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Tall Tales Just some tales and stories I work on in spare time, depending on my boredom level.

a labyrinth fae
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The fog couldn't disguise the numbers that were moving toward them. Mimzy was counting them mentally as Murkrow and Togekiss primed themselves for battle. If she were on land she could better tap into the earth and- She was suddenly scooped up and placed on the back of Arcanine. She whipped her head around and stared at Clyde. She knew this was his way of protecting her, but he didn't know what he was getting into. His sword might help him kill men... if he could get close enough to them... but the Aggron were steel pokemon. Their thick hide wouldn't be fazed by the steel. "Clyde! NO!" she screamed as Archy took off on her, in a different direction than the raiders were coming from. Murkrow and Togekiss came up alongside of her, wings beating furiously to keep up with arcanine as such a low altitude. 'He's going to get himself killed!' Togekiss cried, saying something that Mimzy already knew. But what could she do? She'd probably just end up getting herself killed in the carnage. 'Do you hear that? It sounds like-' Murkrow was cut off by the yips and sub-familiar calls.

"Oh my Arceus," she breathed before tugging hard on Archy's fur. "Stop! Stop we have to go back!" but she knew he would only listen to Clyde's orders. So Mimzy did what she had to and jumped off of the pokemon's back. She tuck and rolled, but didn't get away without injuries. She was given several scratches, a blow to the face from a stone in the tall grass, and also many bruises. As she groaned and reached to touch her face she smeared the blood of a thin gash across her cheekbone. She ran her fingers into the grass, trying to focus on the noises she heard. She was certain, there was no doubt in her mind that they were near. Raising her hands, she cupped and mouth and let out a distress call that sounded like the howl of an injured animal. Then, she could feel them coming in her direction. They had not seen her, but their mightyena would not have led them astray.

- - -

Clearing from the fog stepped out a behemoth man. He stood at nearly seven feet, only a little bit shorter than the enormous steel pokemon that rose up beside him. He also was just as heavily set, a great beard sprouting from his face. He heaved the axe, that any normal man would have had trouble carrying with two hands, over his shoulder with one. "What is this?" he mused, rubbing his beard as he surveyed the area. His group had gotten too close to some of the defensive villages and had been chased out by the Black Mightyenas, who worked under the Jarl, Yvaver, in the area. They hadn't been given any easy pickings. They needed to head to softer parts of the country. However, it seemed they had just happened to stumble upon some weary travelers.

He whistled at the sight of the aerodactyl. A beast like that would feed his men for weeks and would also get him a pretty penny for the hide, talons, and teeth. But, standing in his way was a Spinda and a lone... knight? As the rest of his company, fifty strong, pulled up behind him, they also noticed the aerodactyl and the same thoughts crossed their mind. "Look at his fancy armor, how much do you reckon that will get us?" he joked to the others. He was resonated with gaudy laughter. There was no way he was letting this opportunity pass up. Not while- "Dammit, Haldor! The Black Mightyenas have followed us!" someone cursed from behind him. Haldor glanced back and though he could not see thru the fog, he heard their bone chilling howls. The maws of those beasts had crunched through the armor the Aggron in his company, he had lost a good number of them to the devils. Water pokemon you had to look out for... but the teeth of the mightyenas were something to be reckoned with. Once they locked on... they didn't let go and there were always so damn many of them.

"Looks like we've got ourselves a party, men. We're surrounded, so we'll just have to carve our way out," Haldor barked, baring his yellowed teeth at the knight. "It looks like the two of us have some time to chit chat. I think I'll let my steel do the talking," as he lowered his axe he nodded to his aggron. "Take care of the teddiursa to flank of him. This pretty boy is all mine," he said, sauntering forward. Haldor had never got to kill a knight before, but he would savor this battle. Especially when the prize was that aerodactyl.

- - -

Jirachi must have been smiling down on her. As unfortunate as it was to run into the raiders, they also happened to be on her people's land. The fact that the Black Mightyenas had been so close also meant that the raiders had been on the run and it had just been bad luck that they ran into them. At the sound of her call, the Black Mightyenas made their way straight for her. She kept repeating the call until the found her. Each man wore black leather, covered in dense fur. Their faces were painted to match the markings of their partner mightyena. The sight of them was more welcoming than anything.

It was one of the mightyena who recognized her immediately, padding up to her, and thrusting his nose underneath her palm. This was the mightyena that belonged to her father. 'Why are you here?' he growled, seething with an anger that never seemed to disappear. Mim looked between all the men, but did not see her father. Instead, the one who was taking care of mightyena ran up. He had gotten so much older, but there was no mistaking her younger brother, because they both shared the same green eyes. "Mimzy?!" Freyr exclaimed as he helped his sister to her feet. "I would really love to chat right now, brother, but my friend is being attacked by the raiders. You have to help him!" she exclaimed. Freyr glanced at the others, giving a sharp nod. The Black Mightyenas immediately began moving again, but it was Freyr and his father's pokemon that remained with her. "You're hurt, sister. You... You're all grown up. Did you have a family? Children?"

"Freyr," Mimzy groaned. "Where's father? Loki is here, but-" "Father is dead." As much as Mimzy hadn't missed her family that didn't mean that there wasn't a love for her parents in a small part of her heart. As harsh and cold as he had been, her father had still been her father. Everything he did was with her best interest in mind, even if she hadn't understood at the time. Mimzy swallowed her bitterness. "We sent word to Vinland of his passing. We had hoped you would come to his funeral." "I never got word... Come on, we need to join them. Clyde is still out there," she tried to push it to the back of her mind, but it was hard. They had sent word and she had never gotten it. What else had her family sent and she had not gotten? She had thought they were happy to get rid of her, but her brother's sincerity... Gruncle had not told her everything. He had sheltered her, even from her true family.

Mimzy rose her shortstaff, even though it hurt her arm. She must have bruised a bone during the jump. With a small muttering of words, the crystal of her staff grew bright and the mist began to fizzle. It was then that the Black Mightyenas were suddenly empowered by the aura she was casting. Even though Mimzy was no good at offensive spells, she was very good at defensive ones. Teeth crunched into steel and her brother and Loki were to her right, defending her, while Murkrow and Togekiss were blowing back those from her left. The raiders might have had their girth on their side, but the Black Mightyenas worked as a pack, people and pokemon both. They would not fail, especially while her blessing was in tact.

She was drawing closer to where Clyde and the others were. As she got closer, the fog was dying down to reveal their leader facing off with Clyde. He was huge and the stories about all of the good honest men he had butchered were just as large as he was. I can't do much, but a special blessing for Clyde would help defeat him. She hadn't noticed that her brother was too busy defending her back as she spread her arms and began the chanting in a tongue that none other than those who used magic knew. Her complete focus was on empowering her companion, but it didn't go unnoticed. With each complete verse, Mim's staff grew brighter. Even though Haldor was distracted, his Aggron was not. Smelling the magic, the pokemon turned swiftly as Mimzy was finishing the buff.

Togekiss saw the iron tail coming and swept in front of Mimzy, throwing up protect at just the last second. But it had all been done in haste and both pokemon and female were thrown back from the impact. Togekiss barreled into Mimzy's chest and the two went tumbling over each other. Getting a soft landing, Togekiss was only a little breathless. Mimzy, having the heavy pokemon land on her, was stunned and a bit unresponsive. Togekiss shrugged off the attack and fluttered back up to defend her master. 'You bastard!' Togekiss hissed as she beat her wings and collected in aura sphere between her beak. It would be super effective, but not enough to drop a pokemon as large as this.

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