Ok, so...For your reading I layed out a Balance Spread which is, basically, just a vertical column of four cards :]. I will go into the details about this layout as I go along, but figured I should mention this here. I really am hoping this reading will provide you with some insight into your situation! Also, at the end of this reading, I will provide some Geomancy symbols that came out as well - which I've felt brings wonderful validation to the reading that was given...I will explain this more later :]. With that said, please keep in mind to take the reading with a grain of salt - you know your life more than anyone ^^. Now, let's look at your spread <3

Question: I basically asked about what you needed to know in your life right now, based on the information you provided. c:


Jack of Clubs - Head - Air
Five of Diamonds - Throat - Fire
Two of Diamonds - Torso - Fire
Eight of Clubs - Foot - Air

First Impressions...

Wow! The first pattern I see off the bat is this message of gaining balance back into your life (which is just a wonderful validation that the cards picked up on <3 ). I notice in this spread that there are only air (clubs) and fire (diamonds) cards present, no earth (spades) or water (hearts). This definitely does make the "scales drop to one side"...These two elements (air and fire) are the least dense elements that are possible in this spread - giving it a kind of "airy fairy" feel - kind of like lots of things on the mind (be them ideas and/or thoughts about the past/present/future). I also notice that none of these elements are sitting in their correct elemental positions, giving me the feeling of anxiety and that...things are just kind of everywhere - not in place. When I look at the colors present, I see that there are these two red cards surrounded by black cards...This makes me think of displaying, perhaps, a different feeling rather than what's truly going on inside? This could be said of anyone, but I figured this would be good to note :]. The two red cards in the middle, representing fire, give this sense of something eating at you inside (certain feelings...they could be anxiety, stress, sadness, anger, etc...). All of this may make more sense as I look at these cards individually <3.

Jack of Clubs - Head - Air

The Jack of Clubs is an air card sitting in the Head position, the position a fire card should be sitting in. The Head position represents things most on the mind, the most important thing to remember throughout this spread, or the thing this spread represents. Depicted on this card is the Jack of Clubs standing in water, wearing a badge of both air and water. I find this super interesting because he's an air card...bridging himself in water and air demonstrates a great deal of balance. Now...this card could represent a particular person in your life that you've had on your mind, it could represent balance in general, or it could represent finding balance with the situation of a person on your mind. I noticed in your description of your situation that you mentioned still hurting after a year of not socializing with your ex...perhaps this is indicating finding balance, or peace with that? Especially if you plan on moving into new relationships, it's important to come to terms with these things so-as-to help form a stronger bond in your next relationship <3. Overall, I think this is a great message of balance in general, or focusing on getting that balance restored in your life smilies/icon_smile.gif. In addition, I notice that this air card is in the place of fire, which indicates, to me, that there may be a lot going on in your mind right now. If so, try to analyze what is going on in your mind and why it is on your mind so much smilies/icon_smile.gif I will provide advice about this later on, at the end of this reading. With that said, let's look at the next card...

Five of Diamonds - Throat - Fire

The Five of Diamonds is a fire card sitting in the Throat position, the position an air card should be sitting in. The Throat position represents communication smilies/icon_smile.gif. Now...depicted on this card is a shady looking character - looking at him you get the sudden feeling of deception and mistrust. Being in the communication position, perhaps this represents being wronged in terms of communication? Or having trouble with communication in general? Perhaps, since this is a fire card, it represents jumping into communication with someone too quickly? Whatever the case...Perhaps this is something to be reviewed :] Communication is incredibly important for us, and when it's wronged someone it can cause problems (especially in terms of trust). The Five suit signs present on this card also give a feeling of "Where to go from here?" It's like standing at a crossroads with all these different directions you can take - not knowing where each of them will go. Keep in mind that everything will be ok <3 Take a deep breath and analyze your life presently - take things one at a time. Looking at things as a whole makes a situation seem more stressful than it really is smilies/icon_smile.gif. Solve one thing at a time ^^.

Two of Diamonds - Torso - Fire

The Two of Diamonds is a fire card sitting in the Torso position, the position a water card should be sitting in. The Torso position represents the heart of the situation...which I feel is most relating to your situation smilies/icon_smile.gif. Depicted on this card are two figures - one representing the sun, and one representing the moon. As the sun is setting, the figure representing the moon appears to take great pleasure watching the sun disappear. These two figures are known as The Rivals. Again, this message of balance popping up...We need the sun just as much as we need the moon smilies/icon_smile.gif. We need light, just as much as we need darkness. Because this is in the torso position, I get the feeling of an inward struggle - weighing options perhaps? Or maybe it feels like things just keep going down (like the moon is pushing the sun out of existence). Feeling like there is no balance, perhaps? I also find it interesting in this spread, and this just dawned on me here, that there aren't any water cards present anywhere...I'm wondering if this indicates a block in emotion? Or keeping yourself from displaying emotion? Or maybe it may represent not allowing emotion to flow? Kind of like bottling things up :] - this emotion could be sadness, anger, depression, love, etc... If this is the case, I feel it is another thing to be looked at <3. One final message I get from this is this sense of a cycle...kind of like nothing new is really happening in our lives. Like, each day we know the sun is going to rise and set, followed by the moon. If your life is feeling a bit "robotic", perhaps it would be good to spice it up a bit smilies/icon_smile.gif. I feel nothing more needs to be said about this card...

Eight of Clubs - Foot - Air

The Eight of Clubs is an air card sitting in the Foot position, the position an earth card should be sitting in. The Foot position represents stability - it's the thing holding everything else up. Wow, I feel this card brings a powerful message...First off, I want to address the idea of no stability here, there is no dense earth to hold everything else up - kind of like walking on air. Depicted on this card is a set of scales sitting in an archway, with clouds painting the sky behind it. The little club signs surrounding this card also give a sense of little clouds floating around. The scales representing yet another message of balance smilies/icon_smile.gif. Balance, making right decisions, and finding those of a like mind maybe? Maybe even support? (often found in friends and family - positive support to help you through whatever is going on in your life). These, I feel, could be things that your standing on...but because this is an air card, I feel like you're standing on thoughts, maybe ideas...like these are wishes, perhaps? Perhaps they could be plans to find that balance - but nothing has really happened yet, or you haven't found an opportunity to achieve that balance? Again, I will provide some tips/advice at the end of this reading smilies/icon_smile.gif Let's move on to the Geomancy...


Now, Geomancy figures, in each spread I lay out, will come up depending on what cards are present! I can't show you the actual symbols because the format on Gaia messes them up...but I can provide you with a name of each of the symbols smilies/icon_smile.gif As well as their meaning...I hope all of this makes sense <3. The first two symbols will represent things that have happened, or things that are happening, to result in the final symbol smilies/icon_smile.gif

Fortuna Minor + Carcer = Acquisitio

Fortuna Minor is a Geomancy symbol representing "misfortune". This could be feelings of misfortune or having actually experienced misfortune smilies/icon_smile.gif. Possibly relating to relationship (romantic, friendships, family, etc...) or even job situations. Because this symbol is ruled by the Sun, perhaps this indicates that this is an important factor that is weighing heavily on you? I know that in times where I've experienced misfortune, it played a huge part in my life - especially if I had trouble moving forward from those feelings. Like the Sun playing a big part in our lives, perhaps this feeling is playing a big part in yours? Even if it did happen in the past?

Carcer is a Geomancy symbol representing delays or confinement...In this sense I get the feeling of things moving slow - not really going anywhere. This could be in relation to the feelings of misfortune. Sometimes, when we're feeling down or sad, things literally seem to slow down in our lives and we get the feeling as if we aren't going anywhere. This relates a little to that Two of Diamonds card above - things feeling cyclic ^^.

Acquisitio is a Geomancy symbol representing growth, receiving, and benefit. I LOVE this symbol because I've always related these final symbols as things to come. This symbol is also ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. If things are looking down for you right now, I feel that this represents the final outcome of that instance of growth and benefit smilies/icon_smile.gif Being able to move forward with a new perspective <3


So...Overall, I get this sense of needing to find balance in your life - you may have already known this and, if that is the case, I feel the cards may be stressing this idea of balance and needing to achieve that in your life again. Balance in your life is SO SO SO important <3. Outside of this main message of balance, I feel there really is nothing else...outside of allowing emotions to flow and finding things to spice up your life a bit smilies/icon_smile.gif. Also that communication bit...find that "deception in communication" - whether it be your own communication, people you're communicating with, or areas in life you're finding trouble communicating smilies/icon_smile.gif. Take one thing at a time and don't try to figure everything out at once (you may not be experiencing this, but I felt it right to add anyways, just as a precaution ^^).

My Advice...

So...The main advice I want to give here addresses things you can do to acquire balance in your life again smilies/icon_smile.gif So, for instance, incorporating the two elements you're missing in your life - water and earth <3. Water is so important because it really helps to rid yourself of any emotions you may be carrying - especially negative emotions. If there are things you are holding onto in the past, that you're carrying with you today, you may try doing something to help yourself through this smilies/icon_smile.gif For instance, one of my favorite things to recommend would be to pick some flowers (or leaves, or even some dead twigs - pretty much whatever you have around you!) and go to a body of water (be it a lake, river, or stream). Hold whatever it is that you have picked and put all of that negative emotion into them (i.e. memories, thoughts, feelings that no longer serve) and release them into the water. You can also do something similar with earth using an apple slice smilies/icon_smile.gif Basically do the same thing with the apple slice and bury it in some earth (whether it's in a yard or in a potted plant - it will help to fertilize that area) - note that the hole also doesn't need to be deep. I also have a meditation exercise you can try if you're interested in that as well - I don't want to go overboard and bombard you with...more giant walls of text xD

To incorporate more earth I would suggest just taking a bit of time each day to spend in nature - like taking a five minute walk for instance smilies/icon_smile.gif. I would also incorporate some new hobbies into your life to help you stay "grounded". Hobbies are a great way to incorporate your feelings into whatever you do (whether it's button collecting, quilt making, or drawing). You could also start a new tradition in your life! For instance...an example could be, "Every Saturday is chocolate and movie night!" or "Every Tuesday I'll dress up for no reason!" Something fun to add something different in your life smilies/icon_smile.gif You could also try having a backwards day...Putting the shoe on your left foot first, instead of your right, taking a different road to work, clean the house in a different order, etc...It'll make things interesting and less-stagnant ^^. Another idea could also be writing - such as journal keeping. With a journal, you don't necessarily need to write in it every day - just those days you feel like you really need to get something off your back. I have a friend who only writes in his journal, on average, once a month when he really needs it smilies/icon_smile.gif Journals could also be used for drawing out feelings, self reflection, and problem solving...

Final Thoughts...

I really hope this reading helped/applied to you in some way, shape or form! If not, I hope you enjoyed the reading and/or were able to take something helpful from it smilies/icon_smile.gif. If I came off insensitive or assuming at any particular point in this reading, please know that this wasn't my intention and I apologize if it seemed that way <3. Please let me know if you have any questions about this spread and/or the advice I've given in it. If you also need further clarification on something, please feel free to let me know smilies/icon_smile.gif Thank you again for allowing me to read for you <3 I truly hope you were able to get something from it, whether it may be the advice, or simple enjoyment.

Thank you, again!