The World of Leualie



This Kingdom is upheld by the silk trade. The SilverThreads have been in power for many generations. The royal family's silk worms produce the finest silk ever seen, and is only used for the SilverThread's daily wear and ceremonial garments. These silk worms are known as the SilverWorms. When a member of the family has died, they shroud them in a large expanse of SilverThread family silk before burial, and are ever afterward referred to as Father/Mother/Son/Daughter ~ At Rest.

Criminals are contained until a date court is held, once a month. The head of the SilverThread family makes judgements.

The merchants of the Kingdom trade common silks for the countries needs.

To'celi's disbelieves the rumors about Mhleras, and considers such a "small" area of land to be worthless.

73rd Generation SilverThread Family:

The Guiding Father: Ravmes~
*as in mess, minus one "s"

The Beloved Mother: Fiorem~
*em as in them, remove "th"

These two carry the land of To'celi's.

Their two children are:

The Son Received: Ialohn SilverThread
Ialohn~ At Rest

The Daughter Received: Kavtih SilverThread
*av as in "have", remove the "h" and "e"
*teh as in ten, remove the "n", replace with "h"

The Kingdom is currently at war with the Cruel Dragon-Fae Baihei Tu-cieg. He is unrelenting in his efforts to crush To'celi's under his might. He has no army, he has need of none. His strength and cunning is such that he needs no reinforcements. It is taking all of To'celi's armies to repel Baiheh. (further info pending)



An Island off shore of To'celi's. Once an attempt at a colony by the Pireelnese, now abandoned by unexplainable events and riddled with mystery .. superstition. Spirits and the In-human roam this Island, so it is said.

If one is ill and desperate enough (assuming one cant afford the healing potions from Jnidehc) Some make pilgrimages to Mhleras. There are whispers of highly potent healing agents, if one can find it and survive the journey.



Farming Country that grows grains, vegetables and raises livestock. In the southern areas of this country are beautiful markets, designed for trade with other countries.

There is no one designated ruler or family of rulers. A small counsel is compromised of Eight newlyweds. They debate the matters of their country and pass judgments.

Only one person within a newlywed couple is allowed on the counsel. Never both. after a marriage, the eldest newlywed upon the counsel is replaced by the newest.

Pireelns is petrified by The island of Mhleras. They were the ones attempting to colonize the Island and were run out by "spirits and demons".



A country of Mages, trades potions and Magicks for their countries needs.

The two rulers are chosen solely by ability and removed from power when they are no longer able to pass the yearly ability test.

An evenly numbered collection of strong mages stand in wait, ready to restrain and remove one of the pair from power, should they assume to abuse their ability and power.

Half of this collection alone must be powerful enough to restrain one of the pair, while the other group restrains the remainder if need be.

As a rule, the mages of this country do not eat fish nor fowl. They do eat other meats, but consider the two former to be part of the magic realm.

J-nidehc regards the "Haunted Island" of Mhleras as a dangerous toy. Sometimes brave ones will risk the island. Those that survive to make it back are regarded as heroes. They are given status in the community. During these adventures, they are tagged with a watchers spell, so they cannot lie about bravery.


Deoln ~

Deals in Flowers delicacies and elegant trinkets.. things of beauty. These are traded for the countries needs

The rulers of this Land are the Sun-Glanced and the Moon Gleam. They do not wed for love, nor do they produce "Heirs".

When both of this pair die, every healthy and able bodied citizen strides out to the ceremonial Hill of Selection. They stand still, gazing into the sky all day long til one of them is illuminated by a ray of sunlight. That person is "Sun-Glanced." This ritual is repeated at moonrise. That person is called the "Moon-Geam".

These two marry and rule, despite gender. If they are man and woman.. and produce children, they are married off. If the ruling couple are same sex, they enlist Jnidehc's aid with potions to produce a child. Reproducing, in the royal couple, is mandatory.

Deoln considers the Island of Mhleras uncultured and extremely backwater. They would never sully their social standings by going there.


Es* -mah-lee
*as in Eh.. add S

Trades fish for their needs.

There is no counsel or rulers.

There is a code set of conduct. Any grievous crimes are judged by the people as a whole. Criminals are restrained in an enormous escape proof building, til a certain date. At which point a week long community gathering is held for judgement. Colored pebbles are distributed and after hearings, judgements are cast.

Red is guilty, Yellow is innocent, Plain is undecided.

Reds are contained and condemned to grunt labor or servitude. They may re appeal for judgement in two years. Four appeals are allowed in one lifetime, per judgement. Repeated Murderers are drowned.

Plains are returned to holding until the next gathering. They are put at the bottom of the waiting list.

Yellows are freed on the spot, guests of honor at the feast at the end of each day of the week long event.

These community judgements are held one week every two months.

Es'malii is too hard working to pay the Island of Mhleras any mind.. but deep down they are spooked by its unsavory and shifty nature.

Tu-ceig's Rock~
*ceeg as in seek, replace the "k" with a "g"

Baihei Tu-cieg~
Bye-he Two-ceeg*
*as in seek, replace the "k" with a "g"

Tu-cieg was banished by To'celi's to spend the remainder of his countless days upon this hostile and unforgiving blackened wasteland in the midst of the ocean.


Uncharted Islands.

aka Wraioeh

It is called "Unchartered" even though the world knows what beings dwell there. They do not dare explore this region. Dragons, Spirits, Fae, and "monsters" of all varieties.

Luckily these creatures are satisfied with their part of the world.. it is quite large. They are relatively peaceful. They wish the world to continue ignoring them.

The denizens have named the islands Wraioeh. The land appears to be two large islands but they are connected strongly under the ocean, and so it is given one name only. It is considered one land.