Candy Crush

Candy Crush fever is all over the place. I too have played it of course, but you know what? I don’t like it. Even so I’m not here to look down on the game, far from it. I’m happy that so many people like the game because I know what’s it’s like to find a super fun game that you really enjoy, so yeah, to those of you who enjoy it, good for you. That applies to pretty much any game, though some are not my thing, I’m glad to see people expressing interest in them because at least they’re expressing interest in a game, something fun and not boring, and given the fact that a large portion of my life revolves around finding amusing things to see or do, it makes me glad to see other people doing the same instead of obsessing over problems and forgetting the positive side of being alive.

That said, I’ll move on to the reason why I don’t enjoy Candy Crush. I did give it a chance, I thought I should play at least 10 levels before deciding if I liked it or not… I played 20 and I still wasn’t amused. I do believe it’s a great game, cute, colorful and welcoming, but it’s too slow for my taste. It’s about strategy, about thinking, but I prefer to think fast instead of just think. I like game that combine puzzle strategy with speed, such as Bust a Move (aka Bubble Bobble or was it Bobble Bubble?), Columns, Puyo Puyo and Tetris. So what brought on this post? I saw Candy Crush being mentioned on a local newspaper. Good for it, may many people join the fun if that’s their thing, I’ll just join in the jokes and memes because even though I got bored of it, I’m certainly not bored of its fandom and just because I don’t play a certain game myself doesn’t mean I’m clueless about it or that I can’t amuse and be amused by the fandom.

Pokemon Origins

I like the art except Red. I liked him with the slightly longer spiky black hair. He looks like a character of the day. D: I liked seeing Lance and Brock, I’m curious about Misty and more curious about Team Rocket. I’ll miss Ash Jessie and James. Otherwise it looks great, the only thing I don’t like is Red’s plain design. His sprite looks better.

Airport Oddities

Most of you know by now that I work at an airport. I work for a commercial flight so the main thing transported are humans and their luggage. Though animals are also transported, such as cats, dogs, birds, goats, pigs… but the strangest thing that has traveled in the cargo so far have been eyes. Yes, a pair of human eyes ready for a transplant. There have been dead bodies transported among the cargo before, whole bodies organs and all, but those are not to be used for spare parts or anything. Makes me wonder why they didn’t use some specialized postage service for medical devices and human organs. So yeah, a new record has been set for strangest thing that can travel in the cargo an airplane, that is only counting things that can be legally transported, because baby crocodiles and milk cartons filled with blood are not legally permitted. I think the bull blood was the strangest illegal thing anyone has ever tried to smuggle on the flight. I only do the check in and boarding process, but as part of the ground crew I still hear all the hilarious stories from TSA.

Fantasy Bit:

August 16

Icecream cone

Nail Art Twitter Banner

August 17

Lain Cursor (Serial Experiments Lain)

Lightning Cursor (Final Fantasy XIII)

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