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A woman's laughter was heard through out the forest. At a closer look you could see a monster like ogre swinging it's mallet at what seemed a wolf girl. The woman chuckled again as the big brute missed her once again. "Your just to slow ogre dear~" She teased.

At a much closer view on the wolf girl her left hand was placed on a book which held all her incantations she's collected through the years. In her other hand she had a pipe. She huffed a bit from her pipe releasing smoke, and then placing a spell on the barbaric ogre. "Flota!" She let out as he swung and the mallet slipped from his hand and floated in mid air. The ogre looked at his empty hand and looked all around trying to find his mallet. The wolf girl giggled. She whistled to get his attention. When he went to look at her she spoke, "Try looking up dear~" She grinned as the foolish ogre looked up, and spoke out, "Cancela!" Which cancelled her spell and made the mallet drop down hard on to his face. BAM! Lights out.

The ogre was out like a light within a minute. Tops. "Que idiota este ogre. What an idiot~" She chuckled as she searched his pockets, and grabbed the treasure he's had stolen from a village not too far from where they were. She round up almost everything in one pile, and cast a spell on them, "Chiquitin!" And everything became the size of things you'd normally find in a doll house. She placed them in her magic pocket that only allowed her to pull anything from within it. She then turned to the ogre and spoke, "Chiquitin!" An shrunk the ogre. She picked him up, and put him in an enchanted cage. "Flota! Atras de mi!" She spoke in her language as she told it to follow her. As she walked the cage followed her every step, "Now to collect my reward for capturing you. You sure caused a lot of trouble at the village, but now that I've caught you I'll be swimming in their jewels!" She said as she took off into the trail that led to Baekho Village where many of the villagers were miners. Jewel miners that is.

"Que suerte! What luck!" She giggled pleased with herself. "Now don't give me that pouty face. It's not my fault that you troubled the humans. It was your own choice for wanting to steal from them~" She scolded him as she snapped her fingers, and her book disappears in her magic bag. She hummed happily as she smoked her pipe as the cage followed her closely behind her heading towards Baehko village to collect her just rewards.

"Returna normal!" She called out to the little bags that were placed in her bags, and the bags returned to normal. "Here are your belongings as I promised you. Now I will take the jewels you've promised me, and take my leave," She smiled happily. "What about the ogre? He won't disturb us will he?" One of the miners asked. "No trouble at all as you see I have him here in this little cage," She said showing him off to the miners with a laugh. "He won't be causing no more trouble," She promised waiting for her payment. "A-Amazing! Wonderful! Here's what we promised you. Thank you again so much. Umm..if you don't mind me asking. What will you do with him?" The miner asked. "Do? Oh well, I think I'll be keeping him as a pet. For now I think. Their rather cute when their so small. Might turn him into something useful. Course with a little training I'll be able to make him do everything I ask him. I mean if he doesn't want to die of starvation that is," She smiled at the miner. She took her payment and the miners thanked her again.

Soon she was off taking the trail to the next village with was a few days away. "Now little ogre; what is your name? Name! You understand?" She asked him. Ogre grumbled, and sat in the cage hating the fact he was going to be treated as a pet. "Grumble," He grumbled his answer. "I see. All right then Grumble. Now you understand that I am now your master, and I will be responsible for you. You will do my every bidding and I will be sure to protect you. You may call me Master, or Willow. Either is fine, and I'm a sorceress if you already didn't know. Course you do- bright little ogre," She smiled at him which made the ogre blush a bit. "I think this is a beginning a beautiful friendship Mr. Grumble. Hungry~?" She said as she waved her hand and meat appeared in front of him. His eyes went wide and he licked his lips hungrily, "Yes! Beautiful. Friendship. FOOD!" He jumped into the food immediately while Willow starred quite entertained.

Two years had gone by since then, and Grumble became faithful to Willow. He's been turned to so many different creatures, and used as a spy for jobs that were quite dangerous for Willow or anyone by that matter. Course once she knew what she was dealing with; with the help of Grumble she took charge and always caught her man or woman. Though it was rare when a woman was wanted. Ever since Grumble joined her; her life has been a breeze. Most didn't understand how she did it, but they were amazed. Course she mostly did it for the money. She loved money~ $$$ and she'd always made sure she'd get the job done the right way. No mistakes.

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