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Name: Yunique D'voyde Nytmaer De Naarada

Age: Due to a lack of memory, she only has an estimate age between 17 and 20 now.

There are Yuni’s that I have set as toddlers and children. I KNOW. CONFUSING, RIGHT? GET OVER IT.

Race: Primarily Nekojin, suspected to be part Faerie/nightmare fiend and was blooded by Empress Saji when she was adopted. There isn’t even a name for whatever Saji is… So she’s a wonderfully fun mix of things, huh?

Height: A little over five feet tall. Maybe by an inch, but she’s proud of that inch.

Weight: Light weight, perhaps between 85 to 94 lbs.

Abilities and Attributes
Basic kunoichi skills: walking/running on walls and ceilings, use of ninja tools like shuriken and knives, ninja clones (max: 5 clones).

Homeostasis: Just like your average stabilizing mechanism, except it registers and has a wider range of adaptation. Yuni's temperature is usually in the one-hundred-teens, and fluctuates depending on the stress of her environment. It does have its limits, and Yuni will shut down if she runs too hot or too cold for an extended period of time.

Darkfire: Most apparent ability. Odd black fire that likes to eat EVERYTHING including metals and can open a vortex to Yuni’s travel realm. Is allegedly produced by the acids and magics in Yuni’s body, and behaves as if it has a mind of its own. Has the ability of breaking down matter and rearranging it into a different form. It usually has no physical temperature, though Yuni could either have it at the extreme heat or the extreme cold if she focused enough.

FireStepping: A teleportation through that dark fire, using a betwixt realm of Yuni’s that’s a doozy to walk though.

Faerie Nose: smelling emotions from people. Quite handy when used to decipher letters Yuni’s given.

Mental Labyrinth: For those telepathically savvy, don’t try too hard. At a young age, Kai installed this massive maze inside of Yuni’s mind to cage Nytmaer’s polymorphic being. The walls and paths shift and change endlessly, unconsciously. If some mental intruder were to get trapped, they would get torn asunder by the vines that cover the labyrinth. This construct does pose a problem when telepathy becomes a handy tool of communication, since any incoming mental sound has to be filtered down through the halls before Yuni can even begin to understand it. And vice versa; it’s extremely difficult to send out messages.

Dyslexia: Mostly likely acquired through that labyrinth. Yuni is illiterate because of this, since it’s too hard to translate written characters when they keep jumping languages on her. Take that, Percy Jackson.

Nightmare’s Calamity: a counter balance scythe that is often seen in the form of a barrette clipped onto Yuni’s hair, which is charmed to change size and length at will. Design shown in pictures below!

Nytmaer’s Gloves: a pair of very large gauntlets constructed of the fae god’s violet and yellow energy. This is where Yuni gets the ability to rip out nightmares/fears and does what she does with them. But don’t be fooled! These have a nasty punch for being made of pure energy. However, no one usually sees this weapon as it is affiliated solely to the deity Nytmaer, who is explained later on.

Tinkerings: Yuni often fiddles with old gadgets and parts to create her own weapons and devices. Currently, with credit given to Sheggo’s hat being the inspiration, she has a homburg hat crafted from charmed thread that protrudes blades from the rim and can flatten to either a disk for a shield or a Frisbee of death.

Explosives: Yuni is a pyromaniac. She has crafted small, palm-sized firecrackers that have quite a kick. Twice the kick of a grenade. Different colored shells have different uses. Red shells are the usual grenade-like bombs. Green shells are typically for smokescreens. Yellow is like a frag grenade to temporarily f*ck up your senses. Any other color is actually for fireworks, which range widely in display and spectacular color.

Basic Kunoichi Tools: A little redundant when she can form weapons from material her fire has eaten, but she has the basics stashed in one of her portal-storage pouches for those just in case moments. Kunai's, shuriken, senbon needles, trip wire, smoke bombs, small daggers, poison darts with a mini-blowpipe, etc.

Likes: Happy people, carrots, games, family, hugs, friends, company in general, root beer, sugar/pixie sticks, fish.

Hates: Blood, sad people, threats, sleeping, being alone, getting into a fatal fight, needles, Kai-lynn Yoji.

Due to the disbandment and disappearance of her initial family borne from the Midnight Hour Bar, Yuni has developed an abandonment complex. If she finds a good place and decides to make that her home, and that place slowly dwindles in activity, she grows anxious and depressed. Doesn’t help her boyfriends have a tendency to disappear, either…

Brace yourselves, the backstory is coming…

And since the RP backstory differs slightly with the actual story one, I’ll make this as simple as possible…

Yuni, in a nutshell, only has the memory of life after the age of five-ish. Anything about her age is an estimated range due to this. Her first memory is waking in a winter typhoon in a clearing of a vast forest that bordered the eastern cliffs of the Perilous Realm. The poor child was beyond confused, having been awoken by icy pelts of raindrops and the thunderous growls of mongrel versions of werewolves that were advancing upon her defenseless form. Luckily for the young Yuni, a pureblood vampire named Kurosu Kuran arrived just in time to save her. After being rescued, Yuni lives with Kurosu and his wood faerie wife, Liella, for some years. That is, until that same pack of mongrels burned down their home and killed the couple. The wolves were hired by the evil Faerie Court Dorchadas, who hold a great presence over Yuni’s life.

The Perilous Realm has three Faerie Courts: Apricum (Light/Summer), Idir (Between (times)/ Spring and Autumn), and Dorchadas (Darkness/ Winter). You can just tell which ones are the good guys, and which isn’t… But anyway, after the murder of the Kuran’s, Yuni runs to the Apricum Court for protection. They knew something they didn’t, more of what she was, and refused. They actually wanted to kill her then and there, on their doorstep. However, the throne holder for the Idir Court was present on a visit, and took Yuni in. She wasn’t an easy child to have around, that’s for sure. What the Dorchadas Court did to the poor kid predated her birth; implanting their god of nightmares into the growing fetus so that it would have a new host. Their plan for the best weapon in their realm. So what she doesn’t remember doesn’t hurt her at this tender age of nine.

But that’s why the Apricum Court wanted to initially kill her. They didn’t, however, when a certain individual took up the duty of babysitting her. Kai-lynn Yoji, advisor of the Idir Court’s throne holder, an Angel of Deconstruction (Look at her profile for more information, once I get it done), took Yuni under her tinted crystal wing. Kai wasn’t the most attentive Watcher, but had kept Yuni from getting herself killed. She even had Yuni get enchanted tattoos to help contain the feisty deity, which are black vines with runes in them that go from the girl’s right shoulder to her wrist. They work, mostly… Nytmaer has quite the bloodthirsty temper when there’s just a little blood shed in the same room as it, and it becomes very hard to control. To couple the effects of the tattoos, Kai had devised a medicine used at such times when Yuni can’t handle her darker occupant. Kai would train Yuni to better defend herself as she grew, upping the level of difficulty every year. This is where Yuni got her initial kunoichi-style of fighting.

Anyway. From then on, Yuni’s life mostly consisted of traveling and getting grounded by Kai. She joins the Strolling Players traveling circus at the age of twelve, and was inducted into their Fire Dancer’s Brigade. She earned quite the pretty penny performing there, and included her routines into her fighting style. Her black fire and act was very unique indeed, being dexterous and pretty flexible. Her travels earned her a family, having stumbled on a few taverns that hosted many friendly individuals that were the first to adopt her after Kurosu and Liella. The Midnight Hour family, she called them. Cari and Tomyss being her adopted parents, and many sibling spots filled in thereafter. It was relatively short lived, however. That family had many problems in its history, and soon the family members began to disappear and leave.

The Midnight Hour Bar was where Yuni first met Sajidah De Naarada, an enslaved redheaded beauty she helped free from her shackles. Saji later on would adopt and blood Yuni into her line, at a wayward place called The Assassin’s Sanctuary. That’s where her new family would reside, consisting of Sheggo Kotte, her father, Yurei as her brother, Rhyssa and Jisana as her older sisters, Sheggan as her younger brother, and quite a few others. It’s a pretty hilarious family, she’ll admit. Not as rocky as the Midnight Hour family, and she feels comfortable with them. However, recent events have turned to where her new parents have separated on bitter terms, and Yuni got to know the meaning of divorce. She still sees both of her parents, Sheggo moreso than Saji, whenever they're available. How that will play out has yet to be seen.

Now, with a family and a happier life to protect, Yuni aims her life goal at getting revenge on the Dorchadas Court. A war she would start under Kai’s guidance. It’s a slow going process to gather forces, and organize everything. It’s especially slow when the Court you’re trying to destroy tries their damned hardest to catnap you, to try and convert you back into their weapon…

But soon, the fight will begin.

Simple, right?

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