hello welcome to my profile, feel free to ask any questions.

Name: charles alexander rankin (prefer being called alex)
age: 16
Details: I am crazy sometimes, i hear voices, see dark figures and see hallucinations. I aslo have multiple personalities that i really try to control. I also have a trust problem, i only trust a few people and they are the only ones i actually talk to. the onlt things that keep me from being crazy is that i ignore the voices and dark figures as best as i can, then there is my gf tiffany,she is also the reason im not in an asylum
relatioship: with xl tiffany lx, we really dont talk as much anymore but i wish i could be there for her, since we live in different states.

once again got a question, then ask.....

Bio: when i was six months old my dad took me away from my mother because she had mental illnesses and he was worried that she would harm me one day. so we stayed at my grandmothers house for 5 years, to be honest they are some of the important people in my life. but later my dad found me a step mother, from then up to now, i never really liked her, her and my step brothers always drive me insane, literally. i am usually a shy but hateful guy. im barley around others and i spend most of my time alone in my room, sometimes i would get out of my room every now and then to watch a movie or play video games but yeah, my life seems like hell to me. but once im 18 that should end. I have a youtube channel right now and i am currently making videos, though barley anyone watches my videos and i only have 5 subscribers so far,