It all started one day at school, I saw you.
I blended in watching from the side lines.I was filled with joy that you were happy.
But yet I was sad and jealous of the other ladies.
But as time when on and we lost in touch.
One day you reached out with a “Hi.”
That day made me so happy.I think I felt like a little girl again, with her first crush.
Then feeling of “Oh my god he’s talking to me” and “what should I say?”
The feeling of being flusted and exited. As the months went on and we spoke more and more.
The feelings grew that I knew where true.I loved you.
I wait for the day when you felt it to, and when it happened I said, “I love you to.”
The kiss we shared felt so right.That is why I’d like to say.
“Our hearts are entwined and ever beating.
You gave me yours and now I give you mine.”