Tribe name: MogDagu Kupo
Moniker: [Sir] Dagu
Age: 28
Race: Moogle
Specs: 3 feet tall/ 70 pounds/ white fur/ Golden-Yellow eyes/ Red pompom/ Black wings: Wing Span: 3 feet [incapable of flight, but capable of gliding and adding momentum with a hearty flap.]
Appearance: Sir Dagu is a white furred Moogle. He stands at a meager three feet height total, not including the reach of his overly sized adorable ears. His pompom is red, eyes gold, and the armor he wears over his little brown pants and simple white tunic is of the deepest royal blue despite being nicked, dinged, and generally worn in. A miniature cuirass adorns and protects his chest Where as a set of light weight steel greaves cover his brown leather boots. A set of segmented light weight steel bracers cover the Moogle's forearms. On his left hip hangs Sheen in a traditional sword placement, strapped to the belt just above the sword is the sticker. Flash's sheath is kept attacked to the cuirass against the small of Dagu's back at an angle on the right side. Out of either inner shoulder blade two jet black bat wings protrude and provide a wing span of three feet.

No gewd art :c just a poor sprite and some crappy ink art I made
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Personality: Positive qualities: Friendly, calm, kind, and generally optimistic. High sense of loyalty, and high sense of duty.
Negative qualities: Naive, Empathetic, possibly too easy going.
Class: Mog Knight
Occupation: Mognet currier/ Freelance explorer/ Knight for hire
Languages: Moogle, Common [English is common I guess?].
Heightened senses: Moogles have acute animal senses. Long tall ears provide hearing beyond what a human could imagine. A bear like sense of smell provides a dog level ability to track and distinguish scents. Whiskers as well as the Pompom on their heads provide displacement information similar to cat whiskers.
Low light vision: The ability to see in conditions of dim illumination as if the illumination were actually as bright as daylight. Moogles have eyes that are so sensitive to light that they can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of shadowy illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
Enhanced resilience: Uniquely in Dagu's case, the Moogle has been roughed up so much in so many different ways and on such a regular basis that he himself is more physically resilient than other Moogles. On a physical level, his bones are calcified and thicker in various areas, muscles notably larger and more efficient than other Moogles, and his bodies recovery rate is notably much higher than normal. [approximately 6x faster recovery time then other Moogles][Writers note: I wanted to make this a perk called not as fluffy as he looks.]
[Max lifting weight: 150 lbs/ Max run speed: 25 mph]
Sheen: A Mythril Alloy gladius.
Specs: Twenty four [24] inches total length/ Blade length- eighteen [18] inches/ Blade Width- three [3] inches/ Hilt length- six [6] inches/ Weight- seven [7] pounds.
Flash: A steel Khukari.
Specs: fourteen [16] inches in length total/ Blade length- ten [10] inches/ Blade width near the tip [Largest width] four [4] inches/ Blade width [closer to the handle, the smaller section] two [2] inches/ handle length- six [6] inches/ weight- 3 [3] pounds.
The sticker: A steel dirk
Specs: nine [9] inches in length total/ Blade length- six [6] inches/ Blade wide- one and a half [11/2] inches/ handle length- three [3] inches/ weight- eight [8] ounces
Steel Cuirass [With back plates, and faulds on the front, and culet's attached to the back plates] [Weight:10 lbs], Gauntlets [Over lapping steal] [weight: 5 lbs [2 1/2 lbs each], Greaves [Over lapping steal] [weight: 5 lbs [21/2 lbs each]], Gorget [weight: 5 lbs][Steel].
[Total Armor+weapons extra weight: thirty five pounds and eight ounces 35(1/2)lbs]
[Short]Bio: A Moogle with a big sense of self despite the relative relation to the world’s size. MogDagu was at first an explorer, secondly a warrior, and thirdly a hero to his people. All of which roles he fell into inadvertently and served out of duty. This is a Mog Knight who’s fought the likes of dragons, griffons, and Antilion. At first it was only sharp whit and a sharper dagger that carried the young moggle through his trials and misadventures. Eventually the warrior was honored and knighted after helping to slay a rather brutal dragon that was plaguing a township of his home world in his own dimension. After settling into a rather normal life style at the Moogle capital of his home world, the Mog knight was asked to put on his adventuring boots once more and set out to explore the realm of Gaia. Sir Dagu has agreed, and has set out to find more places for Mog Net to expand to.
-Sir Dagu found his way out to Halloween town on Gaia, and has set in search of strength augmentation. He is also of course scouting areas out, and getting a feel for the lay of the land.
-After acquiring some strength potions[thanks to Miss Iris], Sir Dagu was setting out to leave Halloween town when a kidnapping happened right before his eyes. The knight gave chase along with the group trying to retrieve the child. An epic battle broke out, and is still waging. WILL THEY SAVE DA CHILD? o3o
-The answer was yes, and Sig Dagu rode a giant grunny into the sunset, never to be heard from again.




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I've always been a huge Ff fan, and a love at first sight fheggit for Moogles. So I finally decided; SCREW IT, the height issue can be a fun challenge, and I'd really like to play something you don't see so much of

Such as a Mog Knight. emotion_dealwithit