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Tall Tales Just some tales and stories I work on in spare time, depending on my boredom level.

a labyrinth fae
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The king had power aside from his title? She was then given a glimpse of muscles that should not have belonged to a man claiming to be that age. Even The Wizard, as old as he was, showed it. His beard was much too long to have only been grown in a century. But this king didn't look anywhere near a hundred. Magic could do wonderful things, but the power of pokemon was even more awing. She watched in amusement as the small pokemon zipped around the room, filled the the energy from the sweet. It was when he placed Victini on her shoulder that the smile faded. Murkrow cawed, obviously jealous that another pokemon was sharing his partner. In his distaste, he hopped off of her shoulder and grumpily sauntered over toward Togekiss.

Mimzy was listening patiently when Victini touched her cheek and power, beyond her wildest imagination, surged through her. This amount of mana, it was insane. It was so great that her hair was lifted up into the air, her clothing clung to her, and she could only see a blistering light. She closed her eyes in order to avoid such light, though her eyes were still streaming from the corners once she did so. She didn't even notice that Victini had left her as she set her mind to the most important thing. Finding Gruncle.
Mimzy lifted her arms, spreading them wide as her shortstaff moaning in protest from such a large amount of energy being channeled through it. The crystal began humming, growing brighter with each second that Mim was focusing.

She opened her mind to the world, just as she had done earlier, Mimzy found that seeing each individual was so much easier than it had been before. She kept expanding, way past Vinland, way past everything, until she found herself looking down upon a globe filled with billions of beacons, the brightest and most plentiful belonging to pokemon. But what Mimzy wanted Gruncle and she knew just what his and Mew-two's auras looked like from being around them so often. As she found the stars that belonged to them, she zoomed in, their bond just as keen as their lifeforces. As she found herself growing closer to their location a blackness... not a light, but a darkness that reminded her of a black hole was off to the north east. She tried not to worry about it, focusing on Gruncle only. It was when she was about to get a better location that the black hole literally unattached itself from the shadowy scale of the planet that Mimzy was looking at and hurled itself at her like a shadow ball.

The pain was real and Mimzy was knocked right out of her trans, to the ground, reaching for her chest where the ball of dark energy had hit her. It burned, as if she had been socked hard in the gut, but it hadn't left trace. She knew what it meant, because opening her mind to the world was dangerous not only because it expended so much mana, but also because she lowered her mental defenses completely. Leaving her open to an attack from other mages. For those who were also in tune with the world in one way or another or were vastly powerful, they would have sensed her reaching out and looking for someone. And the dark hole had not wanted her to find Gruncle. That scared her. Mimzy had never come across anyone who had a darkness for their aura instead of a light.

"H-he's somewhere in my homelands," she stammered through a quivering lip. She didn't realize until then how much energy she had expanded. Even though Victini had given her so much, she had also used some of her own when she had been attacked to deflect the agony. Her skin was a ghastly hue, much lighter than it was typically, and her eyes were wide the idea of some sort of dark mage out there. "I might have gotten a better location, but someone attacked me when I was getting too close," she didn't even bother to get up, jelly-like legs would have just given out on her. The split second that Mimzy had come out of the trans, her pokemon were by her side. Togekiss thrust her head under Mimzy's free hand, loaning her some much needed energy to at least stop Mim's shaking.

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