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Tall Tales Just some tales and stories I work on in spare time, depending on my boredom level.

a labyrinth fae
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Just one wish. Looking up at those starry, open skies, you knew Jirachi was up there and you always wished he would grant your wish, but deep down you knew he wouldn't. You knew that you were no one special and that Jirachi wouldn't waste his power on you. But you could hope and that hope was something that Mimzy had desperately clung to for so long. She had already been teased enough because of her red hair. Red hair belonged to witches and so Mimzy was deemed a witch the moment the other children began to understand what one was. That wasn't to say that Mimzy was ever lonely. No, she had her pokemon friends right beside her. Pokemon were much nicer than people. Mim had always attracted pokemon of all kinds. She didn't know why, but she was happy that she did. They were the ones who added depth to her life. Murkrow & Togekiss, the best lifetime companions she could have asked for.

Meeting Murkrow had been more of an amusing story than meeting Togepi. The crow pokemon had been caught stealing jewelry right off of many of the village women. The men of the village were contemplating taking their Mightyena to get rid of the bird. However, when Mim heard them, she knew that the wolf-pokemon wouldn't spare the bird and it was likely the poor thing would be ripped to shreds for simply wanting pretty things. So Mimzy went out of her way to find and warn the pokemon, who had a hoard of silver, beads, and other jewelry stashed away in his nest. She had told him that if he returned it, she would find pretty things for him to keep where he wouldn't get in trouble and she'd have a nice warm home to keep him in. As odd as it all sounds, the pokemon understood Mim and the jewelry was returned and Murkrow went into her care. The arrival of the new dark pokemon only fueled the teasing more about Mim being a witch.

Every night, Mim and Murkrow would look up at the sky. When she spoke to him, or any pokemon for that matter, he understood her completely. She told him to make a wish to Jirachi and one day it might come true. Mimzy's wish had always been to be powerful and all knowing. She didn't want to be a witch, but she wanted abilities beyond what anyone could imagine. She wanted to make the other children wish they were her.

It was ironic. All that time, Mimzy had had power, she just hadn't known. Her uncanny connection to pokemon was not at all average. Her words were comprehended as if she were speaking the same language and as she grew, she learned to understand pokemon as well. But everything spiraled out of control when she turned 13, the coming of age. While she officially became a woman that day, the age of 13 almost marks an important year for those who possess magic. It's the day of release, when your power finally is completely yours. It all happened so abruptly that Mimzy though Jirachi had granted her wish for power.
But it hurt. She became extra sensitive to everything around her. When men cut down trees, she could feel it, the pain of the dying oak. And it was terrible.She didn't know how to turn it off or make it stop. It was then that magic seemed like a curse rather than a gift.

Mimzy might have gone mad if not for the old, primordial man who came to her valley village and coveted her away. She couldn't quite remember how she ended up far underground in the caverns, but it was there that she became the wizard's apprentice. She learned of his true name and greatness later, but he hadn't been the type who wanted her to bow down and call him "oh great wizard", which had been nice. It was like living with an uncle or grandfather. She ended up calling the magnificent wizard Gruncle for the relationship that formed between them. She was awed by his knowledge and power and wondered why he would ever choose someone like her.

"Your gift is a unique one and when you master it, you might be as great as I," he had once told her. He didn't have the same kind of magic as hers. Mimzy could communicate and connect with pokemon, almost any pokemon. She was also deeply in tune with the nature and land around her. It was as if she were born of the trees, roots, grass, and dirt and that was why pokemon liked her. Because she was earthy and familiar. With her connection with nature, Mimzy developed her healing magic, which was much stronger than any offensive spell she could whip up. Her offensive spells were limited and weak. Gruncle always told her she had to work on it, but Mimzy was too busy mastering her healing. She could only do one thing at a time!

"Eh, eh, eh!" Mimzy clicked as she swung the wooden spoon at Murkrow, chasing him away from the cooking stew. "It's not ready yet. No tasting before it's done!" she chastened with a scowl as she wiped her brow, smearing the back of her hand on her smock afterward. Murkrow cackled at her and floated over toward the perches that had been made for him and Togekiss. The large, white, owl-like pokemon ruffled its feathers and brought weary brown eyes over to her friend. Her posture told him to buzz off. Murkrow let out a loud, obnoxious caw in response. "Oh, stop it you two!" she snapped, before the two lunged at each other and began tussling. But her order wasn't heard and Togekiss's feathers flipped upwards, a hissing crow escaped her throat in anger. Murkrow waved his tail feathers at her as a taunt.

The white pokemon threw herself at the darker one. They were both knocked off the perch and fell to the ground, rolling around as they fought. "I thought I-" Mim started, waving the spoon, when she felt something strange. The balance of the cave was unsettled. She had been distracted before, but now she felt it because something had eaten a mushroom. As pretty as they were, they caused Alice-in-Wonderland-like hallucinations. Both Murkrow and Togekiss knew not to eat them unless they wanted to get really sick. Smaller pokemon could even die from eating them. She drew a deep, slow breath. Her two pokemon stopped fighting as they sensed her probing the area with her magic. "Someone is here..." she muttered. But who would be down there? Gruncle had said he had business to attend to and had been missing for some weeks. It was typical wizard business and it had happened a couple of times before, so Mim never worried.

"Togekiss, put out that fire, quick. Someone ate a mushroom, we better go see how they're faring and what they're doing in Gruncle's caves. They better have a damn good explanation," Mim huffed as she wiped her hands on the smock again before untying it and placing it on the hook. She had a light blue tunic on over a pair of fitted cream trousers, which she had tucked into knee high black leather boots. She turned and reached for her dark blue cloak, throwing it around her shoulders. Last was her hat, which had two heavy Skarmory feathers sewn to the side. The hat was very witchy, but Mim had come to love the way the point slouched back. She put it on her head, scooping up her short staff.

Togekiss opened her wings and with a large gust, blew out the fire. Murkrow flew over and landed on Mim's shoulder, finding a comfortable perch. Togekiss hopped across the ground before taking flight as Mimzy opened the door. She soared up into the cavern and went ahead. She found the pair before Mim did. Mimzy held her staff us, the crystal set into it glowing keenly with a teal brilliance. A man and a spinda... she heard Togekiss report. He has armor on... she added. That could only mean one thing. A knight of some sort had come down in search of Gruncle. In the distance, Mim could see the silhouettes of two figures against the light of the mushrooms. "Hullo? What is you busi-" she noticed the strange way the Spinda was walking. "He's the one who ate the mushroom, isn't he?" she grimaced, stepping up.

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