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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Part Seven
Chapter Seven

For the next week, Jade received loving text messages, phone calls and Facebook wall posts from David. He’d even shown up on a Friday morning to bring her flowers just because. But once Monday rolled around he was MIA. She didn’t really see him again until Saturday night. His show was in the evening this time and would end at a decent hour which was good because she had to work the next day but she did want to see David tonight since she hadn’t seen him all week.

But tonight she felt like this didn’t qualify as spending time with him. She was spending most of the night with Allen until they went on stage and then she was by herself with the soda Allen bought for her. She was always grateful for Allen. The thought of asking Jade if she wanted something to drink never did occur to him. Of course Jade is an independent person and could easily buy her own beverages but it would still be nice if Allen for once didn’t have to offer. Jade stood backstage and watched the guys play their set and she was enjoying the music like she did every time she came here. She’d seen these guys play so much she knew every song. She wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or if she’d gone to just too many shows. She observed the crowd in front of the stage. In the front were women and behind them were people trying to squeeze their way to the front but those women weren’t letting anyone in which made Jade thankful that she was the only person backstage. She did not want to be in that crowd right now. When she looked at the front row, she spotted Vivian, like a big red dot. She was definitely screaming the loudest and her arms were over her head trying to get her hands on David. She didn’t think much of it. She had a boyfriend. Why would she try so hard to grab onto someone else’s?”

After the show, as usual, Jade hung out with Allen while David and the other members socialized, smoked their cigarettes and drank their beer. Jade nudged Allen gently and pointed to the small crowd gathered around the other band members. Allen shrugged and tipped his cup back, finishing off his beer, “Well David can’t pay attention to his own girlfriend. It’d be ******** if you were all by yourself.”

“Well, thanks,” Jade hopped up onto the stage and kicked her legs, watching David talk and sign this and that and take pictures. And she couldn’t help but notice some girl hanging all over him and he didn’t seem to be fighting it. He seemed to be moving with her. Jade tapped Allen with her foot and pointed, “Are you seeing that?”

Allen looked at David and shook his head, “Yeah I see it. Jade, I’m his friend and I love the guy. But he doesn’t deserve you. And you don’t deserve the constant bullshit. But, do what you want.”

“You know what, you’re right,” Jade jumped to the ground and patted the dust her boot had left on his shoulder and she shoved the crowd of girls out of her way, “David! What are you doing?”

David jumped, as if he had no idea Jade had been here this whole time. And trying to practically climb onto his back was Vivian who was either high, drunk, or both, “Seriously David? Are you even going to ******** bother trying to get her off of you? Did you know she has a ******** boyfriend and this makes you a goddamn a*****e?”

“God you’re so annoying,” Vivian’s words came out incoherently but it sent Jade into a fit of rage and she ripped Vivian out of David’s arms and threw her across the room. Vivian stumbled backwards but couldn’t keep balanced. She fell onto her back and Jade jumped on top of her, punching her and scratching her, at this point having no control of her body.

“Do you get your ******** jollies from grinding up on another girl’s boyfriend?” Jade asked, lifting Vivian up by her collar, “How about I just tell Gerard about this? Would you like that?”

When Vivian didn’t respond, probably out of rebellion, Jade began to violently shake her like a rag doll. She heard Allen and David calling her name but she was blocking them out. She was shaking Vivian too hard to even care. Finally David picked her up by her waist and pulled her off of Vivian while Allen helped her onto her feet.

“David let me go of me!” Jade screamed, punching David’s arms until he dropped her. She slapped him across the cheek and put her jacket on, “We’re done David. You’re an a*****e,” she looked over at Vivian’s bloody, bruised face and spit on the ground by her feet, “And you’re a b***h.”

Jade stormed out of the club, ignoring David’s shouts. She got into her car and it was then that she finally exploded and sobbed until her chest hurt. Getting back together with David was a mistake from the very beginning and from the very first night a month ago, she should’ve seen it. She should’ve listened to Allen then. And it had taken beating the s**t out of Vivian (who deserved it anyway) for her to get it. Jade’s relationship with David was never going to work no matter what she did. It would only get worse from here if she stayed.

Maya was still a little sad even after two weeks. She’d had a boyfriend for four years and she’d become accustomed to having someone around. The first week of being single was the worst. But eventually it was a lot better. She still went to that coffee shop Frank had taken her to last month for their fourth anniversary. Even though being her made her feel a little low, she had still fallen in love with this place when Frank had taken her here. She loved the iced tea. Even though it was getting a little colder as Autumn began to roll in, she didn’t care. Iced tea was delicious.

Maya stirred her iced tea with her spoon, taking sips every few minutes but she wasn’t feeling as happy as she normally would being here. Maybe she should’ve just stayed home and waited up for Jade, who was going to see David play and was spending the night at her place afterward.

“Maya,” a familiar voice forced her out of her head and of course she knew the voice. Professor Gray was much to easy to recognize, “Why do you look so upset?”

Maya waved him away and shook her head, “It’s stupid girl stuff. You wouldn’t care.”

“Try me,” Professor Gray sat down across from her with his cup of hot coffee in his hands.

“Well I took your advice and I broke up with Frank,” she said, “About two weeks ago. It was stupid of me to come here.”

Professor Gray tapped on his cup for a minute and then smacked the table as he stood up, “Come on. Let’s go for a walk.”


“Come on. Get up,” he repeated, holding out his hand, “We’re going for a walk. Let’s just get out of here and go walk around. It’s nice and chilly outside.”

Maya grabbed his hand and they left the coffee shop and entered the crisp autumn air. There was a nice breeze going as he led them down the street, not saying anything at first, “Why are we going for a walk?”

“To get you out of there!” Professor Gray said. Maya looked down and realized happily that he hadn’t let go of her hand yet. He probably wouldn’t let go until the coffee shop was far, far behind them, “You looked so sad. I wanna see you smile like you usually do.”

“You’re putting so much effort into seeing me smile Professor,” Maya said, letting a tiny giggle escape her lips. She felt his hand squeeze hers once before finally letting go and slowing down their pace so it was a nice, calm stroll, “I told you. When we’re not on campus you call me by my first name.”

“You’re still my teacher,” Maya said, “I feel weird calling you by your first name.”

He laughed and they walked peacefully in silence for awhile. She had to admit, Richard dragging her out of that shop was the best thing he could’ve done in that moment. She felt much better being outside, walking with him down the street to nowhere in particular. Richard eventually broke the silence after they’d walked a few blocks, “I think you did the right think Maya. You may not see it now. But going your separate ways was probably the best thing you could’ve done for yourself. Now you’ll have new opportunities you wouldn’t have if you were still with him.”

Maya stared deep into his perfect, blue eyes and nodded, slowly beginning to smile. Richard grabbed onto her shoulder and smiled right along with her, “That’s what I was looking for. You have a lovely smile Maya. You shouldn’t hide it behind all this sadness.”

He leaned over her a little bit and they were inches apart. She wasn’t sure what to do next. She’d never been this close to him before. She sucked in her breath and just watched him to see what he was going to do next, “Thank you Richard,” his smile got a little bigger when she said his name and she could’ve swore she saw him lean forward a little bit at a time to kiss her. She licked her lips nervously, waiting for him. She was so close. Her heart beat fast and her hands began feeling cold and clammy. She closed her eyes and waited impatiently for his lips…

Audrey’s secret circulated through the campus like wildfire. Pretty soon everyone knew and most importantly, everyone in every one of Tom Brooks’s class knew and it wouldn’t be long now before Brooks knew about Audrey’s little crush on him. Audrey came into his classroom on Friday morning like they’d agreed so they could start on the project. She was completely unaware that people were even talking about her. College kids were better about being quiet when the person being talked about was present. They had those four years of high school to practice being sneaky.

Audrey came into the class and Professor Brooks was already set up, ready to go. He had a chair placed in front of his desk across from him just for her. She sat down and took out her notes, “I did that research you wanted Professor Brooks.”

“Good, thank you,” he took the notes from her and looked them over. He was much more reserved than usual and he was doing his very best to avoid looking directly at her. She wasn’t going to ask him at first what was wrong because maybe he just wanted to get this done as quickly as possible. After awhile, when he was giving her blunt yes or no answers or just ignoring her altogether, she began to lose her patience with him. This was just unnecessary, “What’s the matter? Is there something wrong with what I’ve done?”

He sighed and his face fell into his hands and he shook his head, “No, no. Of course not. Everything you’ve given me today is just perfect it’s just…”

“Just what?”

“I can’t,” he said, “I should’ve just pretended.”


“Well, some people told me you have these…feelings for me,” he said awkwardly. Audrey lost her breath and she swore her heart stopped beating for a split second. She swallowed the lump that was forming in her throat and with a shaky voice, she replied, “It’s just a rumor. I…”

“And I know it would seem immature to avoid you the way I have been,” he said.

“It is,” Audrey frowned and nodded in agreement, “Even if it was true. You can’t just do that. You’re a grown man and a teacher. You should be used to girls liking you by now.”

“I am!” he argued, “I got nervous that’s all. I feel like, something is happening here. Between you and I, I mean. And I feel that it’s slowly becoming inappropriate. Whether or not the rumors are true about how you feel about me and whether or not I feel things for you, we can’t act on any of it. It would be wrong.”

“It would,” Audrey said, hating that she said that but knowing in her mind as well as her heart that it was true. It would definitely not be ok for her to pursue a relationship with Professor Brooks. She may be eighteen years old and of legal age, she was still a student and it would be morally wrong.

“You know…as long as we’re being honest,” he said, “I didn’t just pick you for this because of the fact that you’re an amazing hard working student, though that is the main reason.”

Audrey bit her bottom lip, “Well, why did you pick me then?”

“I may have wanted an excuse to get some one on one time with you,” he said. As soon as he admitted that, he threw himself out of his chair and began pacing the room with his head back covering his eyes, “Ah, I just can’t keep my mouth shut. I just keep crossing line after line. I’m a fool.”

Audrey grabbed his hand to stop him from walking so hastily, “You’re no fool. I think you’re pretty sweet…Tom.”

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