(Continuation off a role play)

"Well find him" his voice hit her despite a breeze blowing past. "You don't have to make false promises, Im not going to jump" she said half joeking with a shrug as she stared off the roof into the trees and up at the starlit sky. "We will" Derek sat next to her. She resisted the urge to get closer. The night had a bitter chill in more ways than one. "Finding him is not the issue, Derek" He tilted his head, and Rose had to remind herself now was not the time for dog jokes, those were stiles's job. "Finding him with a pulse is going to be the true problem" Derek looked her up and down. "They would'nt take him just to kill him" Rose shook her head. "They can make an example of him" Derek was silent at that. Rose was right, if he caused them to much trouble, they would use him as an example of what they would do to other's.

"I tried to tell him once, not long after Dad died, but he got so angrey he beat me to submission and tied me to the bed post in my old room, the one my dad shot himself in." Derek just let her talk, his claws came out and dug into his skin. However he restrained herself, knowing she needed to tell someone about these things she probably had always kept secret. "I felt it, his pain, agony, desperation in his last moments, and the unbearable pain of not quiet aiming right, how he lived for a couple of minuets before the bullet was jostled in his brain, I never did know if he bled out or if the injury to the brain killed him." Rose flipped her hand and bared her wrist written along it was a simple phrase. "I will die a thousand deaths before I'm allowed to rest" few knew what those words meant.

"I don't want to have to experience the death of the last family I have left"
Derek did not say anything. He moved closer though and crefuly hesitantly pulled her toward him. "I know" Rose stayed like that for a good awhile her head nuzlled into his shirt. Eventually she stood up, and went over to the window and climbed back in, Derek followed with her.

"I need some air, I'll be back,and an hour" Derek frowned..."I'm not sure if that's safe" Rose shrugged, "They haven't approached me before why would they now" he sighed and let her go.

Rose stared at her phone as she walked. The text said to meet her here, the old Oak tree symbolized much for many people. "Nice of you to make it Ms. Esperanza" she whirled around lapis blue meeting the twisted red glow. Rose was not in the mood to play games but she knew she had to be careful. She wonderd why he chose the place of dorminat natrual power to meet, perhapse a sybol he had the power. "Evening, nice to finaly meet you Mr.?" he grinned a toothy shark like grin that sent shivers up her spin. However she kept a determined glare. "Brandon Drake, as you can see I lead this pack" There were 4 visble Beta's she could tell by there energy readings they were his highest rankings. "Though obviouslt not all of it" She stood in a defensive stance easy to block or run in. "Were is my uncle" A chuckle, and out of the shadows a bound and gagged wide eyed male was brought forward. "Why take him, why not me" A glint in Brandons eyes fallowed as he said. "I like to play with broken toys." The red heads eyebrows knitted togther in pure confusion. "Whats that supposed to..." She was cut off as he revealed his claws and racked them across her Uncles neck. He struggled and gasped, and was left to collapse. She sunk to her knees in pure shock as he lay surrounded in his own crimson blood. Soon he stilled and eyes glazed over with that of death. His energy gone from his body.

Shock it ran trhough her body like elcticty, to many emotions at once ran to strong. None could find away to settle in her body. Instead her eyes changed and glowed from blue to gold, then gold mixed with red and swirled to create a deep foggy orange, that cleared into a bunring glow. A beacon of power. It was like someone tunred up the gravith crippling all but the Alpha tememparyly to there knees. But the alpha came preperared tranquiuzliers were aimed and shot into her thigh bringing the girl crumpling to the ground.