Username- CPG2100 or cpg2100

How many pictures posted so far?-99 as of 8/20/2013

Do I do shout outs?- At times I will do a shout out! I might do shout out for shout out! It is rare that I will do shout outs though!

What type of pictures do I post?- I post various things! Like video game screen shots, collection of whatever, friends, me (self pics),picture ideas from my head, woman crush wednesday, and man crush mondays, etc. XD

Brief info about me- I rather use Instagram than Twitter cause I do not tweet a lot or at all! I like to see other people's photos and see what type of pics do they have like what their interest is, what they like to do, etc. I basically want to see what possible photo creativity they have to show other people what they see!

Do I follow for follow?-Absolutely!