I have been waiting for a kiss from you for so long, and now that you're moving away there is almost no chance it can happen. I want to happy for you, and I am, but realize also that you are disappearing from my range of reach. You've always been slipping away but now that distance threatens to break my heart. I don't know if you knew that I still like you or that I even liked you before I told you, but I earnestly want a chance to get to know you. This isn't some infatuation but rather, a crush that I've kept in my heart since I met you. This fire cannot go out while you are still in my sight. It has lived on with stories of your juvenile antics with my brother and lonesome starry nights or scents of the ocean and music from our trip.

I would love to go on a date with you. I could deal with it if you said you did not want me, because at least then I would know. I could also understand if it were not the right time for you; however, understand then that I would linger in this heartache. I get over heartbreak easily but crushes, I ache endlessly.

You'll never read this so, you'll never know.
And, in time, I won't remember you either.
We will live our different lives,
and neither of us will ever know...