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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Part Eight
Chapter Eight

She closed her eyes and waited impatiently for his lips. She could almost feel them coming closer and closer.

And then they disappeared like the wind. She opened her eyes and he was standing at the corner of the sidewalk, leaning against a pole, “What am I thinking? Maya, I can’t do this to you.”

“No, no we were doing just fine,” Maya said, not moving away from the wall Richard had pressed her up against.

“I just, I got carried away and I…” he paced back and forth, not necessarily trying to explain himself to her, but trying to explain it to himself. Maya pushed herself off the wall and grabbed Richard by the arms and dragging him away so people wouldn’t see this stranger pacing, telling himself he was a horrible person and practically having a conversation with himself.

“Richard you have to calm down,” Maya said, “Listen to me, you didn’t do anything wrong. And let’s say we had kissed, you wouldn’t have heard a complaint from me.”

“Maya you may be a legal age but I’m a teacher and what I almost did with a student was so stupid and inappropriate,” Richard suddenly had another thought go through his head and he groaned loudly, leaning his head against the wall, “And in public. I’m just not thinking straight Maya. And it would be stupid of me to act like this when you just dumped your boyfriend. I’m just not making good decisions today. I’m sorry Maya.”

She grabbed him by the face and got real close so maybe he’d get the idea, “Listen to me. Did you see any resistance back there?”


She took a chance and jumped in, kissing him with everything she had. He held his arms out as if surrendering. He was still unsure, still afraid to touch her. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her hips before returning her hands to his face, feeling the roughness of his beard against her skin. She giggled under his lips as his mustache tickled her upper lip. He was the first to break away and he attempted to back away from her but at the same time he didn’t want to move, “What fun will this be if we have to hide it?”

Maya grabbed his collar and gave him a quick kiss before responding, “Well that’s what’ll make it fun. A little dangerous. And a little fun I think.”

Richard smirked and wrapped his arms tight around her waist, pulling her roughly against him and kissing her again, “I like the way you think, Maya. I like it a lot.”

Maya wasn’t home when Jade got to her place but Maya had given her the spare key when she first moved in so Jade just let herself in. She was kind of hoping Maya would be home so Jade would have someone to talk to. But she wasn’t going to call her and bother her like a pathetic wimp. Jade flopped onto the couch and picked up the remote, turning on the TV and flipping through fifty different channels with absolutely nothing on. Her phone vibrated and rang every five minutes at least. When she saw David’s number she automatically clicked decline without even answering to hear yet another sob story about how he would change. She should’ve just stayed broken up with him. He never bothered her this much when she broke up with him back in freshman year. Maybe he got more clingy as the years went by. Being alone, most likely being cheated on and then dumped by that whore he dated after Jade. How funny was it that after he dated Jade, he dated a girl named Jane. Probably a coincidence, but it lightened Jade’s mood anyway.

Maya came home a few hours later, which woke Jade up from her mini nap, “Hey Jade. I kind of thought you would change plans and stay with David.”

“Oh,” Jade sat up on the couch and straightened her wrinkly clothes, “Well I ended it tonight. David’s a douche.”

“You said the same thing four years ago,” Maya said as she sat down next to her friend on the couch, “So what ended it this time?”

“Same old sh*t,” Jade shrugged, “Oh but he was practically being dry humped by Vivian.”

“Oh sh*t,” Maya burst out laughing and then clapped her hand over her mouth, “Sorry that’s not funny. She’s a horrible little thing isn’t she? Gerard wasn’t with her?”

“I didn’t see him,” Jade said, “I wonder if he even knew she was there tonight.”

“What’d you do?”

“Took Allen’s advice finally after a damn month,” Jade scoffed, her eyelids growing heavy and she yawned, “I got the f*ck out of there.”

When Jade’s alarm woke her up the next morning, she was lying on her side with a blanket over her. Her shoes were taken off but she was still dressed. She’d have to remember to thank Maya for being so cool and letting her stay the night. She took a shower and headed out without drying her hair. She slicked her hair back and tied it into a bun when she got to work and she headed for the café area again. She handled people coming in and out in the morning and she went about her business. She didn’t drink or do anything last night but she definitely felt hungover. She couldn’t remember making those last three coffees. Maybe she was just mentally drained from last night. But she hadn’t heard any complaints yet and she still managed to wear a smile and not look like she’d been doing drugs the night before. After the early morning hours, it slowed down a bit and Jade had some time to just close her eyes and calm her mind for a moment. But someone came in and started talking to her obnoxiously and she forced her eyes open to see the last person she wanted to see, “David why did you come to my place of work. I really don’t want to discus this with you. You changed for about a week and then went right back into your regular routine of ignoring me and acting like you’re the hot bachelor around all those women. I’m done with that. I don’t want to be a part of that life. It’s that’s how a rockstar’s girlfriend or wife lives I don’t want to be one.”

“But I love you so much Jade,” he reached for her hands but she pulled them away and scowled, “No David I’m not playing that game again. We’re done.”

David backed away as another customer came up to the register with a smile just for Jade. Her face lit up when she realized it was Professor Winters, “Professor! What are you doing here at my place of work?”

“I always come here Sunday mornings to get my coffee and sit here for awhile before I run my errands,” he said, “I’ve never seen you over here before.”

“My boss wanted me to be over here more often,” Jade lied. Her boss did like the idea of her working in the café area more often but Jade mostly wanted a chance to see Norman more, if he came here as often as he said he did. And it appeared he wasn’t lying. He did come here a lot. And if he came here every Sunday she knew where she was going to be on Sunday morning. Jade had assumed David left but he hadn’t. He was standing in the back of the café area, watching the two of them talk. The way she laughed whenever he spoke and the way she smiled when she handed him his coffee and the way he “accidentally” grazed her hand when he paid her. He took his coffee but he didn’t leave. He stayed and talked to her. Something wasn’t right with this picture.

“I’ve come to love this Caramel Macchiato thing,” he said.

“I know how to make every single drink on that menu,” she replied, motioning to the board above her head, “But my best one is that thing. I don’t know why but I could make fifty of these blindfolded no problem.”

“That would be an interesting thing to see,” he said. He nodded and walked away with his cup of coffee, sipping it happily and sighing after each sip. When David left, he made such an exit that it caught Jade’s attention. She’d thought he was gone this entire time but he had been standing there the whole time. Jade shook her head as she served the next customer after Norman. That guy was the master of stealth mode.

Audrey spent most of Sunday with Tom. Most of their morning was spent working and the rest of the day was spent just talking to each other. Audrey was fascinated with everything he had to say. He talked about where he grew up and they laughed about the major differences of their upbringings. She told him about her roommate Kelsey and he told her about how he’d just bought his own place and how he lived alone.

“Let me ask you something,” Audrey said, “How can you get so excited every day to teach the way you do. Most of us find it hard to get excited about Fridays even though most of us don’t have classes that day because we still have to study all day. How do you do it?”

“I have students like you who care,” he said, “If I didn’t, I would probably have lost my spirit a long time ago.”

“So you’re saying you’ve had students like me before?” Audrey said lightheartedly with a smirk. Brooks laughed and shook his head, suddenly getting embarrassed, “No, no. Not in that way. But you’re the first student I’ve had in a long time who does work this well. It’s just amazing what you do.”

“Well I wanna be an artist,” she said, “I wanna plunge in and really learn about it, ya know? It helps to know everything about your line of work.”

“An artist,” Tom rested his chin on the back of his hands and smiled, just staring at her for a minute before adding, “I’d love to see your work.”

Audrey turned away so he wouldn’t see her turn red, “Oh no you don’t. It’s amateur really.”

Tom came up behind her and grabbed her shoulders, bending over so they were cheek to cheek, “I’m sure your work is amazing. I’ve seen great works of art Audrey. But I have a feeling yours would be too good for even the best artist in the world. I see fantastic things in your future.”

He kissed her cheek and she got even redder and they started laughing together. She was laughing because of how embarrassed she was feeling right now. And he was just laughing because he knew he was embarrassing her. Their laughter was cut short when someone entered the classroom and Tom jumped away from her. It was the dean of the faculty sauntered in and stopped when she saw Tom and Audrey, “Why are you alone with one of your students?”

“Oh it’s my yearly project,” he said, trying to hide his nervousness, “We were working together on my yearly project.”

“You don’t usually work with students alone on the weekends,” she said, looking down at Audrey, who was smiling politely over her shoulder.

“She’s busy during the week,” he explained, “This was the only time we could work. Um, what are you doing here?”

“I had some things I wanted to discuss,” she said. She looked at Audrey and smiled, “Would you mind coming back a little later? I don’t mean to interrupt your business.”

“Oh it’s fine,” Audrey scrambled to gather up her things and hurry up and leave the room. The dean was being kind and polite to her and Tom but there was obvious tension that hung around them like a thick cloud and it took her until she was in her dorm room alone for her to shake off that thick, tense cloud.

Lots of stuff happening. Didn't really know what to do with Audrey (as usual) so her part I kind of pulled out of my ass. Deal with it. It's almost 12:30, my brain is oatmeal lol

I hope you had a good sleep Tiffany. I tried waking you up because you dislike me and you needed to read this but you were very asleep by then so. I'm gonna try and text you ONCE MORE to tell you IT'S HERE IT'S HERE so you can continue to dislike me hahaha.

Peace and love,


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