Holy crap, I have been gone for a while. And I may have even forgotten I had an account, oops. Oh well, HELLO RANDOM BLABLA JOURNAL!

So, I've gotten addicted to Dynasty Warriors 8 (Guo Jia~~~ heart ), and I am currently just collecting lines. Also playing Hate Plus, and I love it so far! I would have liked a trigger warning for a certain thing, but it's mostly safe-ish, if more adult. Hmm, I really need to get back to Dragon Age, and a few other games. Oh, like P3P! And Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires. And Glass Heart Princess. And Beastmaster and Prince: Snow Bri-okay, I need to get back to a lot of games. oops. Well, hopefully, I will be around more. Bye for now~ 3nodding