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Tall Tales Just some tales and stories I work on in spare time, depending on my boredom level.

a labyrinth fae
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Put in a call? Mimzy was just closing the door behind herself when he said that. Even her own pokemon seemed a bit perturbed by the question, glancing around. The low whistle was meant for some creature, but which Mimzy could not tell. Not until she felt it rapidly approaching. She knew it was large at the least, but she wasn't focusing her magic on it enough to be able to tell what kind it was. It was when Clyde mentioned her first taste of adventure that Mim's sense of caution faded, replaced with a jittery excitement. She almost forgot to remain still.

The steelix broke from underground and Mimzy was left gaping in awe at its magnificence. It was one of the biggest pokemon she had ever seen. She was even more astounded when it consumed the knight. Murkrow squawked in distaste, clearly not wanting to hitch a ride inside the gullet of another pokemon. However, he had little chance to argue when another steelix abruptly came for them also. It was a bit... damp, but Mimzy barely noticed. She was inside the mouth of a pokemon! How mad did that sound? This better be a quick ride, or I swear a shadow ball is going to go straight into his belly, Murkrow complained.

And then, as quickly as they started, they were spat out. H-how rude! Murkrow screeched as he clambered to his feet and ruffled his feathers in annoyance. Mimzy and Togekiss couldn't hide their amusement by the other bird's distaste. The red head was grinning ear to ear when a hand was extended out to her. She graciously accepted before looking around with wide eyes. She hadn't got much view of the magnificent city when she had come with Gruncle. It was so different compared to her homely little village. "That was amazing!" she exclaimed, pleased with the fact that humans and pokemon were working such feats together. Murkrow muttered his disagreement before fluttering back onto Mimzy's shoulder. Togekiss preened a few wet feathers, but had nothing really to add.

Mimzy followed Clyde, her eyes as wide as saucers as she saw the places she had only read about in books. Words were so different from the real thing. When Clyde mentioned the king she was a bit surprised. He would be glad to see me? I'm a nobody, she thought. Togekiss glanced up at her, blinking her round brown eyes. You're more important than you think, the pokemon told her as if she had read the female's mind. Walking alongside Mimzy, the bird leaned over and brushed her head against Mim's leg affectionately. She listened to the grave news and of the king's kindness. Mim came from a distant land that was not governed by this king.

The mountains separated the kingdoms and Mimzy lived on the side that was considered to be the realm of barbarians. Areas were more rural, the land was of shifting slopes, and it was either plains and valleys or thick mountainous forests. Her people were governed by a Jarl, who was like a noble man, serving the High King. The High King of the mountain lands, lived in the distant moors. They were known for their Arcanines and their perfected fighting from horse-back. They carried great lances and spears and while were feared warriors. The legendary that was paramount to the High King was Rayquaza, who was said to protect them from all evils the sky could hurtle toward them. It was no wonder that their religion revolved around praise to all dragon-type pokemon, rather than the fear that was present in the lands that Mimzy was currently in.

"He sounds like a good man... Our High King often rode on his shiny Arcanine and went on trips every summer to check on the villages to see how they were doing. If a Jarl was not properly doing his job the High King would punish him and then make certain that the common folk had what they needed to survive the excruciating winters. He was severe and strict, but fair. Perhaps they know each other..." she said, but doubted it. The mountains were a terrible barrier and while they kept her people from pillaging these lands for gold, it also kept them from possibly creating wonderful alliances. The idea of her High King and this king becoming allies warmed her, but she did not know if the High King would be too proud and vain to even consider it.

Eventually, they finally reached some room. Upon entering Mimzy discovered a rather adorable pokemon had attached itself to Clyde. Is that a victini? she had read about the one-of-a-kind pokemon, but had never seen it. She read a lot about pokemon and while she knew about most, she hadn't seen many at all. Her knowledge was limited to those she had encountered back home. She was suddenly astounded that she hadn't noticed the king sooner and forgot her place. He looked much older than she would have thought and though he showed definite lines of pride and regality, he looked tired. Somehow, she was disappointed that he wasn't as brilliant as her own king.

Quickly, Mimzy fell to one knee and pressed her balled fist against her heart. It was the way any commoner had addressed the High King, always averting their peasantly gaze. "Your grace, it is an honor to be in your presence. I sincerely apologize, but The Wizard is currently AWOL. I am Mimzy Hoarfrost from the lands north of the mountains, his apprentice."

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