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[You can always change your characters story line.]

The Hughes as long as they could remember always served the [Your family name]. Since then the Hughes have always been there for them, and they would protect their masters at any cost. Anything they asked, the Hughes would gladly do it because it was them that saved the Hughes family from dying many centuries ago. They were a poor bunch and had suffered a great loss. However, their saviors were kind enough to give them work, a place to stay, and since then the Hughes were their loyal servants.

THIS IS OPTIONAL: [Now in present time the Hughes were Mr. Ovid Hughes, Mrs. Lavina Hughes, first son Alvaro Hughes, second son Marko Hughes, third son Andres Hughes, and only daughter Jessika Hughes.
The Marksons where Mr. Leonardo Marksons, Mrs. Clarice Marksons, first son [Your Name] Marksons, only daughter Francesca Marksons [or Franny], and youngest of 10 Timothy Marksons [or Tim].]

Jessika since birth was unfortunate to be born blind. However, with the help of her lord and madam, Jessi was able to get the proper help to be able to live a normal life like any other person. She learned her way around the mansion and her other senses grew. Her hearing, taste, smell, and touch were three times better than any other normal person. She could do so much even though she couldn't see. It was a success and Jessi was happy to have received help from her lord and madam.

Now in present time, the Hughes family has grown plentiful. Succeeding on growing their numbers after the loss of so many, many centuries back. Now they live a happier life, and Jessi now all grown up lives as a high ranking maid.

The lord's eldest son was a very good looking man, and how would Jessi know since she couldn't see? Well, to put it in a simple answer: by 'touch'. Jessika pretty much grew up with the eldest son. Only difference between them was of age which was by 2 years, but as I said before he was a good looking man, and that pretty much causes trouble. At least for her master's, and honesty for her as well. You see there has been many women who've wanted to marry into the family and their sights are on the eldest son. He is next heir to millions of dollars, and will have to follow on his father's footsteps at their ever so growing company, but Jessi knew, she knew that was the last thing 'he' wanted. He enjoys his freedom, and power to get whatever her wanted. He go out partying until very late into the night and even sometimes until the very next day! And who was in charge of him? Jessi was. The young master was her responsibility as they had made Jessi his personal maid, though at first when they were younger 'he' wasn't to thrilled of the idea of having a blind maid as his, well, maid. The when I mention ,
by 'touch', I meant when he came from his out on the town, she'd arrived home completely drunk. Jessi would be waiting for him always, help him up stairs, take him to his room, lay him down, remove his clothing, 'touch' ALMOST, every part of his skin where she'd only allowed to 'touch' for any injuries that he or someone else might have caused, and tend to them. Then usually she'd have to give me some medicine, bring him water, or he'd sometimes tell her to leave him be, and she'd have to obey. Though he realizes moments later he can't stay balance to do anything, so he orders her again to continue.

Jessi sighed exhausted as she was at the lord's library organizing and tidying up the place. Jessi gave a small stretch feeling quite tired. She hadn't had the best of sleep these past few nights. "I'll have to go ask mother to make me one of her energy boost smoothies. I surely need it if I need to keep up with 'him'. Can't he just come home like a normal person for once." She said a bit frustrated, and then suddenly jumped as a familiar voice spoke out, "Jessika! You've better be watching your tone young lady, you wouldn't want the young master hearing you say that, or any of the master's by that matter! They've been so good to our family for centuries, so you learn your place and shush it. No bad mouthing, is that clear," It was Mrs. Hughes, Jessi's mother. Jessi sighed relieved, "Mother~ could you not sneak like that. You'd nearly gave me a heart attack ya know!" She grasped her chest trying to get her breathing back to normal, "I'm sorry, but this week has been dreadful! I haven't been getting much sleep, and well I can't help getting grumpy. It ain't my fault, but I won't say another word so don't worry about it. Though could you do me a favor and make me one of them energy smoothies? I really need it right about now. I am a bit ways from my chores, and I surely need a pick me up," She said to her mom as she hugged her from behind giving her a smooch. Mrs. Hughes rolled her eyes but chuckled at her daughter. "Oh I can't stay mad at you, all right, I'll be back in a jiffy," Mrs. Hughes kiss her forehead and headed out leaving Jessi in the library, alone once again.

After her power drink, Jessi had made her way back to 'his' room as she was bringing him up his clean nicely pressed laundry. She had knocked and listened, but there wasn't an answer. She did it once again, and again no reply, so she assumed that he wasn't home, again. So she walked in and headed to his large walk in closet and started putting the laundry away. There was a rather high place in the closet that she could not reach. She was petite size, so she always had to use a stool to reach areas to be able to put things away. She grabbed the items that were meant for the high area and took out the stool. She took the steps up and stretched upward to put away his towels, giving a pretty good view from where she stood.

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