So begins my journal entries!......I don't recall making any before this, so I'm assuming this is my first on this account.

Well, just to start off:
• I'm Johanna Kyon, friends on Gaia call me Dark. Friends in real life call me.....well, you'll know if you're a friend in real life~
• This is my journal. I'll pretty much be putting anything I want in here to talk about my day, how I'm feeling, etc. But most of all, I'll be using it to keep track of my goals and progress. I have many things I wanna accomplish, I suppose, and going to individual forums to help keep track of them (one for workout, one for food tracker, one for school) would be a bit time consuming and just messy. I like everything in one place.
• Feel free to encourage me in comments, or constructively criticize me for mistakes or for procrastinating (I might do that a lot). I don't know how many people will actually read this though, but for the very very few that....might....thanks~ Support from strangers is really sweet.
• Last thing, I might not actually keep up with updating this thing as:
◘ I tend to procrastinate
◘ I may get writer's block
◘ I may feel shy toward sharing personal goals
◘ I'll probably feel shier for sharing my progress with those goals
◘ I may just forget
◘ I may feel this journal is just useless as no one may read it at all, and I'd be better off writing my goals on a paper 'To do" list.

Well, that's about all I have to say in this entry. I'll be starting my goals list and progress updates in the next post!.....If I get to it that is.
Thanks for reading if you did!