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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Part Nine
Chapter Nine

Audrey came into Brooks’s class a few minutes earlier than the other students so she could have a chance to talk to him and make sure nothing was wrong. Brooks was just coming out of his office and he jumped back a little when he saw Audrey standing there waiting for him, “You really should make yourself known instead of scaring people.”

“Sorry,” they both chuckled awkwardly and Audrey stepped forward, “So, what did you and the dean talk about yesterday?”

“She heard about your feelings towards me,” he said, “She just wanted to make sure those feelings weren’t mutual.”

“So, what now?” Audrey mumbled. Brooks sighed and turned his back to her, rubbing his tired eyes.

“Audrey we have to end…whatever this is,” he said, “I got in trouble simply for having a student that likes me. What are they going to do if they found out I lied and said the feelings weren’t mutual and that I acted on those feelings?”

“Ok, so we can’t be as casual as we were yesterday at school,” Audrey said, “Maybe…spend time together outside of school. We had fun when we went to that art gallery together, right?”

“Audrey,” Brooks glanced at her over his shoulder and then turned back, shaking his head and throwing his arms up, “I can’t do that Audrey. It’s too risky to do that. I could get fired for this.”

“Look, in my four years of high school I never even kissed a guy because I just had no desire to,” she said, “I just wanted to do my work and get good grades. This is…like the first time I’ve wanted to actually spend time and be with someone. Now I don’t know if that’s new to you but that kind of thing is a little bit new to me. So, let’s just try this.”

Brooks finally turned his whole body and stared at her, smiling just a little bit, “You have real feelings for me. Not just some school girl crush. It’s real for you.”

“Is that what you thought it was?” Audrey said. Brooks slowly came closer to her, one step at a time, “Some school girl crush? I’m not twelve ya know.”

“I know,” he said. He stood in front of her. There wasn’t much of a height difference between them but she still felt so short standing near him. He pushed her hair off her shoulders and held her face in his hands, just staring at her like she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen before. And then he leaned in. She would’ve made the effort too to lean in too and meet him halfway, but she was too nervous to make any movements. When their lips finally met, she felt a wave of euphoria run through her and she felt his hands move from her face to her back. He rubbed her back up and down as he kissed her and he hugged her like he was never going to see her again.

As Maya spent more time with Richard, her thoughts of Frank disappeared completely and she had spent the most amazing week with him. They were both busy during the week but once the weekend came, Maya had some of the best nights of her life with Richard. It was a leisurely Friday afternoon and Richard wasn’t going to have another class for a couple hours. Maya sat with him in his office while he finished grading papers. She’d let him work in silence for awhile. She came up behind him and massaged his shoulders, “How much longer?”

“Not long,” he said. He leaned back in his chair and put his hand over hers, “You’re so impatient.”

She moved her hands down his shoulders to his chest until her hands met and she wrapped her arms around him, resting her chin on his shoulder, “I am. Deal with it.”

Richard got on his feet and twirled her around and sat her on his desk, standing in between her legs. She reached up and stroked his beard, grinning like a child as she ran over his prickly facial hair. He grabbed her hands and pulled them away from his face, kissing her hungrily. He had a hold of her thighs and he dug into her soft flesh and she gasped underneath his kiss. He trailed kisses down her jaw to her neck, giving special attention to every part of her. She ran her fingers through his hair as his hands moved up her legs to her hips up to her waist. He grabbed her shirt and began pushing it up her torso. He pushed it up until her shirt was over her head and tossed to the side. He paused and looked at her up and down, as if in shock. She covered herself with her arms and began to squirm uncomfortably, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” he said, pulling her arms away from her body, “You’re just such a beautiful woman Maya.”

Maya’s face burned as his lips crashed against hers once more. He began pushing her down onto her back as his fingers fumbled with her bra. All of a sudden, a loud bang stopped them dead in their tracks. Their hearts stopped for a moment and Richard fell over trying to get off of her, pushing his dark hair off his forehead. Maya’s trembling hands grabbed her shirt and threw it back on, not bothering to check if it was inside out or not. Maya recognized the voice calling her name. She smoothed her hair and took a deep breath as she came out of Richard’s office to meet Frank once again, “Frank! What the hell are you doing?”

Frank stomped towards her and pulled his phone out of his pocket, showing Maya a picture of Vivian. She had a dark black eye and a fat lip and she had nasty bruises all over her face. She was puffy and it was not nice to look at, “Have you seen this?”

“No I haven’t,” she said, shoving Frank’s hand out of her face, “What happened?”

“Your little friend Jade beat her up!” Frank shouted. Maya let out a small giggle and covered her mouth, not wanting to make Frank even angrier by letting him see her smile. Frank held up the picture of Vivian’s swollen face again and waved it in front of Maya, “You think this is funny? She beat the s**t out of my friend!”

“What Jade does is none of my business,” Maya said, “I’m not her damn mom. Besides, knowing Vivian and her habit of doing and saying stupid s**t without thinking, she probably deserved that.”

“What, so you tried to get back at me by making Jade beat up my friend?” Frank said. Maya raised her eyebrows and couldn’t help but start laughing. She rubbed her eyes and shook her head incredulously, “Are you ******** kidding me Frank? First of all, get over yourself. I don’t care what you do with your dumbass friends anymore. And secondly, I don’t send Jade to fight my battles for me. Jade loves me but I don’t think she would’ve beat the s**t out of Vivian for me unless Vivian physically hurt me. Jade doesn’t do anything she doesn’t want to do and I wouldn’t have put her in that situation. But thanks for thinking that about me Frank. Really.”

Frank stopped and looked at the picture on his phone again, “Well why else would Jade beat up Vivian? That makes no sense.”

“I don’t ******** know!” Maya shouted, “I have an idea. Why don’t you go ask Jade and stop bothering me!”

Frank didn’t move at first. He just stared at her like he was trying to find a lie in her brown eyes. When he found nothing, he turned on his heel and left. Maya sighed heavily and went back into Richard’s office. He’d returned to his work and just like before when Frank burst in, she was ready to get violent. She knew Richard had been terrified when Frank came in. They both thought it would be another teacher or the dean and if they were caught, Richard would be finished. She just sat down on the chair next to him and waited for him to finish his work angrily.

The class that Jade went to after she got off work had been cancelled, so she was able to go home for a little while and take a little nap before she had to go back to school. She hadn’t heard from David in a week, which was really nice. She was tired of seeing his number constantly coming up on her phone. But for the past week she constantly felt like she was being watched. It was probably nothing but it was still creepy. She’d hear a noise, ask Maya or Audrey if they heard it and they’d pause and tell her no. After asking them so many times, Jade was convinced they thought she was crazy.

When she woke up from her nap, it was dark and her next class was going to start in awhile. She had time to make the drive over there so she was in no rush yet. As she drove down the street, she looked at her rearview mirror and saw the same car that had been following her for the past three blocks. When the car followed her into the school’s parking lot, she just assumed it was another student and it put her at ease. But it was dark and she couldn’t see the driver’s face at all so she had no idea who it was driving behind her. Once she parked and got out, she didn’t see the other car again. She walked across the parking lot, kicking herself for parking as far as she did. Once she walked through the gates, she felt a sense of security even though she was aware that anyone could just waltz in there. The campus was a little emptier than usual and she stopped for a minute to look around. Was it always this dark when she came at night? She walked a little farther until she heard faint footsteps behind her. She was convinced at this point that her nerves were getting to her and she was hearing things. She turned, not expecting to see anything, like some cheesy slasher flick.

But when she turned, she got something she wasn’t expecting. Just a few feet away from her was a black figure staring right at her. The figure stood still at first and then started walking towards her. She started to run without thinking for a minute where she planned to go. She stopped when she felt she put enough distance between her and this figure. She leaned against a wall and breathed heavily. She didn’t have much time to think so she had to be quick.

“The emergency call tower!” she said to herself. She started running again in that direction. She looked over her shoulder to see if she was still being followed. She was almost relieved to see she wasn’t when the figure came around a corner. She whimpered as she forced her legs to move faster. She ran right past her class, not even thinking to run in there. She just wanted to get to that tower and call for help.

Norman was locking up his room, ready to leave for the night. He’d finished with his last class and was excited to finally head home. He stopped when he heard rapid footsteps running past him, “Hey! Where are you running to?!”

Jade stopped when she heard Norman’s voice and tears spilled over as she ran in his direction with open arms. She threw herself at him and pointed behind her, “Please help me! There’s someone following me!”

He quickly unlocked the door to his classroom and threw her inside, locking both of them in the classroom. She fell into a seat and started panting, wiping the tears off her face, never taking her eyes off the door. She was having a difficult time catching her breath and Norman was kneeling down beside her, grabbing onto her and pulling her against him, “Come on. Breathe. You’re gonna be ok Jade. Breathe.”

Jade took a few deep breaths and grabbed onto Norman’s jacket, finally catching her breath. Even when she did, she refused to let go of him and he let her cry into his chest for awhile. Then he left her alone in the classroom for a minute while he went into his office. When he came back, he was hanging up his phone, “Lucky for us we have a police station on campus.”

Jade took one final deep breath and pushed her hair back, “We do?”

“You didn’t know that?” Norman smirked as she blushed and shook her head. He started laughing and immediately stopped himself, “I’m sorry for laughing. It’s just funny that you never knew. Well, now you know I suppose. You wanna sit here for a minute to calm down?”

“No, I-I should get to class,” Jade grabbed her bag and wiped the dried tears off her cheeks as she started for the door. Norman grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back, “I don’t think you should do that. Not tonight. Let’s just wait for the cops to come over here and then I’m taking you to your car.”

Jade sighed and he sat her back down. When he turned to leave, Jade grabbed him and pulled him back so she could hug him again. He was warm and comforting, like a security blanket and she never wanted to let him go. She felt his arms tighten around her body to hug her back. She nestled her face in his chest and he placed his hand on the back of her head.

“Thank you,” was all she had the energy to say to him.

WHAT THE HELLLLLL?! Well damn. Maya almost got some dirty, dirty. But no. She'd like that too much and it's just not time wink

And Audrey and Tom are my OTP jussayin wink


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