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It's my job to torture you with stupidity.
Top Ten: Most Disturbing Moments in Anime
Modern Sadist usually keeps a backlog of anime she wants to review, but with the move and the internet trouble… That hasn’t been going very well. So today, she’s going to show you something different. A look at not only modern shows, but also at some blast from the past, maybe not even blast. She won’t be reviewing them, she’ll only be judging. This is a top ten list. Is it a blatant and obvious excuse that she didn’t have a review ready? Yes. But it was either this or no post at all. So, without further ado, let’s count down the Top Five most disturbing moments in anime. Why only five? Because there is a lot in anime I’ve had to learn to forgive so that I wouldn’t be disgusted with myself for likening the medium.
Before I begin, be aware that MS has not seen every anime in existence, just many, and she is aware that a top ten list is very subjective to the opinions of the person writing it. Still, my reviews are all just opinions anyway, so who cares. Also, there may be some spoilers coming up, so read at your own risk.

5) I’m not going to explain this one in much detail, since I believe it explains itself. The anime Higurashi. I had never seen so much blood or known such twisted characters until I found this series. This is pretty low on the list, because this series was meant to be disturbing and creepy. It did its job, so who am I to complain.

4) I’m cheating on this one. Please write all your complaints to someone who has time to deal with them. Jimmy Kudo from Detective Conan deserves this spot though. I’d like to point out that this series has been running for over 17 years, has 700 episode, 17 movies, 20 games, and four live-action dramas, and, although it isn’t exactly accurate to say so, there is usually a death each episode (some have more than one which makes up for the episodes where nobody dies) and several a movie. Nearly every death takes place around Kudo and yet no one even begins to question why this child is some kind of curse that leads people to their demise. Screw all the advanced weapons that the army uses. Just send some random ten year old to the front lines and watch your enemies keel over one by one. That is disturbing in its own way. Why in the world do people keep dying near this kid? It would be one thing if he went to a murder scene like in CSI, but he’s usually a witness to the crime. At some point the world will have to realize that the child is a danger to society. Not only that, he’s most likely Clark Kent’s son. Even his childhood friend, who grew up with him and is familiar with his young face, is fooled by his identity changing glasses. My god, the list of things this character has going for him is staggering.

3) Angel Beats! is an anime with a great many tragic back-stories. Not one of them is going to make this list though. Instead, I decided to reference the very last episode of the series. Every character is saying their final goodbyes, unaware if they will ever meet again, and it is a bittersweet moment. That is, until the very end when a bomb is dropped on the audience and they discover that Otonashi and Angel are related. That moment would never have made this list under normal circumstances, but it is made evident that these two are a love interest and revealing it didn’t add anything to the story besides an air of uncomfortableness.

2) My number two moment is from an anime I watched growing up, and didn’t find disturbing until many years later, but the more I think about it, the more it creeps me out. That moment is straight from the beloved Sailor Moon. It seems funny or cute and first that Chibi Moon (Reni) is trying to steal Mamoru (Darien) from Usagi (Serena), until you realize that Chibi Moon is their child. She is trying to romantically steal her father away from her mother. Even after it is made clear that they are related to both them and the audience, this continues. That is some Freudian crap right there and it is creepy as all hell.

1) Number one is from a much newer anime, so new, in fact, that it is still running season one. It’s from the series WataMote, an anime I plan to review once it is finished. This makes it into my top spot for one reason: the main character is an Otaku. I imagine that anyone who reads my reviews is, to some degree, a lover of anime and/or videogames, but WataMote takes this to a new extreme. This anime, though it is a comedy, does center around a girl who has no social life and only one friend. Her relationship with her family is strained, at best, and she believes that real life is exactly like an otome game. In short, she is everything that goes wrong with Otaku. I’m sure that no one wants to admit this, but I’m sure that everyone can see a bit of their current selves or their past selves in her awkward and antisocial behavior. It’s saddening and that’s why it made number one. She is a call to all otaku not to become obsessed with a world that isn’t real, because you may just lose everything. This isn’t exactly the same, but follow this link to watch Extra Credits deal with Game Addiction or find the documentary called Otaku (fils de l'empire virtuel). It’s powerful, and I hope all my little anime lovers take its message to heart.

That's all for this week, and next week may be another top ten list, but I am trying to get back on track with my reviews. Forgive me for now, and I will see all my precious readers next week.

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    It now occurs to me that I misinterpreted the ending of Angel Beats! I take most of the blame for this one, but I also can't say that the anime was very good at explaining it. It was a mistakem and I'm sorry for putting it on the list.

    comment June_Lani · Community Member · Fri Aug 23, 2013 @ 06:27pm
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