The Gunslinger, the Outlaw, and the Anarchist... it started out as a joke, but the law didn't understand. Hidden names, blank profiles, zero ties, and loaded six guns in their belts. Wicked grins and totally unbound, strength of the world on their shoulders, and strength of the world on their side. No harm to the innocent... not all the time, anyway. They agree with law and order, as long as law and order states "every man for himself"... it was their joke that turned into a habit that turned into a lifestyle that got them in trouble with the man. A shotgun concealed under a long trench coat, and a shining revolver in plain sight for all to see, sunglasses because the wasteland sun can do a number on the retinas, and a wide and vilified grin of total freedom. Some worship us, and some hang our faces on the saloon walls with cash prizes over our heads... but don't you think this outlaw bit's done got out of hand? No.