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I am ThunDra. I run wild and free. I do it for myself, and no one else. No one will hold me down. I will be my own pack. Me, Myself, and I.

I am not the last of anything. I actually come from a large group of Cats. Except, I choose to not be a part of that world. I didn't want to be force into a society that had control of you, and of your will in how to live life. I am me. ThunDra and no one was getting in my way of living life as I saw fit. FREE.

My world in my eyes is freedom. The wind on my back, the sun on my face, the dirt between my toes. God! An amazing feeling that I will never let go of. I do have enemies. The Hyena's, vulture's, and the other 'cats'. Both cats from my home land, and other cats from several other lands. My own people hate me, despise me all because I had 'abandoned' them. It sounds terrible, but I don't care. I live for the excitement, the action, and the world itself. The world is a vast place and I want to explore it all. Just me, myself, and I.

In the jungle you could hear a disturbance. Then a sudden flash past by landing in some bushes. As we get a closer look you could see a pair of glowing eyes. It was quiet for a moment only to see the eyes widen, and the blur came out from hiding as another blur hit hard hard on to the floor where the pair of glowing eyes where a moment ago. The second blur was a large lion. He licked his fangs and smirked as he spoke, "So kitty like to play, huh? Kekeke," He chuckled. "I like a good game before I catch my pray, or in this case my precious kitty. You. As my mate," He looked towards the first blur. It was a lioness, and she was simply breathtaking. She stood looking strong not showing fear to the barbaric lion. She smirked back, "Your mate? Go to hell Chaos! You and no other lion will have me! I will make sure of that," She bared her fangs to him showing she wasn't going to give in, and fall for an idiot like him. Chaos you could say is like a barbarian, but at the same time the most popular in all the savanna. In her eyes he was nothing but revolting. "Ouch- you hurt my feelings my sweety 'p***y' cat," He licked his lips looking at her hungrily. She shuddered in disgust, "Good! Now let me hurt something else!" She roared an soon a white light came from her paws. It looked like white thunder. "God- I love it when you play rough. I will make you mine ThunDra!" He roared back charging at her in high speed and ThunDra charged back with her white thunder and aimed it at his feet. BOOM! ZAP!

ThunDra stood tall breathing heavily as she starred down at the unconscious Chaos as he was fried and covered in ruble. No worries. It wasn't the first time he's received ThunDra's thunder. He knew what to expect, but he was just so stubborn in trying to make her his mate. Actually, ever since she had hit a certain age a lot of the lion's kept on chasing after her. All of them wanting to mate with her. She shivered hating the idea. She wasn't ready for that yet. She was too young still, and the world was waiting for her to continue on exploring. She looked down at Chaos, and patted his mane, "Better luck next time Chaos; NOT, and that also goes for your rivals. Idiot," She spoke annoyed, and took off to find a place to get a drink and possibly get some well deserved rest. The waterfalls.

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