"I've been busy for a hermit that almost never leaves his habitat"

My aunt finally passed away peacefully in her sleep, she must not have wanted to
leave, but fought every step of the way and got to see so many amazing things. Still
my mother misses her most of all and shes my main concern, so when I'm not
fighting with siblings and have time to my self. I enjoy DC Universe Online... been
gaming with a great friend, wish we could spend more time online though. Still trying
to level grind him up to thirty, so we can do Duos and start him on his first Mark Of
Triumph Armor! He's been a little jealous of mine and I want him to get his own
started, so I encourage him and assist in any way... it's a real riot. It's nice to have a
friend that you can laugh with and forget those worries, but once again it be more fun
if we had more friends that played online.