Mother, oh mother, why do you look into the eyes of your daughter with such a heavy gaze?
With all the wrongs and anger in your eyes?
She only says the words that reach out for your love and mercy.
She only cries for you to see her in a better world than the one you had imagined.

Mother, oh mother, why did you make her cry?
She only sang songs of happiness to the kindness of people around her.
And held the heart that weigh the weight of many.
Of all the burdens crushing the innocence of her heavy soul.

Mother, oh mother, why are you yelling hatred from the very tips of your fiery red tongue?
Your daughter is only trying to help the ones that needed her.
Please don't misunderstand this for something shallow and sad.

Mother, oh mother, your daughter cries.
Why do you look to her with such demeaning eyes?
Don't you love her?
Don't you believe in her?
What have she ever done for you to not trust her?

Mother, oh mother?
Don't you see?
The darkness in the eyes of your own off spring reflect the hatred that you had cast her in?
Her soul that aches and dies within every moment of time.

Mother, oh mother.
Can't you see the love that I had sang from the beginning of time?
The one that echoes in the darkness of a distant memory.
The one lost forever in your rage.