A follow-up of the previous Adult!Kafei/Link story:

"Wake up! Wake up wake up wake uuuuuup-!!"

The battle-cry (of sorts) was all Link had for warning before a bundle of squirming weight dropped straight onto his stomach, knocking the wind out of him with a huff. The misty light slowly growing brighter cast the bedroom in shadows of pale shades of grey, his arms and legs tangled in the sheets.

"Anya! What have I told you about attacking Link while asleep?"

With deft hands the weight was lifted and sheets untangled, blond able to see his squirming attacker. The click click click of nails against wood alerting Link to the canine companion's arrival. Lowering a hand to scratch the pale head of the dog to keep him from barking for attention Link turned his attention to his bed companions.

One was Anya, the 80-pound ball of energy who was currently being tickled relentlessly by her father. Kafei grinned as his daughter kicked and squealed, still in her night robes though she'd obviously been up for longer than either of them. "What do you say?"

"Haha- Uncle!"

"Say all of it!"


Link, grinning, shook his head. "You've made your bed, so now you've got to lie in it."

With help coming from neither front and flailing getting her nowhere Anya squealed. "ALRIGHT! I-I'm sorry! Sorry sorry!"

Kafei stopped his attack, letting her catch her breath between giggles. "Are you really?"

"Yes - yes, really," Anya said, clambering up to throw her arms around Link and press an 'I'm sorry' kiss to his cheek. "Sorry."

"Apology accepted," Link said, even though he knew that he likely should be expecting an attack in a few days when she forgot all about this.

"Go on and get dressed and I'll make some breakfast," Kafei said and they watched as she clambered off, doubling back to give her father a quick 'good morning' peck before pounding off down the hallway, Link yipping at her heels. "Sorry about that - again," the purple-haired man said after his daughter left with a sigh. "She'll be at it again in a few days."

Link, rather than replying, reached out to bring his hand to rest at the nape of Kafei's neck. Burgundy eyes flickered to his own and went soft as Link leaned forward, pressing his own 'good morning' kiss to the pale lips. When he drew back dark lashes hid the expressive orbs from view though they soon flickered, the warmth and welcome in them curling Link's toes.

A chat over tea had turned into an invitation to dinner, then one to return the next day and the day after that. By the end of the first month Link found himself in love again with the pale male but with his namesake and the little girl, as well. Another month and Link left his room in the hotel to live with the trio and now, almost a year later, he was still surprised with how easily he had gone from being on he road to settling down with a pre-made family.

He had no disillusions. Link knew that had Anju survived giving childbirth then Kafei might have still been with her, raising their child together in the house they had built. Sometimes, when Anya was playing outside and the sun made her hair shine more dark-red than its natural color Link would see the pain etched into his lover's face, remembering his wife.

Link would reach for his hand and fold their fingers together, then, drawing Kafei out of his thoughts and bringing a slow, warm smile to his lips. "I do miss her," he told Link the first time it happened, fingers squeezing. "But I love you."

There was no trace of the old aches on Kafei's face now. As Link stole another kiss, then another those pale cheeks flushed, lips parting to pant for breath, body stretching and arching against the bed and making Link's heart pound for another reason.


The bellow from the depths of the house jerked both men back to the present, Kafei letting out a frustrated huff even as Link chuckled. "You better go help," Link said, nudging the man's neck. "Before she decides on a second attack."

That made Kafei groan and shove at Link's chest. "Alright, stop distracting me, then."

Moving to let Kafei up Link considered his new life, watching as his lover padded bare-foot in light cotton pajamas out of the room. Not a freedom like I had, he thought, rolling out of bed to fix the sheets. But the freedom to love? I can live with that.