The big one eight.
My f*cking birthday.
The age where I can legally condone to sexual acts.
The age where I am allowed to begin a life of smoking.
I don't know if I'm going to do any of these things or not.
I constantly battle with myself over smoking.
I'm all for things that numb pain.
Numbness is nice.
Anyway for my birthday I was made to run thirty miles.
I was given sour punch straws.
I was given two movie tickets.
A bunch of Happy Birthdays.
One really hardcore one that was surprisingly heartfelt.
The rest of them were all kind of the same I suppose.
My brother Takai is in the hospital for his asthma that started up again.
Seems like he can never leave the house without almost dying.
I know that feel bro.
Honestly though it's his fault he never f*cking chills the f*ck out.
Stupid child.
He's perfectly alright as always they just gave him some medicine.
He got a bunch of disgusting hospital food and played with kids.
My mom is still with him.
Orlando and Jose just left my place.
My sisters are sleeping.
My dog is lazing about.
I'm sitting her with immense back and leg pain.
I'm going to run another 10 miles tomorrow.
It's actually 14 because it's a two mile walk to Pierce.
I'm thinking about taking classes at Adult school so I can go straight to a four year.
My leg hair is growing back and it's itchy as f*ck, I'm probably going to shave it.
My armpit and pubic hairs aren't growing back yet.
Not that I really miss them.
Thinking about all that sh*t really makes me sick.
My eye lids are heavy.
My mom got me some Xanax while she was at the hospital.
Now I'm going to overdose on Xanax and Vicodin probably.
I already feel the effects everything's slowing down and I feel quite numb,
Everything's all as it should be.
Christine is supposed to be visiting me later tonight to play Arcana Heart.
Maybe if I give her Xanax she'll sleep better too.
I can't take it..
I'm f*cking tired...
Maybe three each was a bit muchj.