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Tall Tales Just some tales and stories I work on in spare time, depending on my boredom level.

a labyrinth fae
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She waved away his 'apology' half-heartedly. She really couldn't be as stingy as she typically was. She was just so accustomed to being uptight that it became second nature. She had to left go... if only a little bit. She chortled at his denial of any fangirls. "You must be busy then," she teased, though as admirable as trainers were, she found that a lot of them actually weren't as busy as folks like her who lived in the fast lane constantly. She was especially surprised when he revealed only four poke'balls. As a ranger, she only had her partner. There were also the pokemon she captured with her stylus she used to assist her, but they left after Jamie was done with their help. With all of the years that had gone by, even she had made more friends with wild pokemon than Lucus had. Relationships that expanded past the normal ranger pokemon deal. There were areas she could go and call the help of pokemon without even having to catch them because she knew some of them already.

However, despite the lack of numbers, he was completely confident in his pokemons' abilities. "Well, that's good," she said, hearing that his team, despite the size, was still doing rather well. But what if he's against ground pokemon? Or even rock. Both would put a damper in his step, she realized. But she was no trainer, even though she knew how most pokemon moved and fought. In a sense, she battled pokemon with Buddy, but more or less she stood beside him and also engaged in the fight. She listened to her friend as he spoke, interested to hear of what had happened and how his pokemon were doing. She didn't mind the boasting, it was average to hear from trainers of a higher level. She had to deal with trainers so often that she barely noticed it. The only thing she did notice, and sometimes it bothered her, was when a trainer only saw the power of their pokemon rather than their personality.

She did her best not to grimace as Lucus introduced them all, from strongest to weakest, even pointing it out. Why did their power matter? If they were friends, then all that should matter is having fun while training to reach the top? But she didn't want to start an argument that trainers always won. They weren't her pokemon and it wasn't her business to tell them how to treat them. Jamie turned her eyes to Ninetails, vaguely recalling the shiny pelt of fur that had once been crimson. Like Arcanine, she had evolved and grown into a magnificent creature. Her green eyes surveyed each of the others, finding that they all seemed equally happy, which made her a bit more pleased. Buddy was then approached by the Charmeleon, who poked at his leg. The huge dog opened an eye and glanced in his direction moodily. The beast was comparable to a police officer's canine partner. He could choose to be nice, but Buddy only tended to business and thus that didn't mean he was a nice pokemon.

Buddy wrinkled his sensitive nose at the scent of the smoke. He always preferred perfect streams of fire, so smoke. He opened his mouth, yawning, to reveal a row of dangerously sharp teeth before smacking his tongue on the top of his mouth. He didn't want to be mean, Jamie wouldn't approve of it, especially not to another fire-type pokemon. Jamie had a soft spot for the type. So he lifted his large bushy tail and swung it in the Charmeleon's direction, hoping the lizard-pokemon would become interested in it. "Your pokemon all look in wonderful health," she informed him, which was a very rangerly type thing to say. It was a compliment, especially coming someone who knew what she was talking about.

When the question was finally shot to her, Jamie straightened. "Oh no, I'm just back in town because I had a meeting with the other top rangers. I got promoted to Captain about a year ago. I'm always out and about, between here and Johto. I've been dealing with rogue pokemon lately, but it wasn't long ago that I bumped into some of Team Rocket. Life never slows down, but I like it that way. How about you Buddy?" she glanced at her partner. The Arcanine lifted his head and let out a deep 'woof' in agreement. "Are you still working on your badges and stuff?" she didn't know how exactly to phrase it. Trainer terms were lost on her.

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