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Midha Salha Nagi

            Preferred Name: Midha
            Nickname(s): Midi, Middy; Sal
            Age: Twenty
            Height: (5'6" )
            Gender: Female
            Birthplace: Medenine
            Birthdate: June 13th
            Country of Origin: Tunisia
            Sexuality: Heterosexual
            Personality: In a single word? Still too difficult. Midha is a girl raised to be a boy out of necessity. Consequently, her interests are far more inclined towards that of a boy. One could speak for hours on end to her about cars, sports, video games, and just about anything else not mentioned that a guy might have on his mind. This also includes talk of a woman's attractiveness, leading to fairly awkward conversations if said person finds her attractive. The flip side of the coin is that, while raised a boy, Midha is still female and has natural attractions towards the opposite gender and can slip into her "girly side" and talk about more personal problems that most men shy away from. It's a difficult state of being. Being an intentionally raised tomboy and yet a romantic headed girl, the Tunisian born young woman tends to have a rather large "friendzoned list" of guys that, while she gets along with and enjoys being around them....will never be anyone more than just a really good friend. While just awful at most popular games and mmorpg is no exception to this, she's dedicated to using it in her spare time, particularly in winter when there are no sports activities actively going on.

            Some of my talents?: Cooking, sewing, sports, cutting hair, car repair, welding, and killing plants (black thumb).
            Current Grade/Education Level: High School Graduate
            Favorite High School Subject(s): History, Literature
            Hated High School Subject(s): English, Physics, Math
            Likes: Cars and motorcycles, tattoos, cutting hair, sports season, and rain.
            Dislikes: Bugs, winter and the snow it brings, baseball, working at the convenience store dislikes

            Relationship status: Single, and growing irritable of that status. This is likely due to her father absconding with her pay from the shop for "rent payments", as well as a general need to leave the nest.

            Mr. Poetic Enigma: Like most naive girls, Midha was easily taken in by his natural ability to write creative and to a degree....letters of intimacy. Perhaps the grandest irony of them all is that the one individual most likely never to be friendzoned is the only one that has likely friendzoned her.

            Mr. Mom: Despite seeing him as just a really good friend, he also happens to be one of her earliest and longest lasting friends. A boy that she has seen grow into a man, and has always been there to help, he holds a special place in her heart...albeit one that might not be the one he holds in his heart for her. Midha finds herself attracted to him, but in a different fashion. Like a kindred spirit or someone who understands, she has yet to become aware of his true feelings for her.

            Immediate family:Father - Mazin Nagi. The man who put his daughter through high school working three different jobs. Nearly bald after his daughter's discovery of her romantic side. Does not care for Mr. Poetic Enigma.
            Brother - Safi Nagi. Midha's thirteen year old brother. Just discovering sexuality. Naturally talented at both academics, sports, and technology. Frequently hacks his sister's computer.

            What is the number of people in your current household?: 3

            SirE Account Name: Heybattabattamii
            What might we see on your SirE Profile Hiya. I'm not really....good at a lot of things, not on here anyway. Most of the things posted here are likely of the nature I am good at, like sports and pictures I take of awesome cars or choppers.

            Der der, I have big boobs and liek anime where girls wear pretty pink and the guys too! I wanna be a total tool my whole life once I find my dream guy and his totally hairless self and his tiny gooey duck! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

            [An example above as to the actual owner of "Heybattabattamii", and the hacker's added section below that. This is not always what one sees, but a decent example.]

            What is your opinion on SirE?: "I like it well enough. It's kinda difficult to navigate and...especially compared to some of the other people I keep up with, they're really good at this. It's a bit intimidating, but some people are just the Jesse James of the cake world, and others....well, I-I don't even know how else to compare them, y'know? I like their mmo and all, but when I started with everyone else at the same time, they're already like...maxed out and here I am still level 37. DX"

            Background: Midha was born in Medenine, Tunisia. At the age of four, moved to the United States with her father to have more economic freedoms. Her father had been raised with a family of otherwise all women, and knew what problems could come of the lack of maternal figure in the family. He embraced that problem by intentionally raising his daughter to be a tomboy and having her help in the shop once she was old enough. She was never told what exactly happened to her mother, instead being told that her mother worked in business overseas. In truth, her mother had been killed by her father and buried in a shallow grave in another bordering country. He contemplated killing Midha too, but spared her on account of usefulness to supplement income later in life. To this end, Midha grew up moderately well off. While in first and second grade, she spent long periods of time waiting outside the school to be picked up. It was here that the intentional tomboyish raising really took root though. A lot of kids spent their after school hours playing football or soccer....or even baseball. She didn't care for the latter too much, as her first experience came with being beaned in the head by a stray pop fly. She wasn't particularly good at football either, since no girls ever played and the boys played tackle. Midha spent most of her time recovering. Mainly regaining her breath and whatnot. Once her father showed up, she would grab her bag and get in his beat up lemon of a car, and the cycle repeated.

            Shortly before the end of second grade, she was introduced to her new brother...half-brother....whose first act was to grab her hair and wail. Despite this, Midha took good care of her sibling...especially since her dad told her to. Safi grew up just about the opposite. With a near lack of paternal figure in his life, he grew up liking what Midha liked and occasionally trying on clothes and having tea parties. This abruptly stopped once her father caught them and took him away. Safi came back a typical boy, and it left her alone once more. By this time though, she was well into her contact with Mr. Poetic Enigma, her childhood friend Mr. Mom, and the occasional chat with a budding friend, Miss Zookeeper. That and the fact she was starting high school at that point, occupied her time fairly completely.

            High school went about the same way elementary school did...only her father never showed up. Even as she came of age to get her license, that never happened...and to this day, Midha has no ability to drive a vehicle. With this in mind, she tended to walk home or to other places, and in present day, looks for opportunities that are close by to her. She remains oblivious to the crush Mr. Mom holds for her, possibly having "friendzoned" him. She eagerly waits for replies from Mr. Poetic Enigma, and fittingly is always online on sirE. This also sets her up to be hacked by her brother, and most of her friends know about this and her brother's tendencies to post fairly illiterate and inappropriate material. Her current account is the fourth to be created, having three previous accounts banned for "posting sexually explicit content".

            In present times, Midha is an "employee" at her father's shop, where despite earning minimum wage, is also subtracted automatically for "rent payments". Needless to say, she is quite discontent and holds a second job mopping floors on an early morning cleaning crew. They similarly make minimum wage, but to her father, that's all unreported income. Through this means, she acquired her own ticket to attend the SirE convention, using her "accumulated vacation time" to buy her a couple of days off. Thankfully, the convention was to be held in her very town of Venice, leaving the need for a road trip out and enabling her to attend without having to try and find someone to drive her there.