunt.

Behavior: Meimurei is often seen snapping his fingers and talking to one of three voices in his head. He admits to hearing and seeing things that shouldn't be there and seems to become very unstable mentally when speaking to someone on multiple occasions. A problem in his memory causes him to forget nearly everything. He is constantly seen writing or reading, and seems to regain memory randomly when asked questions, though what questions is uncertain.

Personality: Manic, Paranoid, Vengeful, Forgetful, Questioning, Skeptic. Bookworm and Loves to Write.


There is no past for the man who cannot remember.