A glinting light catches your eye, bringing your focus down to the ground. There you find a clear crystal, beautiful and pure without any inclusions at all. Surely this must be a diamond? But how did it get there? No, it's probably just quartz. But can you be sure? Rainbows cascade off the clean, flat surfaces of the gem, reflecting onto the world around you. It's beautiful. How could you just leave it there, sitting on the ground for someone else to find? It's yours. You found it. Panicked, you reach for the pinkie-sized gem. You can't quite explain it, but though you've only just found it, there's a powerful connection between you and it. Whether you crave the riches it may bring, the beauty it possesses, or the enchanting quality it seems to emit, you grab it. And everything in the world is right for just a second. The crystal's energies flow into you and restore your chakras, open them up and make you whole. In your enlightened state, you understand. You're different. Your purpose is not here. You are needed elsewhere. You are special. You are chosen. In a flash of bright, colorless light, you are swept from this plane to the next, the power of it all knocking you out temporarily, unless you are a plane walker blessed with many travels. When you awaken, you hear first the sound of waves breaking and birds crying. You can feel the hot sun bearing down on your face now, and the chill of water slipping up your toes, feet, and ankles only to recede again. If you open your eyes, you will be blinding for a moment by the bright sunlight as the obvious takes root in your mind. You are at a beach. In fact, you are on an island. Nearby is a small hut, and a footpath leading into a village. You can see in the distace a curiously tall and snow-capped mountain. Even more impressive is the massive tree that seems to reside in the middle of the island. There are ladders and vines giving access to the tree's heart. Most curiously of all is that every person here is different, just like you. Some have powerful wings and fly high in the sky while others reside in the depths of the ocean. Some cannot face the light of day, and some can call magics to their disposal. Speaking of magic, you didn't have any did you? If you test it out now, you'll find that everything feels.. backwards. Your magic is not working, or it is malfunctioning. The magnetic field on this island is reversed, and as such it will take you some time to become adjusted to the environment. It might be a good idea to practice if you want to become proficient again. That, or.. Light hot pebble in your fist, you realize you are still grasping the crystal from before. It seems a little more worn out now. It needs to charge, but.. strangely enough, your crystal seems to act as an amplifier! It resonates with your energies, and.. wow! While you couldn't do a thing before, now you can recall a small fraction of your magic! There is hope after all! It is clear now that this is no ordinary crystal. You were meant to find it, bond with it. By sharing your energies with it, the crystal will aid you in this strange land, so be sure to get plenty of rest and eat well. You're eating for two, now, after all.